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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Dumitru Duduman's Prophecies, Dreams & Visions - 4
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[ A Revelation | The Black Bird | The Black Army | A Call To War | Book of the Gentiles ]
[ Examine Your Heart | Fire in the Heavens | Letters to the Churches | Three Scrolls ]

A Revelation

A prophecy given November 8, 1992:

"Dark days and days of sadness are soon coming", says the Lord. "Not long will pass, and the One who is to come will come, and He will not tarry. The days are coming when the kings of the earth will wail loudly. The evil that you see being allowed over Romania is because the people in their greed have become corrupt. They have started to practice wickedness, and they are proud. Even some of my people whom I have chosen have given in to sinful things, believing that they are fighting only for themselves. This is why I, the Lord, have allowed and allow the hardships. Do not be astonished by what you see, for the poverty and hunger will grow. The hardships will be even greater, but it will not be allowed for long because the prayers of the hungry children have reached Me.

"Everything is prepared for the killing, for the battles and the crimes. The plunders and the troubles are close and shall come to pass in a short time. After all this, things will change in such a way that you did not think possible. Those that are haughty, I, the Lord, will humble. You will receive with the same cup that you give, if you are poor or if you are a king. God is no respecter of persons. After all these things will happen in Romania, the evil will return toward the country that you now live in.

"Tell my people to be prepared and be careful", says the Lord, "for everything I have decided will happen. Do not say in your hearts that the Lord has said many things that have not happened yet because all things are decided by me, and everything has its appointed time. Draw closer to the Lord, your God, and cease doing evil things that I may give you victory. I, the Lord, will work in ways that you cannot even imagine, but be holy.

"The sin of the great whore has spread throughout the world. The stench of her sin has reached me, and it will not be long until I will raise the whole Arab world, the Russians, and other countries against her, that they may destroy her".

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The Black Bird

December 12, 1992. In my dream it seemed I was in front of the apartment building where I live. As I was standing and looking at the overhead clouds, a black bird of a gigantic size suddenly appeared. It was coming toward the ground with great speed. As it approached, it spread its wings. When I looked, I saw that something was written on the wings. It said, "Power has been given to me to be able to come against the Christians in a short time".

On the beak of the bird was written, "I want to make war against the true Christians. Those that serve God with the hearts, their lives, and their actions - not only in name. We'll see if they will be able to stand up against me.... We'll see... I am a warrior. I fight against Christ".

This bird of indescribable size was never calm. It soared up and down. As I watched, I was able to see how terrifying and mean it looked. Suddenly it dropped a ribbon which said, "It will not be long before I will declare war against the Christians. I myself will fight with all my strength". Again it began to soar upwards. Then suddenly a cloud of rain, thunder, and lightning appeared! A lightning bolt hit the bird, and it fell to the earth. To me it seemed dead. Feeling great joy that it was dead, I went to study it more closely. As I was looking, it raised its head and said, "Do you really think I'm dead? I just played dead because I did not want Christ to be mad at me. In a short time, though, I will be allowed to fight against the Christians in this country".

Then it shot up like an arrow and circled over me once. It dropped a letter that was written in English. I gave the letter to my daughter to read. It said, "I was given power on earth to fight against all those that serve and do the work of God. I have succeeded in destroying some; and others, I have taken prisoner. In a short time I will be allowed to fight against you and others like you". Lucifer.

Terrified and troubled by my dream, I woke up and told my family. Now I am also telling it to you.

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The Black Army

Oregon, May 7, 1993. It was getting dark. Then suddenly it turned pitch black! It was as if the whole world had gone dark at that moment. All the people were in a frenzy! They became disoriented, and some were even screaming. After some time we heard the sound of an army approaching. Soon we saw them coming out of the black mist. All were dressed in black except one. That one seemed to be their leader. He was dressed in a red robe with a thick black belt over his waist. On his head he had a sign. As I looked, I saw that in his hand he held the same kind of sharp spear as everyone else in his army.

"I am Lucifer!" he exclaimed. "I am the king of this world! I have come to make war against the Christians!"

It looked as though all the Christians were huddled together in one big group. Some began to cry when they heard this. Others began to tremble, while some just stood without saying anything. Lucifer continued to speak. "All of those that want to fight against my army and think they can be victorious, go to the right. Those that fear me, go to the left".

Only about a quarter of the group stepped to the right. All the other went to the left. Then Lucifer ordered his army, "Destroy those on the right!"

The army began to advance and quickly surrounded the Christians on the right. As they began to close in on us, a powerful light appeared and encircled us. Then an angel of the Lord spoke. "Take out your swords and fight. Defend yourselves and be victorious over the enemy".

"What swords?" a man in the group asked.

