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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

N-S-E-W Winds Destroy Florida

Delta Vines' vision - 5/01/05

I found myself standing on a sandy beach. This beach was a large beach, unusual in its width. It was as if the ocean were being pulled back, decreasing in size and leaving more land as a result. This had not happened suddenly. This was a gradual, ongoing recession of the water from the land over time.

While I was on the beach, the wind began blowing. This wind was large and building in intensity. As it grew it was joined by another wind, becoming stronger, coming from the east. Yet another wind joined it from the north, increasing it even more in size and strength. From the south another wind joined in, adding to it more. This wind was just off the beach, as if waiting. Then it began to move against the land, forcefully. Although this was occurring on a beach, there was no water or rain in this huge wind!!!

As this wind was blowing and blowing, it caused the dry land to increase. This dry land replaced large areas of land where grass and trees had been growing. As the wind increased, it was as if all I could see was a blur. Then, it moved, and left.

I saw the aftermath of the action of the wind. There was a great deal of destruction. People were crying out in fear, pain, and terror. There was loss of life of people and animals. Buildings and homes were destroyed. Fields and forests were destroyed.

Suddenly it was as if I was looking down on the land from just above the earth. The destruction was very widespread - for what seemed like hundreds of miles! This went beyond the beach to areas of land that had just before been rich in vegetation, plant life, wild life. Crops were totally destroyed. The impact of this wind was immense. No food was available. Rivers that had been sources of water were dammed up with debris; or blown dry. Because trees had been destroyed, lumber to build simple shelter was hard to find. The result of this wind was famine and disease.

Before this occurrence, many "great nations" had been struggling to survive. There were no "great nations" left to ask for help, or assistance.

I asked the Lord where this beach was. I heard simply "Florida."

When I shared this vision with a friend, they said I was the second person who saw winds coming against Florida. The other person specifically recognized the place the winds blew against as Ft. Lauderdale.

Immediately, out of my spirit came the words, "You know this will happen when the Roadmap Plan comes about, don't you?"

This is grievous to me. What I saw resulted in destruction beyond Ft. Lauderdale, and even the state of Florida. These winds did not gather just because of a happenchance. They were sent, from different directions, to join together as a mighty force. Again, there was no rain. This is not a major hurricane I am speaking of witnessing.

As I have prayed for an answer as to "why?", I began to cry. I had to repent! The Lord is jealous for us. We are people divided, in the U.S., in whom we serve. Our hearts are toward Him, and toward our pride. We are prideful in that which we have; and selfish in not sharing that which is most precious to us. He reminded me of Rachel hiding the family statues of gods from Laban's house under her as she rode to Jacob's home. That is how we are. We hide our gods of relying on other things, instead of G-d, because we don't trust G-d to provide us completely with what we need! We declare we are special to G-d because we are American Christians. Therefore, we do not need to worry about persecution. In the meantime, we judge those less blessed than we are. We judge others in our community, in our families, and even in our churches.

We declare our actions as a country to be righteous. We declare our prayers to be holy. This is pride. We will even go against G-d if we can convince ourselves that our actions will have a good result.

We must repent anew. Father G-d is waiting with loving arms to embrace us, and conviction to take us into His liberty. The liberty that puts others first. The liberty that leaves the role of G-d in His hands. The one that will not judge those less fortunate, but help. Not because of what man will see. We will do it because no man sees it. We want our heavenly Father to be pleased with us.

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