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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

East Coast Goes Under the Atlantic

Isaac Payne - 04/16/2010

I had a dream about two weeks ago. I will try to tell it as accurately as I can. Before I go on to tell you about this dream, I want everyone to know that at this point I hadn't listened to John Moore's testimony about global warming. (Note from Garrett Crawford: My friend, Isaac, told me the dream first; then I told him that I had recently seen something similar to what he described in a series of videos by John Moore. Afterward, Isaac watched them and found the two similar, like I had.)

Basically, I was in the Appalachian Mountains, somewhere around North Carolina. I realized I was about 75% to the top of the mountain. It looked as if there was a giant manmade cave in the mountain to provide safety for many -- and I mean many -- people. The inside of the cave almost seemed to resemble a mall of some sort and there were a multitude of people from every different walk of life. These people, from what I could tell, were not believers; it was the world. It seemed to me that they thought they were safe and could go about life; everyone seemed very busy. There wasn't any city around -- just the mountains, from looking out of the cave.

But there were two floors to this cave. I was looking around at all the people and suddenly an earthquake hit; this earthquake was very strong. Everyone started panicking and running for their lives and I could see that there was no hope for them; they believed in nothing, as if they were infidels and nothing would or could save them. The second floor collapsed, killing many people. People from the second floor were falling to the first floor. The mall was destroyed; the entire place was in chaos. But for me, I was standing there and not even one stone or pebble hit me while I was watching this happen.

Then, suddenly, as if I was pulled in space to see the U.S. continent, there was a massive and wide crack starting in North Carolina and going up into West Virginia, Virginia, then splitting off into Kentucky and Tennessee. To my best memory, I think it could have stretched into Illinois and Indiana. Suddenly, I was back in the cave and water started to rise at a rapid rate, very viciously, and flooded the mountains. The whole east coast was being flooded by the Atlantic Ocean. I saw a vision of the U.S. continent again and North Carolina, South Carolina, W. Virginia, Virginia, and the rest of the East Coast was gone into the ocean.

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