"The Word of the Lord is your sword", the angel answered. When we understood what the angel meant, we began to quote verses from the Bible. Then suddenly as if we were one voice, we began to sing a song. Our voices thundered so loudly that the dark army began to retreat in fear. They did not have the courage to come against us anymore.

Lucifer, filled with rage, turned to those on the left. "You who all of your life have been trying to please two masters, because you could not stand against me, I have the power to destroy you".

He then ordered his army to attack. It was a total massacre. The ones on the left could not defend themselves. One by one they all fell. This killing seemed to go on for a long time. After a while we could actually smell the stench of the dead.

"Why could they not be protected also?" someone asked.

The angel answered, "Because all of their lives they have been lukewarm. Because of their hypocrisy the true church has been blasphemed. They have brought disrespect to the Word of God. They were not clean".

As we continued to look, we saw the sun coming over the horizon. The black clouds began to break up. Then they disappeared. Only one was left, on which Lucifer and his army stood. Lucifer looked at me shaking his fists and said, "I will destroy you even if I have to throw my spear at your from here!" Then that cloud disappeared, too.

As I looked around, I began to see faces that I recognized among our group. I saw a pastor from Bellflower, another from Indiana, one from Michigan, as well as many of my American friends. The first thought that came to my mind as I awoke was that this had been the last fight of the devil against the church. If we remain faithful, we will be victorious.

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A Call To War

September 1993. "Cease heading the way you have been going and turn to me", says the Lord. "Lucifer, who is armed for war on his horse, is coming with a powerful army behind him to take vengeance against the children of God. The day is close! A day of terror when Lucifer will try to annihilate all those that live a clean life, a day of pain and terror is near.

"If you could see what is being prepared and what will happen, you would surely quit doing everything you know in your heart to be wrong and would seek peace more than ever. Be prepared, be holy, and don't give in to the temptations and impulses of the enemy. Seek the Lord, your God, with all your heart. Those who will be clean, those who will be holy, I will not forget. I will save them", says the Lord. "The armies of the devil are coming against those who worship me and truly seek me, with great fury. Pray that I may give you strength so that before the storm comes I may save you and give you joy.

"Those that live in defilement, that meditate upon evil things, will have no escape. They will not have any protection. I will destroy BABYLON". (America) says the Lord, "because of the wickedness and blasphemy of this country. Not only here but wherever there is sin, I will punish it harshly. Only the righteous will I save, some even out of the midst of the fire.

"Again I tell you, a dark cloud is gathered. Lucifer, standing on his black horse, is ready for war. The trumpets of the devil are sounding day and night to all the demons of the deep to be prepared to make war against those who truly live their lives for God. There will be such great turmoil that only a few will escape. Those that today only carry the name of 'believer' will fight with fury against those who worship me with a clean heart. This is why I have revealed this to you -- because the days are numbered.

"I reveal to you, I speak to you, I show to you", says the Lord, "but many do not want to remember, saying to themselves, 'Is it truly the Lord speaking this?' Others become scared for the moment, but then they forget and never become pure. Many of those who carry the name of 'Christian' are overcome by greed, fornication, drunkenness, and a pursuit of great wealth.

"There is no time to lose. The day of destruction and terror is coming soon. The devil is agitated, and a great deception is being prepared; but I tell you, do not fear. I have the power to protect those who obey me. You must remember the Word of God. Tell them to read the Bible and pray that I may also save them.

"The great day, the day of terror, the day of affliction, of pain, the day of the punishment of Babylon prophesied in the Bible is soon coming, and I will only save the righteous", says the Lord. "I forgive who I want. I make holy who I want, and I prepare who I want. Judge no one, for mine is the judgment", says the Lord. "Each of you judge yourselves. Pray and draw close to me; and if you will obey, I will come to your aid. I will send a chariot of salvation and take each one out in his appointed time".

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Book of the Gentiles

November 7, 1993

On the 6th of November I had a dream, and the as usual I prayed and said, "If this dream is of You Lord, let me dream it one more time". Then, on the night of the 7th, God gave me the dream once again.

In my dream I heard a great commotion, and as I looked, I saw a black cloud coming. From this great darkness a man was riding on the back of a dragon. The man was Lucifer. He was yelling as loud as He could, "We are coming to make war against the holy! We come to be victorious over the holy. We will beat the holy! Victory is ours!"

Then, I saw men, women and children -yelling - terrified - and running! I saw others whom I knew were Christians getting on their knees, praying, "Lord, save us! Lord give us victory! Send your glory! Save our lives Lord! Don't let us down! This is our last battle, when the devil wants to defeat us!"

As everyone was kneeling, and praying, suddenly I heard the devil yelling, "Grab him!" I then realized that he was referring to me. I tried to run, but I could not because my feet hurt. So I just started walking. But from behind, I heard the voice which continued to yell, "Grab him! Grab him, and let us tie him in chains because he has caused me much destruction!"

