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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Father Kept the Ice Cream Cold

Jenn Reams - 04/22/2011

The other day, I went to the grocery store. We only needed utility items like cups, toilet paper, etc. But I spontaneously got some ice cream to make floats for the family. Problem was it was a hot day and I had to stop at the electronics store on the way out. So, I thought, "Well, I know exactly what we need here and, Lord, just help me to be quick so the ice cream doesn't melt."

Once inside, a young man immediately helped me get what we needed (it was a cooling pad for the computer). But it still took about 20 minutes to pick the right one (since they didn't have the one we picked online). During the process, the young man had revealed he lost his sense of smell when I apologized for being so sweaty.

As I was leaving, there was that gentle tugging to pray for him. In fact, the Lord had put a kindness for this fellow in me from the beginning. So, I turned around and asked him if I could pray for him and he said yes. After saying the short prayer, I realized they were shorthanded at the checkout line. It was long and the guy at the head of the line was taking forever. My thought was, "Lord, it's already been probably 30 minutes. Please keep the ice cream cold."

Admittedly, I was feeling a little antsy about this but then the Lord gave me faith and my thoughts became, "Surely, if the Lord put it in my heart to pray for another, He would preserve the ice cream because I was about my Father's business and He planned it in the first place."

Shortly after that, another clerk came to the front and it was probably 10-15 minutes later that the transaction was complete. When arriving at the car, I said, "Father I trust You that the ice cream is still frozen."

Once home, I was amazed to find that the ice cream was not leaking (it was one of those in a fold-flap carton). Usually when melted, these cartons leak. I turned it every which way to show Josh and our sister-in-Christ, Bridget, how it had not melted but the Lord preserved it.

It was two days later that I actually made the floats, but when the carton was opened I was surprised again! It was PERFECTLY PRESERVED! You how when you leave ice cream out to soften or it melts, the edges are discolored after it's refrozen? This ice cream had none of that! It was all the same color. Absolutely perfect! I showed Josh and he was impressed, too. We both just looked at each other in amazement at how far the Lord went to show He could preserve it. Keep in mind it was the only cold item, too.

If He would preserve a little thing like ice cream to bless His children, how much more would He preserve His children? And if we are about our Father's business because He put it in our hearts to pray for someone or take time for those in need, we can trust Him to watch over the littlest of things in our life.

Note: This was a $2.50 carton of ice cream but the Lord made us feel worth so much more by preserving it. :o)

Our God is so good; He is a tender and caring Father to His children. Nothing is too great or too small for Him! Thank You, Lord!

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