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The First-Fruits and Evangelism

Reuel Stewart

In a dream, I walked into a large room that resembled a large football stadium. It had a lot of bleachers and there were thousands of people in the bleachers. As I walked in, I realized that I could not leave the way I came in. As I looked around I noticed that in the center field of the stadium, there was about 15-20 people that had white shiny glowing robes on. Everyone in the bleachers were focused on them. They were talking, but I could not hear what they were saying. They had a look of perfect peace and understanding. One of the people was my little sister in law (she is sixteen now, and seemed to be about the same age). She had a harp or some sort of musical instrument and she was playing it. The next thing I noticed was my other in-laws in the bleachers looking at her all excited and saying "look there is Maria, she is glowing!"

(Editors Note: Maria is Mary in English. Mary was promised to bear the fruit of Jesus. {Luk.1:31} And behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS. Because she believed the Word it came to pass. {45} And blessed [is] she that believed; for there shall be a fulfillment of the things which have been spoken to her from the Lord. Mary represents these people who have come to manifest the fruit of Jesus. The first fruits, 144,000, man-child are the only ones who could learn the song with the harps (Rev.14:2,4). Only those who bear fruit are spiritually the mother of Jesus. {8:21} But he answered and said unto them, My mother and my brethren are these that hear the word of God, and do it.)

At this point I looked to my left and realized that everyone was funneling to the only exit of the stadium. I was curious as to where they were going. I walked around to the bleachers so that I could see the exit. Standing in front of the exit there was an Angel, and behind him were two paths. On the left side there was an escalator going down. I looked and saw that the escalator disappeared into a lake of fire. I also saw thousands of peoples heads sticking out of the lake of fire. They were all screaming in agony and were being burned alive. Then I looked to the right and I saw a door. The door was white and as it opened I saw there was a bright whiteness behind the door. I then focused on the long line of people standing in front of the Angel, they would only pause momentarily before being directed to the right or the left. Very few people were directed to the right. I was shocked at how many people were being told to go to the left. They had no choice and they could not fight it or protest they just would get on the escalator and disappear into the fire and then their screams would be heard. I then realized this was the end the judgment.

I began to reflect on my life, and wonder which way I would be told to go. I was watching this process for quite some time. As I was watching I saw my older brother was next in line. I was intently focused on what was happening at this point because it was my brother. As he stood in front of the Angel he was directed to the left, I yelled out his name to see if it was really him. He turned around, his face and clothes were all dirty. The expression on his face was a look of a very sad lost soul, who just realized it was the end. In a flash I appeared next in line. Everything around me paused, my life flashed before my eyes. It only took a moment. As I saw my life, I saw all the things that I had done in my life, good or bad if it was for myself it meant nothing and I was ashamed of it. I also saw all the things I had done for the Lord in my life, and it seemed like so little compared to the rest. A vision simultaneously appeared in my mind of the story of Esau and the morsel of meat. I clearly understood that all the things the world offered and the things I had done for myself, were just like the bowl of soup that Esau sold his birthright for. I was totally completely ashamed and even though I had grown up as a missionary's child and had known the Lord my whole life, I felt unworthy and expected to be directed to the left. The Angel then showed me that what seemed were the last moments of my life, my heart had loved the Lord and that this was grace. I was able to go to the right. As he said these words I was relieved, but then I remembered my brother who was on the escalator.

He was staring right at me, the Angel said something to me but I couldn't hear him because of the screaming coming from the fire. I turned my attention to the Angel, and I asked him what he said. He told me that I could chose someone to go with me. I immediately said "My Brother!" But the Angel said I could not chose him because he had already been judged and I had a chance to talk to him on earth. I was shown Ezekiel 33:8. My brother is not a bad person and I was shocked that he was on the left side. I felt horrible, I wanted another chance to witness to my brother to tell him to put the Lord first. I also began to realize all the other people I loved that I had not seen yet. Then the angel told me I could pick another person that had not been judged yet. I saw my twin brother Reuben. He died five years ago, then he went through the door with me.

As I walked through the door a brightness surrounded me in a large white greeting room, with white seats. Everything was pure bright white. It seemed like I was there for hours. Very few people were in the room. I was waiting and thinking about all that I could have done for the Lord that I did not do. Waiting was difficult. Finally three people came through the door. I rushed over to them, I knew them, I anxiously wanted to ask if they had seen anyone else and if the judgment was over, but before I got to them I woke up. As I woke up I felt the Lord was giving me a second chance to encourage people to seek Him first in their lives. I also clearly remember the shame of not telling them the truth.

I began to pray desperately and was asking the Lord what he wanted me to do, and if I was supposed to tell everyone, I wanted confirmation. Immediately I fell back asleep into a second dream. I was surrounded by brightness and what looked like snow, but it was not cold. I saw in the distance a heavenly city, with beautiful golden gates and large white pillars. I began to quicken my pace to get to the gates. As I approached the gates, the Devil jumped out from behind one of the pillars. I was wrestling with him for a long time to conquer him to try to get to the gates. The harder I tried the harder it was. I was getting tired. The verses came to my mind, ..the Devil walks about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour... I was praying. I began to seek the Lord, I realized that I could not conquer him and get to the gates on my own. I cried out to Jesus I said, "I need you, I cannot do this on my own".Then I saw who I thought was Jesus. It was like He was watching me the whole time. He came out from the gates. He destroyed the Devil and he said to me .. See you cannot do it, only through me. You must seek me and be yielded to me. I am the only way. I woke up. These dreams put the fear of God into my life. I know that I must really seek him to enter in, and nothing is more important. I hope that this can be an encouragement to you. I have read several testimonies of people who have had similar dreams and life after death experiences which have also been a confirmation to me.

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