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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

False Prophets Promote the Beast

Gideon Smith - 11/24/2009
(Notes in red by Rory and David)

I had a very interesting dream; it is very profound to me and I know it's from God. In the dream, my wife and three daughters were sick and in a hospital. (The Church where healing is supposed to be dispensed.) The doctors and nurses (ministers) were saying they needed more sugar. So then they were led to a floor below us (loss of stature or maturity). I noticed that they were giving them sweets such as donuts, candy and things like that. The strange thing was they were giving it to them through a garbage shoot. (Those seeking sustenance in the worldly church, symbolizing health in the hospital. They were receiving spiritual garbage food for doctrine. Sweets taste good to the flesh but will not do any good for the spiritual man. The world's methods for healing or salvation will not contribute any good to the body of Christ. Being led downstairs brings Col. 2:20-3:2 to mind. The garbage shoots show that what they were receiving was weak and beggarly rudiments or principles of the world [Gal. 4:9].)

When seeing this, I noticed that my wife and three daughters had come up stairs to see our new son (in reality, my son is already nine months old). (They were brought up out of bondage to heavenly places when they came up to see the man-child of Rev.12.) When they arrived, I met them and we began to look around the maternity ward and I noticed all the babies were inside incubators that were full of sugary, powdery substances that covered the babies. These looked very under-developed, dark and unhealthy. (The babies in the incubators were premature; they could not grow into the man-child; they were full of the powdery, sugary substance which will kill them spiritually.)

Then we went to see my son, whose name is Luke, and he was huge. He was sitting up on his own outside of the incubator, perfectly healthy, and when I looked closer I saw that he was completely covered in blood and there were no wounds or harm to him. (The man-child was covered in the blood; he was fully mature and did not need an incubator to breathe. In fact, he could sit up on his own because he was covered in the blood and cleansed from all the things that the other babies were dying in.)

Then the whole hospital and staff turned on the TVs and there was this big announcement being made by Donald Rumsfeld or some other politician, saying that they had created something great and wonderful. (When looking on Wikipedia, I learned that Donald means "ruler of the world". WOW. (The immature church and false ministers feed the people the doctrine of the beast kingdom.) The great thing I saw was a spirit. {Hebrews 1:7} And of the angels he saith, Who maketh his angels winds [Greek: spirit], And his ministers a flame a fire. This is exactly what I saw, except for in this case it was a body of fallen angels or spirits. (The corporate spirit of the beast from the pit inhabits the world beast body.)

Everyone seemed to be glued to the TV, watching this creation of some sort being introduced. So as they watched, I was taken to the clouds and saw this "great thing" that they were speaking of and it was a gigantic pillar of fire with a fiery flame on top, flying up from the earth and passing the clouds into the atmosphere, but it fell down to the earth.

Then I was taken to the earth where I saw its form from another perspective. I saw this pillar of fire, which seemed to be full of winds that kept its flame burning. It was stretched from the ground all the way to the sky. Then I saw what was on top of it and, to my surprise, it was the same image that is on The Beast Is Everywhere article on the UBM website, except the circle in the middle of the two horns was like the all-seeing eye on the back of the dollar bill. (The worldly will worship the beast at the command of the false prophets -- the two horns of Rev.13.)

Then, after seeing this, I was back in the hospital with my brother beside me, who saw the same image as I did but no one else did. I urgently told him three times, "That's Ra".(The ancient Egyptian sun god; the false Son of God or Antichrist beast. Warning others of a false image of deity for three years.) Then, as the people were watching the news of this great thing, I began to warn them and tell them that this is the seven-headed, 10-horned beast.

The people in the hospital began to listen to me. (Those who were coming out of the institutional church.) I noticed my wife was shaking her head, telling me not to speak about it anymore to them; even though I felt led to keep talking, I stopped. (The worldly mother church will not want the truth to be proclaimed to their people.)

Then I woke up from the dream. When I woke up and told my wife the dream, she apologized for what she did in the dream.

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