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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

The Lord Is Coming in His First-Fruits

Teddy Lishan Desta - 06/22/2005

You shall rise up in My Name, you shall stand in My very Glory. In the majesty of the Name of your God, you shall shepherd My flock (Micah 5: 4-5). For the sake of My Name, which I have bestowed on you, and for the Divine strength I have put in you, the obedience of the nations shall be yours, and all the nations of the earth shall bring their homage to you. All the nations shall be blessed through you (Genesis 49:10; Psalm 72:11). For your God has anointed and glorified you, you shall be made princes and leaders to the nations; and a people who knew not you shall follow you (Isaiah 55: 4; 32: 1).

You have eaten from the hidden manna; you have received the white stone. You have passed through the deep waters of afflictions and you have overcome your trials. Therefore, I have given you access to My presence; I have made you My cherished heritage. You have been made a royal vessel, a chosen seed to carry My Name. Arise now and display the white stone and manifest the Name written on it (Revelation 2:17). Arise and proclaim the hidden manna, I have fed you all these years. What you have heard in secret, now you should proclaim in the public; what you have been told in the ears, now you have to shout it from the roof tops (Matthew 10:27).

I have made you the express image of My Son, and the manifestation of His invisible power (Hebrew 1:3; Revelation 3:12). You shall soon leave My hiding place, and you will carry His Name before the nations. And those who not bow down to this Name, they shall fall and never rise again (Psalm 45: 5-7). This is the day your Lord has chosen to magnify His Holy Name above all names.

I have shaped you all these years in the furnace of affliction. You have languished under a heavy burden; and endured the rod of My chastisement. I have intended you to be a caring leader, so I have chosen you by fire (Isaiah 49: 11). But look, I shall come to you to open your grave and to release you from your dungeon. I shall come to you to shake off your dust and to change your humble state. When I exert My resurrection power on your behalf and raise you from the dead and sit you on a throne in the highest place of this world, then you shall be like one who dreams. I shall place you above all dominion, principalities and powers, and all those who will see this will acknowledge that I have exerted the exceeding power of My strength on your behalf.

I have anointed you for My grand purpose. You are the chosen instrument to bring to end the groaning and sighing of creation (Roman 8: 19). You shall gather the little ones in your nurturing arms, and they will thrive under your protective care. The poor and the needy shall get solace under your guidance; and you shall destroy their destroyer and make the earth to rest in peace. You shall be the spring shower on the dry land. The lives which have been blighted by sin shall be healed and restored. The weak and the oppressed shall have their lives revived under your sight. You shall raise the dead and restore the deceased. You will be made the dew of light, which shall make the earth to sprout her dead back to life. The rubbles of generations you shall rebuild.

But you shall burn also like a fire (Malachi 3: 1-2). Your blaze shall sweep the world; it shall devour all that causes offense. You shall serve Me as the gatekeepers of My Kingdom lest the uncircumcised of heart enter My Kingdom and defile My sanctuary. Your all-seeing eyes shall keep out the wicked, the arrogant and the pervert from My holy city.

To understand all these, look what I did in the life of Moses when I took him from the vocation of a shepherd to make him a leader of My people; study what I did for Joseph when I led him out of the recesses of the dark dungeon to sit him next to the king, and discern My mighty deeds how I glorified Mordecai lifting him up from his humble state to make him a viceroy of the Persian Empire. My people, all these are types of your end-time destiny; it shall be so with you in these last days. I have promised that the overcomer shall inherit My Name and sit with Me on My Divine Throne. He shall be My son and I shall be his father; and He shall rule the nations with the rod of iron (Revelation 2: 26-27, 3: 21-22). Get ready, your day of visitation hastens to its fulfillment.

Jesus Will Soon Bring Us to the Father
Amos Scaggs vision - 03/01/2006

I was on the side of a mountain with another person who I knew to be one of the sons of the prophets. I was tending a solid white lamb that had an ever smooth slick coat of wool. I was holding a white rope that was attached to the lamb's neck while it was grazing.. All of a sudden the lamb started to move around the side of the mountain and then went straight up towards the top. The son of the prophets did not go with me. As I gave the lamb more rope it started running full speed higher and higher. I was so amazed that I could keep up with the Lamb running like that. I never let go of the white rope that was around the lamb's neck.

When the lamb broke into the full gallop is when it sensed its owner and master. At the top of the mountain was an old white-haired man with a white beard who was slowly descending the mountain to meet the lamb. But it seemed that the old man had not moved more than 5ft from the top of the mountain until the lamb had reached him. The old man caressed the lamb and I was still holding on to the white rope that was around the lamb's neck.

Jesus, the lamb, through the Holy Spirit, the rope, will very quickly cause us to ascend the mountain of the Kingdom to our Father. I believe this is soon to happen. The son of the prophets failed to receive the anointing that I did. In 2 Kings 2:15 -18 the sons of the prophets didn't believe that Elijah had been taken into the presence of God but thought he was still on earth and so were not included in the gathering. They represented those who were trained by the school of the prophets and as such the Church System.

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