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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Five Major Cities Nuked

Richard Swanson
Author of the book Spare Your People

In 1971, I saw, in a dream, limited nuclear war in America. I beheld two or three short successive orange-colored flashes of light off in the distance towards the north. These flashes, which produced a strobe-light effect, literally lit up the nighttime sky. As they occurred I could briefly see the outline of some mountains from beyond which the flashes came. The next morning - in the dream - as I was walking through a field of swamp grass, I heard a news report over a transistor radio which was attached to a corner pole of a lean-to. The news report said: "Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, Denver and San Francisco have been struck by thermonuclear warheads". By the time the broadcast said "Denver" I was in the Spirit. I was standing beside Jesus. I then realized it was Jesus Who was giving the news report, and what I was hearing over the transistor radio was the Word of God. As He spoke, His words could be heard throughout eternity. As Jesus said "Denver," He pointed there, and as He did the Holy Spirit showed me, though it was not quite dawn, exactly where Denver was. It was still night in San Francisco, yet the Holy Spirit showed me where that city was too. I then looked back toward the East Coast. The sun had already risen there and through some cirrocumulus clouds, I could see the Florida area. I suddenly realized I was up in the heavens looking down. I also knew that during this limited nuclear attack I would be in Florida, very close to the Alabama border. Several years later I discovered that this part of Florida is indeed swampland, just as in the dream.

Attacks on Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago
Sultana - 09/17/2007

The year before 9/11, I dreamed of 4 explosions. I told my husband that the World Trade Center was blown up and I saw an explosion on the ground, then I saw the Pentagon explode.

Dreams of Washington D.C.

In May 2004, I was given a dream of Washington D.C. What I saw was terrifying. While looking at the top view of D.C., the Lord said, "Look," and as I looked the whole city began to shake and if fell flat.

In the fall of 2004, I dreamed of D.C. again. This time I saw bodies piled everywhere and trucks were driving by checking IDs. They were throwing the bodies on trucks like bails of hay. I also saw in Fairfax, people staying in their homes unless given permission by the authorities to leave. I saw tanks driving in the city streets with the military everywhere and we were making food for them and giving them drinks.

In 2002 my brother dreamed about large caterpillars. They were laying dead all around and someone cut them open. Inside these creatures were metro buses with people in them. God told me the interpretation of this dream. The caterpillars are the metro rail system.

In July 2005, I dreamed that bombs went off in the metro stations. They looked about 3 or 4 feet long and 8 inches high, and packed in something like PVC pipe plumbers use. When it exploded, the blast was minimal, but this yellowish smoke came out the tunnels. As soon as it was breathed in, the lungs began to bubble, blister and bleed. (It was like I could see inside of someone's lungs). People were painfully dying everywhere. I saw these bombs go off in various stations: 1. Metro Center; 2. Pentagon; and 3. Smithsonian. There were explosions in the north side of the Capital area, as well as the White House area outside the gate. In another part of this dream, Metro had put up those scanning booths to check bags before you could enter. This security measure would minimize the terrorism if metro chose to use this system.

Aug. 4th I dreamed we (the National Prayer Chapel) were in the Hilton Memorial Chapel at a Prayer weekend. I knew it was not yet our church building, but I saw our people there with other churches involved. I'm not sure which church fellowships they were. I saw Euginie as she was taking in the beauty of the building. I saw the Luthers, Carols, my family and everybody. Then I temporarily left the prayer meeting and saw the top view of all the bridges leading into Washington D.C. and they exploded. I could see down into the water; it was awful. Cars fell in the water and people were burned. At the same time, I saw the metro system explode with bombs with yellowish gasses. Then I saw a bomb go off at the base of the WASHINGTON monument and it broke and fell over on its side. Then I was back at the meeting when I heard, "May I have your attention please! Please remain calm. WASHINGTON has just been attacked". Then I saw people start to panic and our church members went into prayer mode, getting hold of those who were panicking... Then I saw the police tell people to get into their houses or hotels. They wanted the streets clear. No one was allowed to go outside or they could be killed. Then I woke up.

On Aug. 5th, I dreamed that we were in the Hilton Memorial but this time I saw Pastor David Wilkerson and he was praying over Pastor Ray Greenly. He was praying, "Lord I commission Pastor Greenly over this region. Lord give him a great anointing for your harvest field." Then an announcement came over the speakers, "May I have your attention please. WASHINGTON D.C. has just been attacked".Then I woke up.

Dream of New York & Chicago

I dreamed a second time and I saw New York City bridges blown up and the metro system. I thought I saw the Statue of Liberty fall over, too. I also saw the bridges to Chicago hit and their transportation system, as well. Chicago was not attacked at the same time D.C. was. It was slightly delayed.

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