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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Dumitru Duduman's Prophecies, Dreams & Visions - 3
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4 Pages Left

August 1991

It was hard for me to fall asleep last night. I prayed a lot. When I finally fell asleep, I had a dream. (It was not a vision. It was a dream.) I was in a valley with mountains around it. Someone yelled at me, "Run and hide! Rain is coming!" I thought, I'm not afraid of the rain. I looked around and could not see anyone.

Then I heard peals of thunder. A powerful bolt of lightning passed right by me. Out of it came two beings. They asked if I was afraid. I said, "Yes".They asked if I knew who they were. I said, "No."

They said, "We are heavenly beings".Their clothes were white as snow. They had eyes that were penetrating. There was a light in them. I could hardly look at them. Their hair was white as wool. It was long, going down their backs. One of them had a book. The other one had an inkwell attached to his belt and a large pen in his hand. There was an eraser on one end.

The one with the pen said, "I was sent to complete The Book of the Gentiles. Do you want to see your names?"

I looked, saw that all the names of my family were written there. They were circled. I asked why they were circled. He said, "The devil doesn't like what you do and fights powerfully against all you do. I have circled your names so I will give you extra protection."

Then he opened the back of the book and counted out the remaining blank pages at the end. "One, two, three, four. Only four pages left. When these are filled", he said, "The Book of the Gentiles will be complete. Then I will return to my people. Some of the names that are listed here will be erased. I will erase the names of those who have mocked God and tested the Spirit of Grace. I will replace them with other names."

I started to ask what the four pages meant. Before I could ask the meaning, he thrust the pen into the inkwell as though slipping a sword into a scabbard. As he did, there was such tremendous thunder and lightning that I fell down. Then I woke up.

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3 1/4 Pages Left

Another later dream.

After I prayed, I went to sleep. I dreamed that someone was telling me, "Rain is coming!" I looked around but saw no one.

Suddenly there was thunder and lightning! A red cloud appeared. (Russia?) In its midst was a hammer and sickle. In another direction there was another cloud. It had no unusual colors. Suddenly a bright star (America?) appeared out of the cloud! Then the red cloud began to surround the cloud with the star and tried to capture it. A white cloud appeared with great thunder and lightning and destroyed the red cloud.

Then two men appeared out of the white cloud. One had a face like the sun. It was so bright I could not look at it. The other had a humble face and had a book in his hand. He opened it and said, "Look." He began to count the pages of the book. There were only three and a quarter empty pages.

Then he said, "It won't be long. Be prepared. When these pages are filled, God's grace will leave the gentiles. Then we will go to The Jewish Book of Life. Draw closer to me now more than ever. Be holy because hard times are coming."

Then the man with the book said, "Look to the right." I saw a beautiful garden filled with all kinds of flowers I had never seen. Then I woke up.

Two years later, on the 6th of November, 1993, I had a dream. As usual, I prayed and said, "If this dream is of You, Lord, let me dream it one more time."

The next night God gave me the same dream. In my dream I heard a great commotion. I saw a black cloud coming. From this great darkness a man was riding on the back of a dragon. The man was Lucifer. He was yelling as loud as he could, "We are coming to make war against the holy! We come to be victorious over the holy. We will beat the holy! Victory is ours!"

I saw men, women, and children running and yelling. I saw Christians getting on their knees praying. They were saying, "Lord save us. Lord give us victory. Send your glory. Save our lives, Lord. Don't let us down! This is our last battle. The devil wants to defeat us!" Everyone was kneeling and praying.

Suddenly I heard the devil yelling, "Grab him!" I realized he was referring to me. I tried to run, but I could not because my feet hurt. I just started walking. From behind me I heard the voice yelling, "Grab him! Grab him! Let us tie him in chains. He has caused me much destruction!"

I thought they would grab me, all the people of God. Although scared, I began to cry out, "Jesus! Jesus!"

Suddenly I saw the black cloud disappear. Two men dressed in shining clothes appeared. They were gigantic in size. I remember I could not see their heads too well. They spoke with thundering voices, "Do not fear. Christ is the victor." Each had a book in their hands. The books were covered with gold thread. They were both the size of a table. They put the books down on a large table. They spoke to me, saying, "Open and read!"

