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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Forced Swine Flu Vaccinations?

Bill and Patti Rowe - 10/11/2009
(David's notes in red)

The following was sent to me today from a dear friend and brother in the Lord named Kenny. He used to rent our other house. He has since moved to Oklahoma City, where he has a street and prison ministry. We know the man he mentions (Danny). See how the police are making the homeless get the swine flu vaccinations:


We were in bed last night. We got a phone call from detox that said, "We have a man here named Danny and he wants you to come pick him up". He was a homeless man we brought in our home because he wanted to serve the Lord and get his life together. He was with us four months and fell away and went back to drinking and living under the bridge. So we got out of bed and went and got him. He wasn't feeling well so we brought him to our home and gave him a shower, washed his laundry and let him sleep on the couch. He was coughing some through the night.

We woke this morning and asked him if he wanted a bowl of cereal and toast. He said yes. As he sat at the table, we began to ask him why the police took him to detox. He said five homeless people were sitting up against the wall at Buy for Less grocery store. The police drove up and asked them what they were doing. They saw one of the guys had a bottle. So they called for backup. Danny said they loaded them up and said they were taking them to detox. Instead of taking them to detox, they took them to OU Medical Center. Danny asked, "Why are you taking us here?" They said, "So you can get checked".They took each one of them to a room and made them take a shot. He asked, "Why do we have to take a shot?" They said, "It isn't anything bad". (Deception; they refused to tell them what it was so they would not be liable.) Three out of the five got sick and Danny vomited and felt like he was dying. (The symptoms of the swine flu shot that many receive.) He said the other two didn't seem to be affected by it. I don't know exactly what the shot was but I know they had no rights in the matter. But they were drunk and couldn't do much about it if they wanted to. He said he is feeling better this morning. The homeless rate is growing monthly. I trust the Lord will bring those out who are His. We are living in the days where many people are not going to have a choice but to trust in the Lord.

What would happen to those in hospitals who get shots every day when they don't know what they are getting?

Another note of interest: Kenny and Danny went to the hospital yesterday and asked what kind of injection it was that Danny and the other homeless people were given. The person at the desk insisted they had no record of them ever being there! Danny said they gave him and one woman an IV, besides the injection. He still has the needle mark and bruises where the IV was inserted. He did say they were taken through a different door, not a main entrance. Kenny has no doubt about what happened.

Forced Swine Flu Shots on Children

Deputies Hold Boy Who Fled Flu Shot
Student refused; was held down for vaccination
By Shelley Hanson Staff Writer POSTED: November 11, 2009

WHEELING - It took the strength of two sheriff's deputies to keep a middle schooler still enough to receive a shot of the swine flu, or H1N1, vaccine at a recent clinic.

During a regular Wheeling-Ohio County Health Board meeting Tuesday, health department Administrator Howard Gamble told board members about the student's attempt to flee Wheeling Middle School during a vaccination clinic held there last Friday.

He noted the boy's mother could not bear to watch the scene and left the gymnasium. Out of apparent fear of receiving the injection, the student ran out of the building. The school's resource officer, Ohio County Sheriff's Deputy John Haglock, coaxed the boy back inside. Once at the shot station, however, Haglock apparently needed some help keeping the boy still, and another deputy assisted.

"He tried to run. I looked over and saw two sheriff's deputies holding a kid down", Gamble said. "Mom took off, she couldn't take it. You had one nurse with the needle, two deputies holding him, one nurse is grabbing hands - because that's what they want to do, to go after the needle. And that's the last thing you want."

Gamble said as soon as the nurse gave the boy his injection and told him he was done, he hopped up like nothing had happened.

"For the most part they go very easy. As far as the shots, every once in awhile you have to hold down one or two - but that's why mom is there or dad is there", Gamble said.

He added after the meeting that Friday's incident was the only time Ohio County deputies have held a student during a shot.

"They're mostly there for parking and directions. They also know the kids. ...They were our first line of contact when setting up the clinics", Gamble said.

Neither Sheriff Pat Butler nor Haglock could be reached for comment. A sheriff's department official said Haglock is on vacation for the next two weeks.

During a clinic Tuesday at Bridge Street Middle School, similar scenes took place - though not quite as dramatic and not involving officers of the law. A couple sets of parents could be seen keeping their children from wiggling away while a nurse quickly administered the vaccine.

Ten-year-old Austin Price, the son of Jennifer and Josh Price, decided to take the shot standing up and with no assistance from his mom or dad. He even smiled for a photograph.

And on a scale of 1-10, how painful was the shot?

A "4", he answered.

By 7:30 p.m., 391 students from Bridge Street and Elm Grove and Middle Creek elementary schools had been vaccinated. Gamble expected that by the clinic's end at 8 p.m., more than 400 would have received the inoculation.

The final two student clinics in Ohio County are:

  • For students of Warwood Middle School, Corpus Christi, Warwood and West Liberty Elementary schools from 3:30-8 p.m. Thursday at Warwood Middle School Gym.

  • For students of Wheeling Park High School from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at WPHS Activities Center.

Tuesday's health board meeting was held in the county commission board room - located on the second floor of the City-County Building - due to the health department's board room being used for storage.

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