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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

First-Fruits Train and Send the Witnesses

Amos Scaggs - 12/17/2005
(David's notes in red)

I received a vision from the Lord showing two stages of His work in and through His last days disciples.

The first stage was these modern disciples were being gathered, including myself. Preparations had been made by the Lord well in advance. We were adequately taken care of and our needs met without asking. We gathered together in fields, feasting and listening to JESUS while he taught us his ways. (This is a repetition of history. Jesus, manifested in the first-fruits/man-child, will teach and protect the disciples for the first three and one half years of the tribulation just as it was in the Gospels. They will be trained to be his witnesses and signs and wonders will follow their teaching just as it was with the first disciples.)

We were going through different parts of the world but seemed to be in the same field. We were also given protection well in advance. We were being given monetary things from Christians that believed in and were sympathetic to our cause but stayed in their prosperous communities. They were good people and kind to us. When we left this first teaching stage they even came to see us off on our journey. (These brethren were not called to be among the man-child or witnesses, who are God's apostles to raise up the end-time Church but they are called to support these ministers. Just as the witnesses were hand picked by Jesus in the Gospels, so it will be this time.)

The second stage was that we were gathered into groups of two's and three's and being sent out into the world. Some would never return to see their families ever again. We were being sent in different groups and then being dispersed. One had the same spirit and anointing as John. Another had the same spirit and anointing as Peter. Another had the same spirit and anointing of James and so forth. (The two witnesses who have the spirits of Moses and Elijah also have the spirits of the Apostles. As Jesus sent out the corporate two witnesses two by two in the Gospels and then in the Book of Acts, so in our day will the man-child send out the corporate two witnesses. They will give their life to raise up the Church and the true five-fold ministries according to type.)

I also saw two rich people that were in government power. These were two older friends that partially raised me when I was younger and have been dead for 30-40 plus yrs. He was the Lt. Governor of Ohio and his wife. I was finishing up some meaningless work that I was doing for them so I could leave in a rush. She said, I will have a baby by another means if you won't help me. He said, "It will have to be by other means because I can't help you". She said, I think I'll have one by a Cherokee. (The woman here is a remnant of the apostate Church, which will realize that it could not bring forth the fruit of Christ through their patriotic, allegiance to their husband, the beast government, so it will be done by "other means". The Cherokee represent the witnesses who, like them will hold tenaciously to the roots of their forefathers, the apostles and Christ himself. The Cherokee are an oppressed minority who live in camps separate from the world representing these coming witnesses of primitive Christianity. These will rise up and sow the seed of their forefathers into the apostate Church to bring forth the fruit of Jesus in them. These are a weak people in themselves who lost their land to the American beast but have held to the "Great Spirit" whose power will bring the true Church back to her roots.)

I thought the Cherokee child would be born mature as Adam was. (God will do a very quick work in His people. {Rom.9:28} for the Lord will execute [his] word upon the earth, finishing it and cutting it short.)

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