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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Escaping the Tribulation Falling Away

David DiPace - 09/30/2006
(David's notes in red)

I had this dream a little more than three years ago. I had it about a month before we left the Pentecostal church we had been in for 13 years. At that time, I had asked for a sign from the Lord to show me when to leave the church and He gave me this dream and a confirmation shortly after. It was the most clear and vivid dream I think I have ever had. Perhaps it may be that the Lord has brought it to mind again for a particular reason.

In the dream, I was getting ready to join a health club to get my body in shape. (Seeking to mature in the strength of the Lord.) I knew that the condition of my legs was okay (I am a runner in real life), but I wanted to work on strengthening the rest of my body also. (Your walk with God is strong but you are interested in strengthening the rest of your life in God.) I went into the health club to join, but was surprised to see that it was closed. (This represents the door to your old church, which is supposed to be for strengthening your life in God, will be closed to you. Clubs are memberships and places where you pay dues like tithes and offerings. The true gospel is "freely given.")

When I came back outside, I saw that the day had turned into night. (The time of darkness has come in the world.) Astonished, I looked at my watch and it was 9:45 am. I didn't understand what was happening. I looked up at the sky and saw many stars, more than I was usually able to see from where I live. (Apparently, in this transition time, you are coming to terms with the fact that there are many other Christians outside the traditional church with whom you were associated.) Down near the horizon, I saw stars that were arranged to spell out several words -- something about power, but I could not see it clearly. (Stars, called Abraham's seed; Christians who have need for strength or power so they may mount up high in heavenly places to be seated with Christ. The horizon is where earth [fleshly living] meets the heavens. So we have another clue here that there are many Christians living too close to the world. They could get allured by the gravity and begin to fall to the earth. {Rev.6:13} and the stars of the heaven fell unto the earth, as a fig tree casteth her unripe figs when she is shaken of a great wind.)

I noticed that my pastor and one of the elders were close by and were also looking at the words and talking about what they might mean. I went over to them and asked the pastor what it said. He said, "Power to the people." (The people, as stars, need to be strengthened in the way of disciples of Christ to do His works and follow Him, not just rely on the pastor to be their Lord and do everything, as in the Laodicean church.) When he said it, I took note that he spoke it quickly and in a gruff manner, as though he did not like what it said. This fit his character perfectly, though, as his manner up to that point had always been for him to have all the authority and control over the people by himself. (Many pastors are little kings over their assemblies, as in Ezekiel 34. This reminds me of Rehoboam: (1Ki.12:13) And the king answered the people roughly, and forsook the counsel of the old men, which they had given him. They are power- and glory-hungry Nicolaitan clergyman, like Saul represented. (1Sa.8:11) And he said, This will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you: He will take your sons, and appoint them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen; and some shall run before his chariots. The king also took tithes...)

After this, I called one of my church brothers on my cell phone to talk to him about what was happening. I knew that he was very interested in end-time events and I was convinced that this obviously was an end-time event. He was not available (your separation from an apostate assembly) but, as I was on the phone, I looked up at the moon and noticed that it had turned into a clock which looked like a huge pocketwatch (gold with Roman numerals) and had begun to spin. (We must seek God's strength to grow from star glory to moon glory while there is time. It is gold because it is very valuable time. Soon a third of the star glory Christians will lose their position in the heavenlies and fall to the earth. Rome is involved in this time because the Revived Roman Empire is coming to maturity, first as the Dragon and then as the Beast, to cause this great falling away.)

It was spinning around as if it was on a north/south axis like the earth, and very rapidly. Then it began to move out of the sky over to where I was standing and stopped right in front of me. (A reminder to you that every spin of the earth is a day in time lost before it runs out.) By the time it reached me, it was about eight feet tall. (The eighth beast kingdom is the last when the falling away happens, so that these people will go into the day of the Lord on the eighth day/year.) I reached out, as if instinctively, and touched it with my finger, which sank into it as though it was liquid. The people who were standing by watching this were dumbfounded. They seemed afraid of it and were amazed that I had the boldness to actually touch it, though I had no fear in doing this. (The time each of us has left to mature is fluid and cannot be tied down. Some will be martyred in the middle of the tribulation or after. Others will die by one of the plagues. Some fear to know about these things and would prefer a pre-trib rapture.)

The next thing I knew, which seemed like a couple of minutes, it was light again for a second time and everything seemed normal. Then, suddenly, the light for a second time turned into darkness. (Some star glory Christians lose power through dead religion.) In the darkness, I could see a familiar sister in my church, the pastor's daughter, pulling a loaded cart. She was very overweight and weak and appeared to be struggling to pull the cart. (This represents those born of this pastor, overcome by flesh, heavy laden with their sins and weak in faith.) Very soon it became light again for a third time.

Then, a third time, it became dark, but this time the darkness came as a shadow, creeping along the ground very ominously. (This third darkness speaks of the tribulation to come.) I knew again, as if instinctively, that the nature of this darkness was different, very profound, and that it was powerful enough to envelop the whole earth. I could feel the power of it and that was somewhat unsettling.

I knew this event would affect everyone in the world and that nobody would escape it. This is where the dream ended. (The tribulation is ordained for all the inhabitants of the earth, according to the scriptures. Although some will escape the judgments, like the Philadelphia Church, they will still go through the tribulation. No pre-trib rapture.)

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