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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Dragon Battles the Western Leadership

Michael Duncan - 04/29/2013
Notes: David Eells | David Dengler

In my dream, I watched as President Obama and a high-ranking Chinese military general were engaging in a fistfight. (The black President, representing the evil leadership of the west, not Obama himself, but the corporate western leadership, will have a disagreement with the Dragon, who has much power and authority, when trying to set up their New World Order.)

The Chinese general was a slender man with dark hair and was dressed in his official regalia -- a green jacket with lots of decorated medals, etc. (This dragon, the symbol of China [and the New World Order body of Satan] , is not distracted by the things of this world; rather, he is submitted to accomplish evil, on a mission, appearing beautiful to the world, but in reality, a wolf in sheep's clothing. He will have very many accomplishments and brag about them openly.) I was so close to the action that at times President Obama would run into me when thrust back by the Chinese general. (The President, representing the western countries, against their will, are going to be forced to persecute their people.)

I was looking around and asking, "Where is Kim Jung Un?" (Kim Jung Un is the leader of North Korea, China's communist neighbor. An alliance is also active, in secret, that the west doesn't see.) The fight scene was like it was held in an aircraft hangar. (New laws are being crafted in secret that will defy the natural laws of God; they are hidden, being prepared and being debated.) After the fight, I began to tell everyone that I should have recorded the fight and posted it on YouTube. It would have been hot news to have the secret fight footage. (None of the new laws will be published until it is too late to stop.)

I was then walking toward a nearby church. There was a very tall Asian man walking next to me. (Our ways will be simplified. The Spirit of our Lord will be very strong on some whom we may not expect, but there will be agreement between the diverse underground churches [of the East and West].) He was telling me how the government had begun to crack down and take away certain rights and persecute Christians. I thought the man to be Chinese but when I asked him, he told me he was a member of the nearby church. (East and West are members of one Church.) (Looks will be deceiving. We must not judge with our sight.) I remember being in the church and a large crowd was gathered. (Great revival.) But I can't remember anything that was being said. It was certainly a riveting dream that I remembered all day without writing it down, so I thought I would share.

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