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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Economic Depression a Trial

Jim Robey - 10/02/2008

The Word of the LORD says, "Soon the American economy will collapse under the weight of national and personal sins. These things must be, declares the LOR,D to try and purify my Bride and to recompense the abominations that have been committed in your country. I have stated in MY Word that the nations are a drop in the bucket to me, and I do with them as I please. Though many in this country have forgotten Me days without end, yet My judgments are redemptive in nature, and I will bring many people to Myself in their afflictions. Many have snubbed their noses at Me by thinking that America is too powerful to be brought to its knees. Yes, the goodness of the LORD brings men to repentance, but My afflictions that I send also bring men to repentance, as My servant David had stated.

"This Economic Depression will be lengthy and will try the souls of many. My true followers will be separated from those who only claim to call me by Name. But I provide for My people, as I have always. I still can provide a table in the wilderness, declares the LORD. Do not look to the great lack that is coming and is even here, but look to Me, as I have stated in My Word that I keep My people satisfied during famine. You have nothing to fear, but be full of faith and know that I will keep you and your families. It is I Who breaks the staff of bread in a nation that transgresses against Me. I have sent messenger after messenger, prophet after prophet to declare the sins of this nation, but to no avail. I do not afflict willingly, from the heart, the sons and daughters of men for their sins, but to redeem and restore a people to Myself. When a nation transgresses against Me, and I give them space to repent, and they trodden under foot My mercies, then it is righteous for me to stand up and act. Stay in MY Word. You are My disciples, if you continue in My Word.

"To those who neglect My Word and desire the corrupt things of this world shall indeed come a reaping. I have told you these things so that when your economy soon collapses that you will not lose heart, but that you will trust Me with all of your heart to take care of you. But do I find faith on the earth? Will you believe every Word that proceeds forth from the mouth of God? Whose report will you believe? Are you not a stranger and pilgrim traveling through this world, keeping yourselves unspotted from the world?

"Take courage, I am with you and dwelling in you. Be full of faith and trust and in the Day of Trouble I will rescue and deliver you.

"With Great Love, Your God and Father."

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