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Jesus Manifests Himself In His Bride


Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I have been overweight by a large amount for a number of years. 
I don't have a waistline that says I'm finicky (yet). 
I have only fasted once before and that was a struggle for 3 days back in 2005.
It's not that I, in myself, are great at this.

When I got the email from UBM on Sunday night.   I knew I was ordered into
This fast.  I have been in uncharted territory since Wednesday night having
Never gone this far before.  (Tuesday was not as much fun as other days).
We are in Day 5 now and it is a miracle.   I seem to feel stronger and better
With each day now.  This is only possible in me through God's power.  He is
Making a way for this that could not/would not happen on my own.
Be his plan, he put me away from home in a very small town for the week
To visit with my elderly mother.  So he planned for me to have seclusion
Away from things before I even knew about the fast.
I honestly thought it might be this hard struggle later in the week but it
Really isn't.  This from the guy who loves food more than many.  God is
Teaching me some amazing things this week.
I just wanted to put out this testimony as a encouragement to others.
God is making a way!
Peace to you all,


Subject: RE: Gettng stronger by the day/
From: "Gordon Borneman"
Date: 3/3/18 9:01 am
To: "'Elders'"

Re: Gettng stronger by the day/
I pray that this encourages others.
One thing I notice now especially. Overnight, was this sense
That the heavens had kind of opened to me and I had a
Greater confidence and boldness to ask of God great things
That are according to His will.   
I have asked for many Godly attributes in greater measure
For myself and others.   Lots of repentance from bad attitudes
Came before that.
And I thanked him for healing my lungs from this chest
Congestive cough that had hung on for 2 months.   It has
Gone away overnight.    Wow!
I see more now why certain demons only come out through
Prayer and fasting as Jesus said.
It REALLY is that this state of weakness brings on God's power
To repent, overcome, be more grateful.    I heard about this
Before but never experienced it before really.   It remained
Kind of a theory, a hope that is still out there somewhere.
Not any more- its real!
May God richly bless you and all of UBM on Monday!   I hope
And look for great great tidings from you all!   I will be celebrating
With you in Spirit but physically in Los Angeles.
What an awesome God we serve!


Fasting Testimony Experience
Ken  3/6/18

Hello Saints!
I read Gordon's fasting testimony on Sunday the 4th which was a wonderful encouragement for me on my 4th day of fasting as our stories were almost identical, that is, a Kentucky Fried Chicken family pack around the waistline, longest fast was 3 days and feeling strong during the fast. Something he wrote in his testimony made me want to write in and share something I experienced this morning, Wed March 7th - Fiji - South Pacific Time.
I read the fast email on Monday, February the 26th local time, which was Sunday in the USA and I did not want to fast as it was already Monday, the day of the fast and I was also not sure whether this was what Father wanted me to do.
7 days without food and water? Yikes! I had done a 3 day fast in the past and I barely made it through that one. Lol. But what eased my mind about the long fast were the words the Lord gave Eve, saying that he would be our sustenance during it. Despite being a little unsure and not wanting to fast, I decided to start on Tuesday but ended the fast in the afternoon when the hunger pangs set in. The same thing happened on Wednesday as my heart was just not into this fast. Then on Thursday March 1st, after reading the fast email again, I repented of my attitude to the fast and asked the Holy Spirit to lead me into it as he did with brother Jesus in his 40 day fast. Come Thursday afternoon, I did not hunger for food as I did the previous couple of days. I thought to myself, hmmm... somethings up. The smell of dinner as the family ate that night did not tempt me one bit and neither has food and drink since then.The blockage was gone. I thought to myself, wow this is amazing and I then knew the Holy Spirit was leading me. Glory to God!
So I am now in the last day of my fast (Wed March 7th). I am just amazed that I am not weak and that my body has shrunk a lot and the KFC family pack waistline is now turning into a 6 pack. :)
My family has commented several times that my pudgy face has become lean. I noticed on Monday March 5th, that my sinus problem had disappeared. Another thing I noticed was the timing of my fast. A bible verse says that God works through us to do his purpose. My efforts to fast on Tuesday and Wednesday, failed but on Thursday, it was successful. I think it was on Sunday, the 4th day of my fast, that I noticed that the day I started to fast successfully was March the 1st! A week of 7 days that ends today Wednesday the 7th, a full week of a new month! It is amazing to me that I did not start to fast successfully on Tuesday the 27th or Wednesday the 28th but on March the 1st and I was not even thinking about the dates of the days back then!

