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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Eyes Healed

Kaile Hamilton - 08/02/2007

This is a testimony of the Lord's healing power and His faithfulness.

Shortly after I was born, I developed a condition called esotropia, which basically meant that my eyes didn't have enough strength to not cross. I had surgery on my eyes before the age of 1 1/2 and have worn glasses since the age of 16 months. Since then, every time I went to the eye doctor, when they checked my eyes they wouldn't cross like normal eyes: one would follow the finger and one would shut off. My eyes were so bad that I had to get my contacts on special order because there was so much correction needed and Lasik surgery was never going to be an option for me.

Earlier this week, before I was about to talk to some of the brethren about meeting up, I felt embarrassed to tell them that I was going to the eye doctor that day. My mom said, "Well, don't you think God is telling you something if you feel embarrassed to say that you were going to the eye doctor?"

After that, I really started thinking and praying about it, since in the past three months I was healed of seasonal allergies and have stopped taking all my medications. God really convicted me, leading me to place my trust in Him and not man today. As I was driving home from my grandparents' house, the Lord let me know that it was time to act on my faith, so I removed my glasses and since that moment my eyes have been healed! My eyes never worked together until today! My mom wanted to see for herself what the Lord had done tonight and did the "finger test" and my eyes crossed together!

Praise the Lord! By His stripes, He has healed my eyes and my vision continues to get better and better each day! I don't know why now I waited so long to trust in Him for my eyes but now I'm so thankful for what the Lord has done! He healed my eyes! Praise the Lord!

Update 07/14/2009

Shortly after my eyes were healed by the Lord back in August of 2007, I went back to college. I knew that a big part of manifesting the Lord Jesus and the healing that He gave me was confessing it to people. When I first arrived at school, I shared with a few of the people that I worked with that the Lord had healed my eyes. I was excited about what the Lord had done and I wanted to share it with everyone but not long after I returned to school, I hit a road block: the flesh. There was a fear that came over me about sharing it with my professors and classmates (especially the ones who were to be future doctors, nurses and biology teachers). I kept thinking, "What will they say? What will they think of me? What if they say that I'm crazy? How am I supposed to tell them that I don't think that I can even be a doctor anymore, knowing that as Christians we are no longer under the curse?" Those thoughts flooded my mind and it got to the point that I just tried to not think about it. I just put it off. If I would be reminded of it I would say to myself, "I'll do it at a more opportune time".

A few weeks into the semester I experienced the full manifestation of the healing -- my vision was perfect. Praise the Lord!

The time passed by that first semester after the Lord healed my eyes and I still had not told any of my professors or classmates of my healing. It was the beginning of December and one day after waking up to get ready for class, I automatically noticed that my vision was blurred again. My eyes were acting like they had before the manifestation of the healing in August! My first reaction that I had was to speak the Word: by His stripes I was healed; it is no longer I that live but Christ Who lives in me, etc. I knew that the Lord had already healed me on the cross and I wasn't going to let the devil steal it away from me.

Just as soon as I started speaking and declaring all of the promises given to us in the Word by faith, the Lord spoke to me. He said, "Confess it! " It was then that I felt my heart breaking because I realized that all of that time I was allowing my flesh to get in the way of glorifying the Lord. I fell down in repentance, began to weep and asked and received forgiveness by our merciful Father. I decided from that moment forward I was no longer going to take away any more glory from the Lord! I began that day to confess that I was healed by the blood of the Lamb! Praise God! I also found that the fear that I had allowed to come over me about speaking about my healing was unfounded. It was so easy to tell what the Lord had done in my life, once I gave the reins to the Lord! Praise the Lord! An awesome thing started happening as I began to tell people of my healing: my blurred vision became better and better. It was not long until the full manifestation of the healing was back. It all had to do with speaking the good report!

Fast forward to Sunday, July 12, 2009. I lost my driver's license! I retraced my steps, searching for many hours for it, all the while asking the Lord to help me find it. Then, as soon as it seemed like the end of the road and my mom and I were going to head back in the direction of home, I realized something. Earlier that week my mom and I had discussed that I still had yet to get the restriction for driving with corrective lenses taken off my license. I just remarked that I did need to do that some time.

The Lord made me lose my license that day to force me to take a step in faith by taking the eye test again to take the restriction off. It all made sense and I knew that on Monday I had to take that step. So, Monday afternoon my mom drove me up to the local DPS office for me to take the eye test again. I had no doubt that by the grace of God I was going to pass the test this time because of the healing power of the Lord.

The eye test had three different sections that I had to read off and the first section I flew through. Then, as I was about to start the second section, the first number became blurry. I paused. My mom began to pray in the Spirit for me. I blinked my eyes twice and it became clear again, praise the Lord. The same thing happened for the third section but all I did was blink twice and read through it.

When I came back around to the woman who helped us, she asked, "Did you get Lasik surgery?" I said no and then she became a little upset and asked, "So you didn't have Lasik surgery?" My mom and I then explained that the Lord had healed me, praise the Lord! After hearing that, her demeanor changed, her face and eyes lit up and she said, "Oh, that's so wonderful! " She even pointed out to me that on my printed temporary license, under restrictions it reads "NONE"! Praise the Lord! ! The greatest thing of all is that I was able to share my testimony with that woman who wears glasses and all the rest of the people who were in the DPS that day of the awesome power of God!

Now, I have written proof for the many people whose first question to me after hearing that the Lord healed my eyes was, "So, you went to the doctor and got your eyes examined again and you can see perfectly?" I would just say, "I know that I am healed and if I have nothing wrong with me, then I don't need to go to an eye doctor". But now I can say, "I took an eye examination and it says that my eyes see perfect! " Praise the Lord! There can be no doubt in anyone's mind that the Lord does heal and by His grace I was healed on that cross! What an awesome God we serve!

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