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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Faith Without Works Is Dead

Jon Higareda - 12/13/2009

About two months ago, you prayed in agreement for my van to be restored to working order. Well, after we prayed that night, the next morning I took the van for a quick drive around my apartment complex, hoping that the "check engine" light would go off and the car would be back in working order; it wasn't. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed but I knew I didn't have the faith for the car yet. I prayed a few times for the Lord to give me the faith to believe it was restored and every time I prayed the Lord would put it on my heart to drive the car, believing that it was restored. I would drive the car but I wanted to stay in my comfort zone. I would drive the car around my complex because I knew if it broke down I could just push it to a parking spot and not have to worry about it breaking down in the city streets and needing to have it towed. I really didn't have enough money to have it towed anyway. So I parked it on the street outside of my complex and there it set.

Occasionally I would drive the car around the complex and hope for the check engine light to turn off. Every time I drove it that gut feeling that if I believed it was restored then I needed to drive it like it was and that meant it was time to drive it out in the city streets would still be there pulling at me. I would ignore the feeling and drive around the complex and of course nothing would happen. The van drove like an old junker and the check engine light was still on.

Well, this morning my eight-year-old son and I went to move the car before it was ticketed and I did the normal drive around the complex but this time I told my son that it was time to thank the Lord for a restored car. We sang at the top of our lungs,. "Thank you for a car that works ... thank you for a car that works". If my neighbors didn't think I was crazy, they do now! LOL.

So we drove it around the complex and this time I didn't ignore what the Lord was saying. He said, "Drive the car like it works," and brothers, that's just what I did. I drove the van out of the complex and on to the city streets and just as I turned on to the main street, the car hesitated a bit and did a sort of hiccup and I panicked. I ignored how I was feeling and told myself that it worked and pressed the gas. The car didn't stop; it kept going and, to top it all off, the check engine light was off now. My son and I couldn't believe our eyes! We went bananas! Praise the Lord!

The moment I took that step of faith and came out of my comfort zone and believed, the car was in working order. I am writing you this e-mail from my office, which is on the other side of town from where I live and I drove here in a car that the Great Mechanic repaired. Praise the Lord!

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