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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Faith Works in Economic Hardship

Cornelius Bosch - 03/05/2009

We are feeling the economic crunch here in South Africa, too. Not as bad as the rest of the world.

For one thing, we produce much gold here but I don't know if we are still on the gold standard or not. But because the world is going through this we are feeling it, too. Our interest rates went up so high that people lost their homes here, too.

The property market is very bad. I had to sell the small house I bought for my mom because she wanted to move to a retirement village for now. It happened just as the market dropped.

First miracle was after we prayed, the Lord moved my mom's name from #200 on the waiting list to #1! He really did. Somehow God gave her favor with the people and they moved her up. Then we prayed the prayer of agreement that the house would sell and it sold two hours later! And I made a profit. God is good!

In South Africa, we are used to a high standard of living. South Africans also wanted the "American Dream".Other African nations are really poor and they have learned to survive on little to nothing. So for those who have no money there is no crisis. They have been living in it so long they are used to it.

Zimbabwe is really bad. No money anymore; they are even using the South African rand, which is our currency, because their dollar has collapsed. They have been printing $100 BILLION notes and I think they have done one for a trillion dollars. Can you imagine that?

The last time I heard, one loaf of bread cost about $2 Billion but now it must be much more. But the fact is that there is no bread to buy anymore. The hospitals have closed and schools have closed because there is no money to pay salaries. Thousands are dying from cholera; they have little electricity left. Sometimes it's on and sometimes not. Shops have no food left. No currency to import anything anymore. The whole country is dying. Mugabe, the president, lives in absolute luxury and just spent $260,000 (USD) on his birthday party.

People are really using the money for toilet paper because it's cheaper than toilet paper!

But when I have time I will write you a LONG letter with all the wonderful things that the Lord has been doing for all of us here. Supplying and speaking and so many testimonies from all who are walking in the Word. God is moving. God is not tied down by the economy. Praise God!

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