March 1st to March 7th Fast - symbolizing the week of tribulation. The morning of Thursday March 8th, arising and wearing bright clothes represents a new beginning which in turn symbolizes the resurrection and rapture of the saints in new bodies, an event which happens 40 days into the 8th year. Hallelujah! God is awesome! Glory to him!
Regarding Gordon's testimony, I noticed that my brother mentioned that he had a sense that the heavens had kind of opened up to him. I had a similar experience this morning on the 7th day of fasting. I sat outside my house at about 5AM to enjoy the cool night morning air. While sitting, I noticed light shining down in front of my face and look straight up to see the moon shining down. Then I noticed something else. The edges of the clouds had  formed a huge and perfect circle around the moon. It was a perfect 360 degree circle without any crookedness!  It was like a portal into heaven. The moon was not placed off centre or in a corner of the circle but right in the center spot, like a bull's eye on a target. It was amazing! I looked up several times for about 5 minutes just to make sure that what I was seeing was real! Lol. Never seen anything like it before.
The first thing that came to mind was hoards of demons pouring through the hole to cause havoc on the earth during the tribulation. As I thinking about these demons, another thought came into my mind and said (Maybe the Lord?), but there is something better coming, my gifts and blessings will be poured out on all the saints. My thought was that if the huge size of the portal hole is an indication of the amount of gifts and blessings that will be poured through, then the saints are in for a massive pleasant surprise!
Another couple of thoughts came to mind at about 8AM while reflecting on what I had seen earlier. The first thought was that the moon in the natural world reflects the suns light which symbolizes the saints sitting in a heavenly position reflecting Jesus the Son's light to the world. The second thought was that the portal hole means that the saints have direct communication without interference with the heavenly throne , through faith.
That is all I wanted to share, Saints! Be blessed! Great times ahead for us in the tribulation. The gospels repeated. Woo hoo!!  It is going to be awesome! Praise You Father!


--------- Original Message ---------
Subject: Fasting for Holiness,
From: "Terez Benedek"
Date: 3/8/18 1:35 am
To: "Elders"

Hi Dave & UBM,

I didn't intend to write to you about this since I know how busy you are there guys,and probably you have hundred of similar testimonies by now   but after reading Gordon's and especially Ken's testimony I decided to drop you a little note. I had a similar start of this fasting as brother Ken. When first received the personal mail I wasn't convinced frankly, but after receiving and listening to Wed. Bible Study I was VERY convinced. I remember I was walking down the street with a cup of coffee in my hand and when conviction came over me I immediately went to the first garbage bin and dropped the half full cup down. It was Thu. the 1th of March 1.30 pm down here in Australia when I started it. (This is the similarity with Ken's story). So I went on, for 7 day's till I finished the course today, the 8th.March, 1.30pm Praise  the Lord:).

 Even I was struggling with few serious issues (hey, but what is serious and difficult for our God!!?), He took me on this journey and pull me through and I will (actually He will) do it again in me. After resuming eating, I was still a bit weak and weary, and was thinking how it would be nice to receive dancing and celebrating part (which I don't do often since I am pretty much alone here regarding fellowshiping with other brothers and sisters), and I said to my self it would be nice to get hit by something like that, and as soon as I forgot about it, I found my self in a totally, different kind of mood and started jumping, singing and dancing to the Lord alone in my room, and I remember Brother David saying how you can dance and sing for the Lord alone in your room, Hallelujah, Praise Him Forever !!! Thank you Jesus !!!   

 So, that is all I wanted to share, thanks for being there for me Brethren, I love you and I rejoice with you in the Lord every day. The long distance doesn't mean anything any more to me, even I wish I will join you in person soon,very soon I believe, God's willing. Praise His Name Forever !!

Your brother in Christ,

Jay Nara.


On 3/25/18 1:11 PM, "Gordon Borneman"wrote:

Praise Report:  I went to the doctor recently and he verified that I lost 14-lbs over the last 4 weeks. 
That is amazing (!!) for me.   I prayed during the fast to not want food as much as I did before
And it appears to be happening.   Most all junk foods have lost their attraction (OK, the Girls
Scout Do-Si-Dos peanut butter cookies are still on the list, but that's a once a year sale).   
Ice cream has lost its lustre.    WOW!  Praise God I am headed back to a healthy weight!
God Bless You,

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