When I thought that they would grab me, all the people of God, although scared, began to cry out, "Jesus! Jesus!"

Suddenly I saw the black cloud disappear. Then two men dressed in shinning clothes, appeared. They were of gigantic size, because I remember I could not see their heads too well. They both spoke with thundering voices; "Do not fear. Christ is the Victor". Each of them had a book in his hands. The books, each the size of a table, were covered with gold thread. Then the two men put the books down on a great table and spoke to me saying, "Open, and read!"

I opened the first book and was told, "This is the Book of Life". The man on my left said, "Whoever finds his name in this book will be saved!" Then He said, "Open the second book!" The words "Book of the Gentiles" was scrawled on it. I opened it and began to turn page after page, upon which I saw all kinds of different names written. When I reached the end of the book, I found that there were one, and three quarter pages left blank - unwritten. Then one of the two men said to me, "when the total number of the gentiles is completed, the writing in this book will be finished. At that time, what I have shown you will happen: it is then that the beast will try to do battle against the Holy. Remember what I tell you - be prepared, live a holy life, and do not think that you have much time to live on this earth! Jesus is soon returning!"

Then I began to hear a choir singing, "Jesus is returning! Jesus is returning! Be prepared, and be holy. Be ready, for the victory shall be His!" When I looked, there was a choir of angels. Their voice echoed stronger, and stronger, "Jesus is returning!"

While they were singing, the table with the books was lifted up and the two men spoke: "One of us is the angel of the Gentiles, and one of us is the angel of the people of Israel. Do not be afraid. Seek the Lord now. Time is very short and, as you saw the armies of Satan advancing, this is how it will happen". Then the two men were lifted up. I looked around to see what was happening. Everyone was crying. But they were tears of joy. Victory was ours. Then, another choir of angels appeared which began to sing, "Jesus the Savior, wants to save the people, but not those who have blasphemed, and cursed Him. Only those that have lived a clean life, and have fought for Jesus, without holding on to this life, but giving it all to Christ".

The angels once again began to sing with all sorts of instruments. They sang so beautifully! While the choir of angels sang, a garden of indescribable beauty appeared. It was very big, and in it were all kinds of flowers which gave off a lovely fragrance. The smell of the flowers was so strong it almost made me dizzy. At every corner of the garden there was an angel with a fiery sword which he swung around. I tried to go in and see what was in the garden. When I got there I was stopped and told, "No one, no foot of earthly man is allowed to enter here. Only the holy will enter. It is not your time to enter now. When you are called, that is when you will enter. Now, go back". The angel spun the sword before me, and this frightened me.

Then another choir of angels the size of children, appeared. While holding hands they began to sing "Jesus is returning! Wake up, people; be holy, for your salvation is Jesus. He is victorious!"

Their voices - their song - echoed in glorious splendor, and while they continued to sing I heard a loud noise. Everything disappeared, and I awoke.

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Examine Your Heart

December 9, 1993

(A prophecy) "Many are those who sit neglectful loving the world and the things of the world. Many seek the life of the earth, but they do not prepare themselves to meet the Holy One. Jesus is coming! Do not be lazy! Terror and great pain is coming upon the earth. The devil will take upon himself power, and he will attempt to make war with the holy. But Christ the victorious one will come and will save His people. Proud men; all those who pretend to be teachers, yet never living the life; all those who say they worship Me, yet their hearts are far from Me," says the Lord, "I will make them part of the suffering, torment, and terror so they will call upon Me. But I will not answer. Those that today humble themselves and seek Me with a clean heart, in that day, the hard day, will be glad and will rejoice. The power of the devil will increase greatly in this country, and many Christians will fall in it's chains, because they have dishonored Me with their lives - in their pride, their arrogance and their vanity; thinking they are holy and worshiping me, yet NEVER REALLY worshiping Me."

"The winds and the storms that will begin against the Christians in this country will take many. Those who remain standing will be very few. Humble yourselves. Be holy. Seek Me more than ever, kneeling before Me often, that in the hard days I may save you," says the Lord.

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Fire in the Heavens

January 3, 1994

It was past midnight. Unable to sleep, I got on my knees and began to pray. I do not know how long I prayed, but suddenly I began to see a great fire in the heavens. It was so powerful that to me it seemed like the sky was burning. Then a man dressed in shiny clothes stepped out of the fire. On his head He had a helmet. In His right hand He had a sword out of which flames of fire kept erupting. In His left hand He had a trumpet into which He began to blow. The sounds that the trumpet made were actually words which were uttered in many different languages. I did not understand what they were saying, but I caught some Hebrew words and also some English words. When I was straining to understand and troubling myself over what the voice had said, I heard it speak in Romanian. "This is the last warning," the trumpet blew, "The day of God's vengeance is coming upon the earth and upon this place! Be prepared and be holy, My people, that I may save you!"

