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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Economic and Political Fall of the U.S. to the Beast

Visions given to Patti Rowe in 1974
(David's notes in red)

In 1974, we had just sold everything and were preparing to go the foreign field for our first missionary endeavor. We rented a small one bedroom apartment while we were saving the money to go. Though we were working to get ready to go abroad, my heart was also aching for the US. I asked the Lord to show me what was coming for this country.

I had a dream of armies invading the US; I did not know who they were. I suddenly awakened in the early pre-dawn hours of that same morning to an open vision. It was as if the ceiling in the room just disappeared and I was lying in bed, looking into a vast open night sky. Each scene followed another as if watching a giant slide show and all were vividly clear:

  1. I saw a big bridge crumble and fall into the water below. Northern California came to my mind. The bridge didn't just fall, it crumbled into small pieces. It happened suddenly.

  2. I saw a huge area, as far as I could see, filled with oil storage tanks ablaze with fire. The skies were filled with flames and black smoke.

  3. I saw a church and I then saw gross darkness. I was standing in light but all else around me was black. Out from the blackness, away from the church, I heard voices scoffing and crying out in bitterness and anger saying, "Where is the coming of the Son of Man? Why hasn't He come?" I recognized those voices of people whom I have known; some who had ridiculed me for leaving everything to go abroad with my small sons. They were people who had a form of Godliness but became all wrapped up in materialism and religious works. Now the end was here and they were hopeless and angry at God, because things had not happened as they had expected. They had no faith to anchor them now. They were now scoffing at God. (There had been no pre-tribulation rapture.)

  4. Next I saw a huge evergreen tree. It was as if this tree reached around the world. It looked so solid and strong but it fell in an instant! Great was the fall of it! (The fall of the great tree that Daniel said was over all the beasts of the field, or nations of the world, which were fed from it but came out from under it, is the U.S. [Dan.4:10-14]. This represents a great economic fall because the U.S. farmers have fed the world but will not be able to now, due to the economic fall. It also represents a great political fall because nations who recognized the U.S. as a leader nation are scattering to many enemies. This all happened before she and her leadership devoured grass [flesh] for seven times [years] as a beast [15,16]. This will be a U.S. war against Islamo-Facism. This is not the physical fall of the U.S. to its enemies through world war, which did not come until after the 70 [7] years in Daniel 5:28-30 to the Medo-Persian Bear [Islamo-Facism Bear and Russian Bear].)

  5. Last, I was standing high on a mountainside overlooking the ground below and I saw a man rise up, as if out from the ground; he was almost as tall as the mountain. He was wearing a white turban on his head like the Muslims wear. (This shocked me because I had always believed that the Pope would be the Antichrist. I didn't know then that the Muslim faith was actually a brainchild of Rome in centuries past. Nor did I understand that this is a corporate man whose action will affect the entire world.) The expression on his face deeply troubled me. I thought, "Lord, he looks so gentle but I know he is most wicked! Surely everyone will be deceived by him! " My heart was so concerned for those who would be deceived. As I watched him, he lifted his right arm above his head; in his right hand he held a vial or a tall thin vase. As I looked on, he tipped it and out poured something that appeared like water. What he poured out covered the whole earth. High on the mountain I was safe, but my heart was saddened for those who were not. (Radical Islam will be the means by which great destruction and death will come to the world.)

The visions stopped and I was deeply stirred in my spirit. (I was quite young then). I got out of bed and quietly slipped into the kitchen so as not to awaken my family. I fell to my knees in awe and weeping before the Lord for those who were lost. I got up from my knees and on the table was my Bible. I just opened it and began reading where I had opened it at random. It was in the book of Daniel where the angel shows Daniel the man of sin who will rise up and deceive many "with an arm of a flood".

In another vision I had soon after the one above, I saw a great eagle; it looked strong and healthy. I turned again to see it and it was the very opposite of what I had just seen. This time it was so thin and battered. It had lost most of its feathers, looked burned in spots and broken open with wounds. It could not fly; it could not even stand on its feet. When it would try to stand, it would fall to the ground and flop around trying to get back up but could not. I then heard a sound like the snake charmers in India play. I turned to see a hideously ugly beast standing in a marketplace, playing his flute-like instrument. Turning my eyes back to the eagle, I watched as it came under the spell of this "music". It flopped around until it got back on its feet and under the power of this beast; it danced its way closer to the reach of this beast. I watched as it slithered and swayed like a charmed cobra, to the tune played by the beast. (The U.S. will come more and more under the dominion of the corporate beast from the abyss.)

From Patti's experience, she shared in an email of enemies gathering to the south of the U.S.

Something else I might mention is the things we see in Central America. In Mexico, Russian soldiers can be seen eating in public places where Americans once ate. The red hammer and cycle signs are painted around in public places, especially in southern Mexico. For years we have watched the freeways being built to connect Central America to the U.S., even in areas where there were little more than donkey carts. The Belizean military are training some men in Cuba and some of Cuba's troops are training in Belize. My friend's brother-in-law is a captain in the Honduras Navy. He said they have joined ranks with Chavez, too. He wasn't able to give many specifics but he did confirm that there are a lot of fiberglass submarines being used by Al-Qaida to run drugs and weapons from Venezuela to Mexico and Central America. The fiberglass cannot be detected by radar. They cannot dive deep; they can just go enough below the surface to not be seen. (This is making Americans pay with their own addictions for their own overthrow.)

When we were in Belize last January, our friends were wearing U.S. Air Force camouflage jackets. I asked where they got them. The answer was, "This is what the Belizean military has issued for the BDF (Belize Defense Force) to wear". I thought that was quite strange when they are training with Cubans and have put the British troops out. I asked, "So, if we are invaded by men wearing our uniforms, how will we know who is who?"

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