I opened the first book. I was told, "This is The Book of Life." The man to my left said, "Whoever finds his name in this book will be saved!" He said, "Open the second book!" The words Book of the Gentiles was scrawled on the second book. I began to turn the pages. I saw all kinds of names. I reached the end of the book. I found there one and three quarter pages left blank, unwritten.

One of the two men said, "When the total number of the gentiles is completed, writing in this book will be finished. At that time what I have shown you will happen. Then the beast will do battle against the holy. Remember what I tell you. Be prepared. Live a holy life and do not think you have much time to live on this earth! Jesus is soon returning!"

I began to hear a choir singing, "Jesus is returning. Jesus is returning. Be prepared and be holy. Be ready, for the victory shall be His!" Their voices echoed stronger and stronger, "Jesus is returning!"

As they were singing, the table with the books was lifted up. The two men said, "One of us is the angel of the gentiles, and one of us is the angel of the people of Israel. Do not be afraid. Seek the Lord now. Time is very short. As you saw the armies of Satan advancing, this is how it will happen."

Then the two men lifted up, and everyone was crying tears of joy. Victory was ours!

Another choir of angels was singing, "Jesus, the Savior, wants to save the people but not those who have blasphemed and cursed Him, only those that have lived a clean life and have fought for Jesus without holding onto this life but giving it all to Christ". The angels sang with all sorts of instruments. They sang so beautifully!

A garden of indescribable beauty appeared. It was very big with all kinds of flowers, giving off a lovely fragrance so strong it almost made me dizzy. At each corner of the garden was an angel with a fiery sword which he swung around. I tried to go in to see the garden. I was stopped and told, "No one, no foot of earthly man is allowed to enter here. Only the holy will enter. It is not your time to enter. When you are called is when you will enter. Go back." The angel spun the sword before me, and this frightened me.

Another choir of angels appeared, the size of children. Holding hands, they began to sing, "Jesus is returning. Wake up, people. Be holy, for your salvation is Jesus. Jesus is victorious!"

Their voices echoed in glorious splendor. I heard a loud noise. Everything disappeared, and I awoke.

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War With Hussein Will Restart

(Editor's note: Dumitru called me August 10, 1991, and said the angel came and told him more things that would soon happen. This is all he was free to release at the time.)

1. The war with Saddam Hussein will restart.
2. America will be involved.
3. Israel will involve itself.

Update from Michael Boldea, Jr.

Dear Brethren,

2 Peter 3:9, "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is long suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance."

In the summer of 1991, my grandfather gave a word that we would once again be entangled in conflict with Iraq. I remember it well, because after we put the prophecy in our newsletter, we received many phone calls from angry people at our Fullerton apartment, calling us everything from liars, to frauds because it had not happened. I was the only one that spoke English at the time, so I answered the calls. I told my grandfather about the first one, and he said, "tell them God is not on our time clock, we are on His". It hurt to have to answer those calls, because I knew my grandfather had only spoken what God had shown him.

Eleven years later, it seems that word is coming to pass. I am not writing this to say we were right, or to gloat, but because there are some overzealous ministries who have added to the original word, and I don't want there to be any misunderstanding. The prophecy, was simply this: That America would be going back to war with Iraq, and that Israel would involve itself in the turmoil. There was never any mention of nuclear weapons as some have said.

With that having been said, due to the small size of our ministry, I have had the opportunity to meet most of you personally. I have shaken your hands, I have looked into your eyes, and I know you are men and women of prayer. I urge you this day, pray for America as never before. As in the coming months we will discover more threats from within, and new enemies from without, the uncertainty and turmoil will continue to grow. The conflict with Iraq will not be as easy, or as quick as some would like to think, and as with any war, bloodshed is inevitable.

It is our duty as children of God, to pray for repentance, wisdom, and mercy. To pray for our nation, and our leaders, that their eyes may be opened, and their hearts may turn toward God. He hears the prayers of His children. May we, as Moses, stand in the breach, and pray the Lord turn away from his wrath. If only for a season, pray that He terries, for there are many souls yet to be saved, and many lives yet to be reached.