After these words, arrows of fire began to dance on the sky. They were so powerful that I became scared. Beginning to pray again, I saw the same thing all over. Then, while still praying, the same thing was shown to me a third time.

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Letters to the Churches

March, 1994. I had gone to bed early, about 8 p.m. I woke up between midnight and 1 a.m. I got up and prayed and then went back to bed. I dreamed that there was a lot of turmoil outside, and I kept hearing everyone yell, "Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming!" I looked out and saw a very large, red cloud. When I looked at it, its outer edges could not be seen. As I continued to look, I saw a tall man come out of the cloud. He was so tall that although his feet touched the ground, I could not see his head. Rays of light began to explode out of the man. When one would pass by me, I would fall to the ground. I could not look at him with my eyes because he was too bright.

He then began to hand me letters. They were addressed to certain churches. I knew that these must be American churches because I did not recognize the names as being Romanian. The first letter said, "My people who are discouraged and beaten by the storms, many who have let themselves be beaten by the enemy, stand up! Cry out before God, that He may save you!"

The man kept coming and giving me more letters with names of churches of different denominations and also independent churches. He gave me very many papers. Then he said to me, "When you finish taking these papers where you are supposed to, you will see something that you have never seen before".

There was thunder, and the voice spoke again. "Tell all my people to pray and to repent. The days have been shortened because of all the iniquities. My people, repent because the days are numbered".

I began to see the days passing by; but whenever the ray of light would pass by me, I would fall. The days were passing so quickly that I could not count them.

The voice spoke again. "Tell my people that I tried to wake them up through powerful storms, fires, floods, and earthquakes, but even then they would not wake up. This is why I will pour out my wrath when they least expect it".

The angel gave me a scripture: JOEL 2:12-13. "Now, therefore", says the Lord, "turn to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping and with mourning. So rend your heart and not your garments. Return to the Lord, your God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and He relents from doing harm".

After these things the cloud and the angel began to fade away.

When I awoke, I was wet with sweat.

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Three Scrolls

Dream, July 1, 1994

It was past midnight. I could not sleep because I felt inside that God was going to speak to me; so I began to pray. After I prayed, I went to bed. Then I began to hear thunder and see lightning. The earth began to move and shake violently. I yelled to my family, "Wake up because something is happening outside!"

When I got outside, there was such a darkness that I could not se anything. Yet in that great darkness, I could hear the voices of children, women, and men screaming. I told my family to be careful of how they walked.

From the clouds that released this darkness on the earth I heard a powerful voice say, "I am taking revenge against the sin. I am taking revenge that they may see my power!

"With as much as I have blessed them, that is how much I will send destruction!

"I will send storms, heavy rains, flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes because I want them to see my power and know that without me they can do nothing. They trusted in themselves and in their own strengths. This is why I will punish this place".

The earth moved as if it were on water! The people lived in complete terror, each one yelling louder than the other, not being able to understand anything. The earth shook so violently I was unable to walk.

Suddenly in the midst of all the tumult, a light appeared - more powerful than any I've seen! In the shining light there were two men. One of them said to me, "I came to talk with you. I will send great plagues over America, and I want you to be aware. I am the one who talked with you in the past, and I am talking with you now. I told you what will happen in this place. Be cautious, for the time is drawing near!"

After saying these words, he took out a scroll which he began to unroll very quickly. It was so long that I could not see its end. On this first scroll of paper were written all kinds of names. Beside each name was listed their punishment -- a type of disease (all kinds were listed), trial, or torment. "Those named will have to go through what is listed by their name in order to be cleansed and be able to stand".

That scroll was then rolled up and sealed, and a second one was brought out. On it was written "peace, joy in the Holy Spirit, salvation, or victory, for those that loved me and worked for me and kept their life clean, not for the hypocrites, the proud, the boastful, the hateful", nor others which I cannot recall. The scroll continued to pass by slowly before my eyes until it finished passing.

Then the third scroll opened up, and this had names written on it. Yet there was something written only beside the names on the top half. From the halfway mark down by each name there were flashing stars. I asked what this meant.

Then one of the men said to me, "These are those with whom the number will be completed. The seed of God has reached their hearts and is even now working toward repentance.

"When the total number will be complete, all of the devastation will begin. Until then, I will send great plagues over America that they may wake up from the sleep with which they are sleeping and from their self-reliance, that they may see their pride and boastfulness".

It then began to rain with ice and hail. The people were scattering all over, not knowing which way to go. From the terror of the screams, I woke up. This dream was so real to me that I went directly outside to see if it was happening at that moment.

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