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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Coming Blowout of the Well Reservoir

Anonymous - 05/30/2010
(David's notes in red)

May 30, 2010 at 11:00 PM, as I went to bed and just before I fell asleep, a clear voice told me that later that night I would be awakened by a loud lightning strike. I saw the weather on the local news and it showed a cold front passing through our area creating thunderstorms and rain, so I didn't question or had to think about the loud lightning strike. The voice went on to say, "The dream-vision you would have just received as this lightning strike occurs and awakens you will become reality". I took this as certain to happen. I have received ever so many dreams and visions that were exact details of future events throughout my life that I take it as a given when I receive one; that it is normal for me to receive them. However, I must stress that this was the first time "ever" that I was given advance warning or notice that I was about to receive one. That stood out most of all. I fell asleep with just what I had been given to hear and the thought, once again, that this was the first time I had ever received advance notice so as to pay close attention. At 2:00 AM, then May 31st, I was awakened by the loud lightning strike that I was expecting. The vision I had just received is as follows:

It was as though I was watching a TV post event news wrap-up being narrated in a man's voice. The view I had was of the Gulf Coast looking south, below New Orleans. All was very dark, as in shades of dark reddish-brown to black -- the sea at first, then a clear picture in the very same colors of the sea floor beneath. The voice stated, "It is now clear that what we were told from the very beginning about the Gulf well disaster was not all there was to know. There was more than a well blowout, as we were first led to believe. It is now very clear that not only the well but the reservoir the well was drilling into also blown out. The initial problem was not just a leaking damaged well, but the reservoir being fractured and leaking crude oil and natural gas, as well. This particular reservoir was extremely large in size, containing an untold number of barrels of crude oil and natural gas. All was contained safely beneath the sediment cap that covered this reservoir, as long as the pressure upon this cap was equal within and upon this reservoir. Due to the well being drilled into this reservoir exploding and blowing out, the sediment cap was also damaged, as in fractured. The combination of both the well and the damaged sediment cap leaking crude oil and natural gas has caused further damage to the sediment cap of this reservoir, weakening it to the point of causing this reservoir to burst open and releasing its contents into the Gulf waters". (The view was initially from above the surface of the water; it was now of the sea floor where a massive canyon could now be seen. This massive canyon was what once was this reservoir of crude oil and natural gas, now open to see the size of it as the sediment cap had been removed. It is far larger than the Grand Canyon in area, once again all seen in dark reddish brown to black.) The narrator's voice when on to say, "The only way to save the Gulf now would be to seal it off and drain it of this toxic mix". End of vision and narration.

My first thoughts: This is not an event that marks the beginning of the time of testing and trials known as the tribulation. This is just another surprise of a manmade disaster, the likes of the first A-bomb and Chernobyl. This is something one and all are just going to have to learn how to live with. The solution to the problem the narrator had given was not going to happen as well, though the disaster is certain to happen. What I just viewed was the end result. Just how this reservoir ruptures, explosive-like or slow motion collapse, I don't know. All I know is what I was given to see: a reddish-brown to black toxic mix now filling the Gulf region. From initial reports on this particular reservoir, it is believed to be 25,000 square miles in size. The Grand Canyon is less than 2000 square miles in area, which I have only seen parts of. What I was given to see was indeed a very massive canyon all across the sea floor of the Gulf, knowing the depth of the water to be one mile in the Gulf where this drilling disaster has now occurred. This sea floor canyon that is yet to be revealed is as deep as that, if not even deeper.

I had made past requests to God not to show me all the horrific details in regard to the loss of life when sending me visions of coming reality. It was most plain to me that God had honored my personal request in this matter. I sense a great loss of life is to be expected, as this will be a surprise, as the truth is not out there for one and all to prepare for this to happen, especially along the Gulf coast.

Peace and love always, in Christ Jesus I pray.

Everything said here about the collapse of the reservoir seems to describe the results of the gas and oil being completely released, possibly as it is gradually releasing now or a resulting explosion and tsunami, as dreams have described here. Does this need a trigger? I don't think so. The pressure itself is in the process of creating the fissures in the sea floor and will ultimately burst out of the sea, exploding and causing a tsunami to hit the coasts.

The night before receiving this revelation by email, I said on our broadcast that I hoped they would not be forced by public opinion into the nuclear option to seal the well, which every other option has failed to do. I mentioned that the Russians have had success in doing this but in much shallower depths than a mile below the surface. From what I remember, the time they failed they were using about a five-kiloton nuclear bomb, which proved to be insufficient. When they used a 35-kiloton there was success. Although relatively unknowledgeable about these things, I postulated that a mile of water is extremely heavy and would certainly not compress. The force of a bomb at that depth would certainly go downward much more. Since they always drill where the oil is closest to the surface, they were probably drilling into a dome, which could possibly be cracked by the force of a nuke or by the escaping pressure and volume of gas and oil. This would make the problem much worse and totally unfixable from then on. This would be to the destruction of the world's waters and economy. I pray we are all wrong about this but God is showing His wrath toward sin, even in man's ignorance. I believe the dreams and visions of the saints have shown there will ultimately be an evacuation of the Gulf coast, which seems to show there will be no near fix, also. This might come due to the New Madrid quakes splitting Biloxi dome or vice versa.

