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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Escaping Tribulation Authorities

Garrett Crawford - 10/12/2008

I dreamt I was in the town in which I live; it was nighttime and the city seemed empty. I had this feeling that it was a bleak time in America. I realized this was the tribulation. There was an underground Christian leadership that broadcast messages to the other Christians. In this part of the country Vince Xavier was one of the leaders. Whenever he would come on the airwaves the authorities would go nuts. This particular night, I was in the city and receiving the broadcast. The authorities were aware of the broadcast and they had special equipment that allowed them to zero in on the source of the broadcast. They were searching through the whole city for Vince, but it was all for nothing because he was not in the city. He was in the outlaying areas miles away from the city, in the wilderness.

I was standing in the street and the police officers who were looking for him or other Christians saw me and one told me to freeze. I told him I was not doing anything wrong, but he knew I was a Christian. I was totally submissive to his authority and did not try to fight him, but he pointed his tazer at me and said he was going to shoot me. I repeated that I was not in rebellion, that there was no need to fire upon me. I pleaded with him to not shoot me with the tazer because I was obeying orders. I knew that he was determined to fire upon me. That is when the Lord spoke to me, "Do not be afraid. Let him do what he is determined to do."

At that moment I had total peace and I calmed down, and received the Word of the Lord. Then the policeman fired the tazer and it stuck me in the chest and began to zap me. I was laying on the ground and shaking violently and although it was painful it was not as painful as I imagined it would be.

Once the officer shot me he grabbed me and handcuffed me. Another officer came and they both took me to a base high in the mountains. I had the peace of the Lord upon me during the whole captivity. I was handcuffed the whole time and didn't know how I would escape but soon after arriving there the guards walked into the other room. The Lord did something miraculous: I had the power to disappear and I slid out of the handcuffs. That is when I walked out of the building. I was in awe by what just happened. I thought, those cops are going to be so surprised! After that the dream soon ended.

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