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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

East Coast Mega Hurricanes

Charles Edmonds

On the morning of August 2, 2001 about 5:00 a.m. this dream came to me. I was above the trees and I looked to the southeast toward North Carolina southward. I was turned seven degrees to the southeast. I was now facing toward a town call Roxboro, NC, and farther down, Raleigh, then farther toward the coast I saw this storm that was great and huge between Wilmington, NC, even down to Myrtle Beach, SC.

It looked like a huge hurricane with terrible winds. Such winds the people never saw before. I was carried down into North Carolina above the trees. I saw as the storm was blowing away people, cars, trees; everything in this storm's way was tossed like toys with great speed. People were trying to hold on to poles, buildings, whatever they could grab. Cars rolled over like matchboxes, trees snapped like matches and the rain was hard. Then I noticed it did not harm me. It did not affect me.

I noticed the rain was not just like rain but like water mixed with dust. I thought it may be a nuclear bomb but then I heard a voice say to my mind, "This is the first. The second will be worse". I felt within me like the second will be down farther south, like Florida.

I looked into the storm and saw a face that was the cause of this storm; it was fierce, angry, very evil and hateful. Then I knew then it was the enemy.

I noticed people have never seen anything this great before. The whole world would wonder. They will stop and look and wonder.

Black Hurricane Vision
Lance Dinnebeck

(I read the vision given to Charles Edmonds entitled East Coast Mega Hurricanes. I feel the second more terrible hurricane he saw down near Florida is what I saw.)

This is a vision I had when hurricane Ophelia was lingering around the Georgia and Florida coastal area. I don't know the significance of it. After watching hurricane Ophelia stalled around the Florida coast on the Weather Channel I decided I would take a nap. I awoke in a state between awake and asleep, I saw this black hurricane coming in on the east coast, it was massive and huge, I was tormented by it, it was spinning counter clockwise, it looked like it was coming in around northern Florida and southern Georgia.

Everything about this hurricane looked and felt evil, it was surrounded by darkness, I remember I was tormented by it and I saw a forearm trying to hold it back, the forearm was actually fighting to keep it off the east coast. While I was in a state between being awake and asleep I looked at the television and saw the weather channel broadcasting hurricane Ophelia.

Then my vision switched scenes to the east coast looking down at a map like you would see on the weather channel. Then I saw all these hurricanes going all the way up the east coast. They looked like holograms and I was fascinated how they were all spinning right at the coast, there must have been around 10 of them. I remember seeing a hand moving them around as if they were being tweaked and then I woke up. I didn't think anything about it then I went back to sleep later and had the same vision again.

I spoke with a friend of mine and told him about it and he told me he believed the black hurricane trying to be held back by the forearm was the prayer of the saints and the forearm was the Lord's or an angel. Now this is just a guess but the hurricanes I saw all going up the east coast in a row was the Lord showing me the path that hurricane Ophelia would take, maybe it was the Lords way of confirming to me what I saw would take place or maybe it could be the whole east coast being hit by many hurricanes. (Note from David: Or maybe all three.)

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