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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Father Stretched the Ink

Rachel Johnson - 01/28/2010

Greetings in the precious, sweet name of Jesus. I am so amazed how wonderful HE is! I just had to share Jehovah Jireh's awesome miracle HE did for me yesterday. I had a precious evening fellowshipping with Christ at work. Just enraptured with HIS tender mercy and care for me, and HE whispered to my heart, the pre-trib rapture is something that will happen in the hearts of all the saints. They will be absolutely "caught up" loving ME. (I was completely in tears of joy!)

Then the verse in Psalms came to me: "Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of HIS saints". The HOLY SPIRIT whispered, "It is precious to ME when MY people die to their lives, their carnal nature, their dreams, desires, goals, plans, world, self and Babylon and let me come to life in them". Wow!

Then, on the way home from work, the Spirit whispered to me that I was to print off a free book (500+ pages) online from Unleavened Bread Ministries called Hidden Manna for the End Times. I said, "Father, I only have one bar on my inkjet in my printer and no money to buy a new one". So I prayed and asked Father God, "If You could fill the widow's borrowed jars with oil from a tiny source, could you please fill my inkjet with ink?" I also said, "Father, if you want me to have this book, then print off all the pages I need and I will give all the glory to you".

So, I started to pray and worship and my printer started to print. It was 1:30 am. With tears, I watched as the first few pages printed. My printer stalled a bit, made extra noises and it started printing. I looked at page 13 and worshipped the LORD, tears welling up that HE could make my inkjet work. Then, I was so pleased that He was printing my pages, that I was cheering HIM on to do something really big, so I could give HIM ALL the glory. Prayer, tears and worship; these were my heart cries for the next three hours, as my little tiny bit of ink printed 130 perfect pages of the book and then another 30 pages of half-ink! Wow! I'm still in awe that FATHER did that for ME!

So, I have the first 160 pages of my book printed with heavenly ink! Hallelujah!

Be encouraged, dear ones. Father knows our needs and when HE whispers for us to do something, we must Trust and Obey and PRAY for a miracle and receive it and thank HIM. I am finding that Jesus really IS all I need! Glory to Our Holy, Awesome, Amazing Yahweh!

- His little lamb, preparing for the fires.

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