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Fire Protection Dreams

Fire Suit Dream
By Linda Lamon

Years ago I had the following dream:

I dreamed that the world was on fire and we were going to a place of safety, a place of refuge. I entered this place and there I met a man. I fell deeply in love with this man and followed him everywhere he went. I would not let him out of my sight. Then he began to teach us. I learned from him everything. He taught us many, many things but I don't remember what he was teaching us in my dream. Then we began to don suits of fire-proof clothing and I asked what these suits were for.

I was told that these suits would allow us to go outside in the raging fires to find and rescue people that were still out there. I had for so long just basked in the love and serenity of the place that I had forgotten that a fire was raging outside in the world consuming everything.

Suddenly I was remembering people that I loved that were still out there and I became frantic about them. The man that I loved told me not to worry that we would rescue them. We put on the suits and followed the man out and began to drag the people that we could find into the safe place. Some ran screaming from us when they saw us. Some were barely alive but welcomed us and we carried them in every day. The work was grueling and back-breaking and very, very wearying. There were so many crying out in pain and fear that I wondered how we would ever rescue them all but we valiantly struggled to save as many as we could. We brought everyone in that we could find. Some hid and made it almost impossible to find them, some ran away, some seemed insane and refused to come with us but we continued to plead and beg them to come. I staggered under the burdens I carried but found strength every time I looked at the man I loved. The work went on. There were times He called us into the sanctuary and just told us to rest and drink and eat. We found refreshing strength and then we would don our suits and go back out into the raging fires and rescue the dying and screaming souls.

Once out in the fires I lost sight of the man and fear overwhelmed me and I cried out in anguish. I searched and could not find him then suddenly he was right beside me, encouraging and comforting me and my heart steadied and I wept for joy. Then he took me home to rest and I awoke.

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