In His goodness, God has revealed all that is to be to His children. Not to bring fear into their hearts, but to cause them to be& fruitful, and use the time that He has allotted them wisely. Let us labor while it is still day, let us do all things as unto the Lord, and let us pray.

Ezekiel 7:12, "The time has come, the day draws near. Let not the buyer rejoice, nor the seller mourn, for wrath is on their whole multitude."

Zephaniah 2:3, "Seek the Lord, all you meek of the earth, who have upheld his justice. Seek righteousness, seek humility. It may be that you will be hidden in the day of the Lord's anger."

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

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America, the Falling Star

It was late on January 23, 1992. After prayer I went to sleep. In my dream I heard a powerful noise. I began to look around me. When I looked up, I saw a big star in the sky, but its tips were bent. All of a sudden I heard the sound of horses' hoofs which were getting closer and closer. When I looked to where the noise was coming from, I saw four horses, pulling an old-fashioned chariot, with four men in it. They were armed with heavy artillery, and they began to shoot at the star. The star began to burn. Then it fell from the sky. I woke up and told Mike the dream. He asked me what it meant. Then Mike told me to pray, and if it was of God, God would let me dream it again.

I prayed and again tried to fall asleep. I was nodding off when again I heard the noise and saw the star with its bent tips. Again I heard the horses' hoofs; but this time when I looked up, there were six horses and six men in the chariot. All of them had masks on, and they were armed. Again they began to shoot at the star. The star began to burn, and then it fell again. Scared, I woke up. Being troubled, I prayed again and asked God for an explanation. I could not fall asleep for a few hours; but when I did, the same dream came again. This time the noise was even greater. Again the star appeared with the same crooked tips. Again I heard the horses. This time, though, there weren't four or six horses; there were eight horses and eight men in the chariot. Again they fired upon the star, and it fell. This time when it hit the ground, it blew up.

In the same place where the star used to be appeared a man dressed in white. He said, "The star represents America. The reason the tips are crooked is because America has gone away from the truth and the way of God. The eight horses and the men in the chariot represent eight kings that will rise up against America and will overcome her".This is where the dream finished.

That same morning during my prayer time, I saw a red flag with light blue and white in the left corner. I was bleeding. May God keep us awake and ready.

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Fish While You Can

June 3, 1992, I dreamed I was on the shore of a river. When I looked into the water, I saw that it was very dirty. I wanted to catch fish, but I couldn't. How can I catch fish from this river? There is no clean water anywhere to clean up afterwards. When I looked further up the river, I saw a large patch of clean water coming. When it came by me, I checked the clean water with my hand to see if it was cold. When I felt the water, a powerful ray of light came down surrounding me. The light enabled me to see many fish. I was surprised to see how many fish were there. When I looked up, I saw the light was coming from the moon. When I looked closer, I saw a man in the moon. His face was so shiny I could not look long. I looked back into the water. A voice told me, "Start fishing now because the time is very short. Soon there will be no more opportunity to fish". The voice sounded so close it frightened me. The man looked so far away, but the voice was close. I looked up. Then I heard the voice again. The man said, "The ray of light that you see is my voice".Then he said, "Look how many fish are before you." [NOTE: REV 10:6 And swear by him that liveth forever and ever, who created heaven and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which therein are, that there should be time no longer.]

When I looked back toward the moon, it had changed into a red arch, like a rainbow. The man was holding it in his hand by a corner. He said to me, "See this moon? Soon its light will go out."

I asked, "Where am I?" Then I woke up. [REV 8:12 Then the fourth angel sounded, and a third of the sun was struck, and a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of them were darkened; and a third of the day did not shine and likewise the night. ISAIAH 13:10 For the stars of heaven and their constellations will not give their light. The sun will be darkened in its going forth, and the moon will not cause its light to shine. ISAIAH 24:21 It shall come to pass in that day that the Lord will punish on high the host of exalted ones and on the earth the kings of the earth.]

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