Also read Crude Economic Tsunami, Heed the Warning or Become Captives and Tsunami of Judgment.

Beginning of the Fall of America?
David Eells - 06/04/2010

In A.A. Allen's first vision of judgment on America, the Statue of Liberty was smitten with God's sword in the Gulf of Mexico, of all places! What's it doing there? Could this oil that is covering the Gulf more and more every day be that sword? It is certainly destroying the liberty of millions through physical and economic catastrophe, soon to come martial law and evacuations with a nation of refugees. You will notice that the sword was a threat to the whole world, also. This oil will continue to travel the Gulf Stream to the world as it changes the weather and kills the sea creatures.

Wikipedia: The Gulf Stream, together with its northern extension towards Europe, the North Atlantic Drift, is a powerful, warm, and swift Atlantic ocean current that originates in the Gulf of Mexico, exits through the Strait of Florida, and follows the eastern coastlines of the United States and Newfoundland before crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The process of western intensification causes the Gulf Stream to be a northward accelerating current offshore the east coast of North America. At about 40°0'N 30°0'W, it splits in two, with the northern stream crossing to northern Europe and the southern stream recirculating off West Africa. The Gulf Stream influences the climate of the east coast of North America from Florida to Newfoundland, and the west coast of Europe.

Here is a portion of Allen's vision:

And instead of the Statue of Liberty standing there in the bay on her small island, I saw her standing far out in the Gulf of Mexico. She was between me and the United States ...

And as l looked, suddenly from the sky I saw a giant hand reach down... toward the Statue of Liberty. In a moment, her gleaming torch was torn from her hand and in it instead was placed a cup. And I saw protruding from that great cup, a giant sword, shining as if a great light had been turned upon its glistening edge. ... lt seemed to threaten all the world. ... I heard these words: "Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Drink ye and be drunken, spew and fall, and rise no more, because of the sword which I will send "...

I was amazed to hear the Statue of Liberty speak out in reply, "I WILL NOT DRINK!" Then, as the voice of the thunder, I heard again the voice of the Lord, saying, "Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, YE SHALL CERTAINLY DRINK". (Jeremiah 25:28) Then, suddenly, the giant hand forced the cup to the lips of the Statue of Liberty and she became powerless to defend herself. The mighty hand of God forced her to drink every drop from the cup. ... When the cup was withdrawn from the lips of the Statue of Liberty, I noticed the sword was missing from the cup, which could mean but one thing: THE CONTENTS OF THE CUP HAD BEEN COMPLETELY CONSUMED! I knew that the sword merely typified war, death and destruction, which is no doubt on the way.

Then, as one drunken on too much wine, I saw the Statue of Liberty become unsteady on her feet and begin to stagger ... I saw her splashing in the Gulf, trying to regain her balance. I saw her stagger again and again, and fall to her knees. As I saw her desperate attempts to regain her balance and rise to her feet again, my heart was moved as never before with compassion for her struggles. But as she staggered there in the Gulf, once again I heard these words: "Ye shall drink and be drunken, and spew, and fall, and rise no more because of the sword that I shall send among you". As I watched, I wondered if the Statue of Liberty would ever be able to regain her feet, if she would ever stand again. And as I watched, it seemed that with all her power she struggled to rise and finally staggered to her feet again, and stood there swaying drunkenly. I felt sure that at any moment she would fall again, possibly never to rise. I seemed overwhelmed with a desire to reach out my hand to keep her head above water, for I knew that if she ever fell again she would drown there in the Gulf.

This vision left the Statue of Liberty staggering and weak. This reminds me of Sarah Taylor's dream of people around the Gulf dying from DRINKING the water. From here, A.A. Allen went on to relate three more tragic attacks on America: one biological, one nuclear and an invasion. By that time, the Lord will have gotten all who are His and the day of the Lord's wrath will be in full force.

Gulf and Coast Will Not Be Restored
Karen Damron - 06/15/2010

In May of 2009 I was visiting my home town on the Gulf coast, in Pensacola, Florida, specifically Perdido Key/Orange Beach. The Holy Spirit had been on me for some time, and showing me many things before and after that visit. On my fifth day there, which was the day I was to leave, I was walking on the beach with my high school friend who is affiliated with the federal government in exceedingly high places and was/is(?) not a Christian. As I was looking out over the waters of the Gulf, a "knowing" came over me. I looked around at the water, the beach -- a sight that was always so special and important to me. My friend could see there was something on my mind and asked me, "What are you thinking?" I told my friend, "The Lord is showing me that I will never be here again, that 'this' (pointing to the Gulf and the beach) will never be the same again". My friend immediately responded, with all sincerity, "You may be right". Nothing more was said.

Note from David: It will never be the same; even when Jesus returns and restores Earth it will be different.

We normally discount these kinds of articles but, in this case, toxic dew and rain are already happening because open water is being darkened inland: Toxic Oil Spill Rains Warned Could Destroy North America

Also read Developments in the Gulf Disaster.

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