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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells


Andrea Litt - 07/02/2011

I have two testimonies pertaining to faith. The first is about my job and the wonderful things the Lord has shown and done for me. The other is about my car. In the last six months, the Lord had been working on my faith. Most of the trials were small compared to the two that I'm sharing.

In April, one of the supervisors at my job was let go. Most of her work was given to me to complete. This tripled my workload. I was not authorized to have any overtime to get it completed.

One of the other supervisors who had gotten some of the work started to fret about how she would get everything completed. She was salary and could work as many hours as she wanted; I still only had 40 hours.

When I knew I was getting the extra work I prayed and gave it to the Lord. I asked Him to help me organize and complete it. When the supervisor would start fretting again, I would tell her, "I prayed and gave it to the Lord. He will see me through to the end. Everything that needs done will be". After hearing me say that several times, she finally stopped talking to me about it.

The work that was given to me was a mess. There were days that I had no idea what I was doing or how to start. All of the work needed to be reformatted and corrected. Some of it I had never done before. That is where the Lord came to my rescue. He showed me what to do. He put the words there so I knew what to type and also showed me how to reformat everything.

There were days that I had a lot of work and very little time to do it, due to meetings, etc. I would pray about getting it completed and give it to the Lord. Sometimes it felt as if time stopped or slowed down. The amount of work that I would complete in such a short time I knew could only come from the Lord.

One particular day, I was working and a little frustrated. I had been working on and off for about four hours on a document. I stopped and scrolled down to see how many pages I had left. There were 15 pages total and I was only on page five. I put my head in my hands and said out loud, "You've got to be kidding me". The Lord heard and answered me. He said, "Look not at the circumstance but keep your eyes on Me". I repented for being frustrated and looking ahead. I thanked the Lord for helping me complete it. It was completed in about three hours.

The Lord has blessed me with my office. Most days there is never anyone around me until about 3:00 pm. I have the entire building to myself.

A few people asked me if I was getting paid extra for all of the work I was doing. I told them no, it's not about the money for me. By the look on their face I would say they didn't really understand my statement. I thought to myself, how can you put a price tag on what the Lord taught me?

My second testimony:

My mom and I were in Tennessee in June. The third day we were there, I heard my engine making a loud noise. I don't know very much about engines but I knew it wasn't right. Mom and I prayed over my engine and agreed it was healed.

The next day, on our way to visit with some of the brethren, my air conditioner stopped working, my car stalled and the oil light came on. I started to panic and fret about it. I immediately thought about the fact we were about 500 miles from home and what were we going to do.

Mom and I started praying over my engine. We commanded it to be healed in the Name of Jesus. My car started and we drove back to the hotel. The entire way there I praised the Lord and thanked Him that my engine was healed.

After we got back and let the car set, Mom checked the oil and told me I didn't have any oil in the engine. I was surprised because I had just gotten an oil change three weeks prior to the trip. We put oil in, prayed and asked the Lord if there was any damage done to the engine that He would fix it.

My car weighed heavily on my mind for the rest of the evening. The Lord let me see how much I worried about my car instead of letting Him take care of it. Worrying is not walking by faith.

The next day, Mom and I were going to Knoxville (we were staying in Sweetwater). We got in the car and drove with no problems. We stopped about halfway there to eat. After lunch, I checked the oil and it was a little low. I drove next door to a gas station to get a quart of oil and fill up with gas.

Mom got the oil while I pumped the gas. While pumping gas, I thought how when I got home I would call my mechanic and tell him what happened and he needed to fix it. Mom walked out with the oil and gestured for me to pull over to the side to put it in. I got in my car, turned the key and nothing happened. My car wouldn't start. I immediately knew why.

I had taken my car out of the Lord's hand and put it back in mine. I didn't hold to the fact that my engine was already healed.

I said a quick prayer and asked the Lord to move my car; He did. I popped the hood and tried to take the oil cap off but it wouldn't budge. Mom and I both tried several times but it wouldn't come off and I knew why.

I told Mom, "I'm in trouble". She asked me why and I told her what I had done. I told the Lord how sorry I was for not having faith and asked Him to forgive me. As soon as I finished praying, the oil cap came right off.

I asked mom if we should still go to Knoxville. She replied "Andrea, do you believe that your engine is healed?" I said, "Yes". She said, "Then drive like it's healed". We went to Knoxville and had a great afternoon.

Later that evening, I was at the hotel watching TV. The Lord told me to pray about my car again. I went out, sat in the car and prayed. I asked for grace to get home and that I would hold to my confession that the engine was healed.

I started out driving the next morning. I praised the Lord for hours for my engine and my faith. Everything was great up until we got about two hours from home. I was in trouble, again.

My mom was driving and I had fallen asleep for about 45 minutes. I woke up and started complaining in my head about being hot and my air conditioner not working, which led to more complaining. We had prayed over the air conditioner and believed that it was healed.

We pulled over to eat. I checked the oil after we were done eating and it was a little low. There was a gas station across the road. I was going to get a quart of oil but my car wouldn't start. I immediately started to cry. I knew I was in trouble again for my complaining.

I tried to start my car several times, only to have black smoke roll out of the engine and make some very loud noises, which made me cry even harder. I knew I was driving my car home; having it towed and someone come pick us up was not an option.

I prayed to the Lord for 45 minutes, asking for forgiveness. I had finished praying and there was peace in the car. I knew then my car would start. I turned the key and my car started. There was no black smoke or loud noises.

My mom asked if I was going to get a quart of oil. I told her I was not putting one more drop of oil in my car. I believed that the Lord healed my engine and I wasn't going to keep putting oil in it. I praised the Lord on the way home.

Mom and I prayed over the gas mileage before the start of the trip, that the Lord would bless it. The entire trip we averaged between 38-40 MPG.

My engine runs better now than it did before and my air conditioner works!

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