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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Escaping False Religious Spirits

Belinda Anderson - 08/07/2011
(David's notes in red)

Back in August of 2007, I was attending a First Assembly of God church in Inverness, Florida. After the service one Sunday, an elderly gentleman approached me, put his hand on my head (I had a strange sensation come over me when he put his hand on my head) and said this: "This is a word from the Lord: 'A cloud will come over you. It will leave, but do not fear; it will come back. Everything will be alright. Have no fear'". I had never noticed this man in the church before. My friend of 33 years was standing right beside me and witnessed the whole thing. When this man left, I turned to my friend and asked her what she thought. She said she had no idea and suggested we go as the preacher, so we did. I explained to the preacher what happened and asked what he thought this meant. He had no idea. He suggested I contact this man and go see him. I said I couldn't because I didn't know who he was. I described him to the preacher and he knew who he was and gave me his phone number.

I gave this man a call the next day and asked if I could come to his house and talk about what happened at the church last Sunday. He agreed and we set a time for me to come to his house the following Saturday to sit down with him and his wife. I asked him what this word from the Lord meant. He said he didn't know because the word was for me. He did say, however, that when he got up that morning, he prayed for me. He said the Lord told him to tell me to read Psalm 91 for seven days; I thought that was very interesting. Why would I need to read Psalm 91 for seven days? I thanked him and his wife for their help and went home.

I did as the Lord said. I read Psalm 91 for seven days. I had a very interesting thing happen after the visit with this man (come to find out, this man had been a preacher for 60 years). I believe it was four or five days after I had visited him and his wife that I got a book of Psalms in the mail. I did not order this book. I had no idea at the time what all these events meant or were leading up to. I had never in my life had anything even remotely like this happen to me, so I was greatly puzzled by the whole thing. (Preachers should not suddenly lay hands on others without request but it still could have been a true word. "Lay hands on no man suddenly".)

Well, that all took place in August of 2007. In September of 2007, I was at work and received a phone call from my youngest daughter, Lindsay, that my oldest daughter, Tamara, just found out she had a brain tumor and was to be operated on in two days. I contacted my husband, Allen, and asked him to make me plane reservations and I was on a plane to Cloverdale, Indiana in just a couple of hours. I prayed all the way to Indiana, as the situation sounded very serious. Tamara made it through the surgery, but nearly died on the operating table. The doctor came out and explained to me that Tamara would have serious problems for several years, that this tumor was very large and had caused her a lot of harm. Due to the tumor, Tamara now has a condition called "Cushing's Disease". I had never heard of such a thing. Allen knew of it as he was a pre-med student before switching over to chemistry. We knew Tamara had a very serious battle on her hands. I stayed with her and her family until she got back on her feet.

When I got back home, the church I was attending was having a healing service. I thought, how wonderful. I called my friend, Louise, and told her about it, and we decided that his must be what the word I received was for -- that the Lord had warned me ahead of time of what was going to happen to my daughter. I wanted to go to this healing service for my daughter. The preacher knew this healer for many years and highly respected him, so I felt like I was in safe hands. The healer (can't remember his name) asked for anyone who needed healing for themselves or for anyone else to come forward, so about 30 of us went forward and formed a horizontal line in front of the sanctuary. The healer started all the way down to the right of the line and was working his way left. I was about in the middle of this line. When the healer got about three or four people from me, I looked up toward the sanctuary and saw the entire front of the sanctuary was filled with a red light. I had never seen a red light used in the church before. I turned around and looked up into the balcony area where they kept the lights they used when the church band played and the choir sang, but there wasn't anyone up there and the lights were not on. I turned back around and the red light was still filling up the entire front of the sanctuary. (The red light was a warning to STOP.) Here's where it really gets strange. When the healer lifted up his outstretched arm and was about a foot from my head, I felt someone grab my left shoulder and pull me backward; I stumbled back a couple of steps. The healer and the preacher looked at me kind of funny. The preacher didn't say anything but he had an unusual look on his face. The healer took his hand down and said to me, "You feel things very deeply", then he walked over to the next person in line.

I turned around and went back to my seat. I sat down and asked Louise who was behind me and pulled me backward. She said no one was behind me and she wondered why I stumbled backward when the healer was trying to touch my head. I told her someone pulled me backward and I nearly lost my balance! Also, I asked her if she saw the red light filling the sanctuary in front of me; she said she never saw any red lights. So, I didn't say anything further until we got into the car and were heading home. I told her that I truly believe the Lord did not want that man to touch me. Also, I said I didn't think the word I received from the old preacher was about Tamara's illness. I thought it was for me personally, but I still did not know what it meant. (The Lord's angel pulled you back and saved you from an impartation of the Eastern false revival spirits.)

It was some months later that the church heard what was going on down in Lakeland with Todd Bentley. The church had a bus and was asking members of the congregation to go. They wanted me to go but I told them I wasn't interested. My friend Louise told me I should go and have them pray for my daughter. I said, "Louise, I have a very bad feeling in my spirit about what's going on down there. The Lord doesn't want me going ANYWHERE NEAR THAT PLACE! Louise got a bit angry with me, but she decided not to go. I told Louise a few days later that something awful was going to happen down there and that we will be glad we did not partake of any of that mess. Sure enough, about a week or two later, it all exploded down there. (The Assemblies of God were the ones who brought in the false revival spirits more than any other. This was because they didn't believe "Christians" could have demons but Jesus was only sent to administer the covenant rights to the "lost sheep of the house of Israel" because deliverance and healing is the "children's bread" which should not go to the dogs.)

After that, more strange things began to happen in that church. I knew then that I had to leave. I turned in my keys to the church and explained that I would not be coming back. They were very sad to see me go and kept trying to get me to come back. My spirit kept telling me to NEVER step foot in that place again. I stayed home and studied by myself and prayed to the Lord to help me. I was on the Internet one evening and saw a website for a Messianic church. I decided the next day to give them a call and make an appointment to see them. The next day I went and met with two rabbis -- one male and one female (husband and wife). I thought that was strange but I didn't know anything about their religion at that time.

I stayed in that religion for about 17 months. I was never comfortable there. I saw a lot discrepancies and felt evil spirits in that place. It just grew darker and darker in that place, just like what had happened at the First Assembly church I had left. Again, I turned in my keys to THAT place and explained that I wouldn't be coming back; they didn't ever call and ask me to come back. I was glad of that! (Paul, in Galatians chapters 4 and 5, warned that legalism makes one a child of the bondmaid and not the free woman. He also said it separated one from Christ and grace -- a very dangerous place to be.)

I remember crying out to the Lord for help. I confessed to the Lord that I needed His help. I asked the Lord to forgive me for straying away from Him for so many years. I wasted many, many years following after idols. I asked the Lord for the truth, as I knew I had not found it in my previous unproductive ventures. This went on for several weeks. I kept praying and asking the Lord to show me the way to the truth. One evening I was on the Internet. Someone told me about David Wilkerson, so I Googled his name and the UBM website popped up. I started listening to UBM teachings and reading UBM books. I sat with my Bible and went through the teachings. I was amazed at what the Holy Spirit was telling me. I've fellowshipped in UBM for over 18 months. Praise the Lord for His great mercy toward me!

I said all that to say this: I believe the cloud was the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit left me when I went back under the law in the Messianic church. When I left the Messianic church and confessed my sins to the Lord, I believe the Holy Spirit returned. I believe that explains the cloud would leave but return and I was not to fear. Then, the word about staying in Psalm 91 for seven days represents the seven years of tribulation and for me to have no fear, as I will be supernaturally protected by the Lord. (PTL! )

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