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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

God Heals Leaky Faucets

John Taylor

We moved into our home almost three years ago. Almost as soon as we moved in, the faucet in the master bathroom bathtub began to leak. Like most leaks, it began very light, with just an occasional drip. Well, this drip has turned into a steady flow with time and just recently I put a five gallon bucket under it, and it filled up in less than an hour. This was not a leak that could be lessened by turning the knob very tightly. I am a pretty strong guy and have often turned it as hard as I possibly could and it still let out a constant stream. Our water bills have almost doubled since we moved in. I tried taking the faucet apart from the outside and wasn't able to get to the inner workings of it and even tried accessing the apparatus from a hole in the wall on the other side, all to no avail. Well, the other day I prayed and asked the Lord to either give me the ability to fix it or to send someone to fix it for me. I think He worked a combination of both.

A few nights later, I called my wife into the bathroom and said, "Come here honey...put your hands on this faucet and we are going to pray for it to be healed". We did it. The next day, it was still dripping. At one point, I rebuked it for not obeying. A little while later, I decided to go over to it to try to tighten it down to lessen the water's escape. I noticed that I was able to turn it a little more than usual. It felt as if something inside was seating against a gasket when before it wasn't. Before, my attempts to tighten it were met with complete resistance. Within a few moments, the water had stopped flowing. I called my wife in to show her and she told me she had noticed it slow down earlier in the day. Praise the Lord.

This is the first time we have prayed for something other than flesh to be healed. Thank you Father. I'm looking forward to a water bill in the $30 range next month.

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