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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Gasoline Miracles Are Here

Leisa Miller - 05/26/2007

I'd like to share a testimony with you, but first I'd like say this: Since we began to walk after truth and righteousness, the Lord has been faithful every time, no matter how long or how short of a time we have to wait. We have many testimonies here, as I know that all who follow after Him do. I find myself often looking to the Miraculous Testimonies page on your site for new testimonies. They are so encouraging to me, and breath-taking. I read them to my kids all the time. They are good tools to young ones who can't quite grip the truth of the Bible versus the lies of the flesh all of the time.

Anyway, I was looking and I noticed that the testimony site was not as full as I know it could and should be, so I was moved by the Lord to type out this testimony with this message to encourage all the brothers and sisters to type our their testimonies and share them with us. I have found it to be a very important tool in establishing the firm truth of our Lord, because we all long to see, we all have our faith tried, we all see what He is doing, but we don't always see it near us when our faith is being tried. I bless God for His workings in us that He might knit us together with love, faith, hope, and examples, which is our book of Acts, our testimonies. So here are two testimonies to add to our book.

One day I was on my way to my mom's house, to fellowship with brethren who were an hour away from where I lived. I left the house and I noticed that my tank was empty enough for the light to come on. I did not give it much thought till I was coming up to a gas station. I looked in my wallet to see how much money I had. Not even one dollar. My kids were saying that they were hungry. They had between them seven dollars of their own money. I didn't tell them that the car was crying for gas. I just kept on going till we came to a McDonald's and drove them around to the drive-thru and let them get some food to eat. So the food was bought and they had about one dollar left. I pulled out and drove some more. I had never really paid attention before to how few gas stations there are on the way to my mom's house, but on this day I noticed. I figured that I would find one before I got to the expressway which is about halfway there. Well, just before the expressway I had gotten to talking to the kids and not paying much attention. Then out the right window of the car I saw that we had just driven past a gas station. I say to the Lord, "Lord, well, if you want me to put some gas in my car then I know that there will be another gas station before I get to the highway". Now my kids heard me talking this over with the Lord and they began to watch for this station to come. Then we were at the highway. Not even slowing down to reconsider, I merged right onto the highway with these words: "Ok, Lord, no gas for my car. You will be the one filling it on the way. I'm just going to trust in You". So we went.

My son said to me, "Mom! What if we run out of gas? What are we going to do?" I told him, "Don't worry, we're not going to run out. If the Lord thought that I needed gas in the car, He would have put a gas station just before the highway". So we started on. I noticed that I kept looking at the gas gauge. It was now way, way, way below the "E". I keep telling myself, Nope, that's ok, doesn't matter what it looks like. Just don't even look over there. Well, my eyes were pretty well trained to just look, so I took a piece of paper and stuck it over the gauge, depriving my eyes of looking. Then when my eyes could not get their fix, my mind would be wandering to what would happen if we ran our here or there.

As I was driving I would come to each next exit and I would see the name of the road that we were about to pass. The name of each road we would pass would somehow remind me of how come God would not let us run out here or there. For example, one road's name was "Wilder". I realized that God would never let me run out of gas on a road that was named "Wilder" because He doesn't want me to be wild. I know that it sounds funny, but it worked for me, because I desired to just believe Him, but my flesh was working against me. So I filled up my mind with the Spirit of things and kept driving.

Now, in between the streets I would keep my mind on where I was going. Once off the expressway I would be heading to the right toward the intersection of Center Road and Davison Road. I kept thinking to myself, that is where the Lord wants me go, right there, on the road that takes me right down the center, not to the left, not to the right. And right on the road that is the road that the son of David took". Now, I know that the road's name is Davison and not Davidson, but while I was thinking of these things I did not realize that. After the whole trip to the end of the expressway drive, I talked with the Lord again.

"O, Lord, if you intend to get me there as I have had faith for, and if I need only to just rest in confidence, I pray that you would part the clouds and let the sun shine right brightly into our car". Well, it was overcast that day and just as I pulled off the expressway the sun, just within seconds of my prayer, burst into our car. It was lit up. I was singing. I felt every part of myself just relax, carefree. I turned the corner and confidently continued to drive till I saw those two roads. I pulled into the gas station and parked. I just sat there. My daughter Anna was excited. She said to me, "What are we doing here? If he got us this far why don't we just keep going?" Her faith leapt inside of me even more on top of all that the Lord had put in there. I said, "All right, let's go". I started to pull out and my son got on me. He said, "What are you doing? We are going to run out of gas!" I said, "No we're not. We don't need gas". He said, "Mom, we have to get gas". I said to him, "Tell ya what, you go in and pay for it and I'll stay for you to put it in". He said, "I don't want to pay for it, it's not my car". I said, "Ok then, we are going". He said, "I don't want to be pushing this car if it runs out". I said to him, "Don't worry, it won't run out". So we drove to my mom's and parked and went in.

I told them all what happened. I was pleased with God's ways. That night we left and went home. I stopped at a gas station now for the weakness of my dad who asked me to get some gas. So I did. I put $10 in my little car. It filled it to almost half full. The next day I wanted to tell my husband so badly. I felt in me that he might not want to hear it, but it was busting out of me, so I told him. He was baffled and annoyed. And then he said to me, "That's just fine, but now I expect that you keep the tank half-full at all times".

Now you might think that I would be tempted to have conflict about this, but I knew that God could work anywhere and wanted to see if I would work with Him, so I cheerfully said ok, then walked out the door to head to the market which is about five minutes away. Now remember, I put $10 in the night before and just drove home. I put nothing in it before I drove to Mom's and that is about 60 miles or about 55 minutes away. So I was on the way to the store with my daughter and my little son Joshua and it was winter. Suddenly the car ran out of gas. I felt it under my foot in the gas pedal. The car coasted into a parking lot and that is significant to me.

When we first moved to Washington Township in Michigan, the first sign I saw was Poljan Insurance Company. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw that sign was the first time that I heard brother David Eells repent. He had taken his kids camping after he had told them that there was no way for them to cut wood, but in those woods he found a Poulan chainsaw. Now, I never knew if that was the way that it was spelled, but I did know that it reminded me of this because this was the parking lot that I coasted into. Anna, Joshua and I sat there. I talked with the Lord and Anna too. I said to him, "Lord, I know that there is nowhere I can get where You cannot help me, and I know that You do not need to put gas in my car or make it run without gas to get glory, so I guess I am waiting here to get Your glory". I knew that He would not make me leave my children in the car in the winter while I walked to a phone which would have been a bit of a walk considering that it was winter and I had only slipped on a pair of slippers to go the store. It was bitter cold outside. So with these things considered we just waited ...but not too long.

Suddenly a car pulled up beside us. I thought to myself, Hmm ...I thought that this place was closed. It must not be. But they were not there for the insurance company, they were there for me. It was my neighbors. Now in all the time that I had lived here, strangely, I had never seen anyone that I had lived around out driving around or even in the market, but this day in that moment they saw me. They were on their way up to McDonald's to have their Valentine's Day dinner and they saw me. They got out and we all talked. It was my neighbor Chris (Christ) and his girlfriend. They asked me what happened, so I told them, "God didn't want to wait to show me that He could help me in any situation and He sent you to show me and here you are". They laughed. I'm sure it was very strange to them, but it was all I knew and loved. They called my husband.

Anna and I prayed that he would not be mad that he had to come and fill up the tank with gas after the whole story I told him about the trip to Flint. He wasn't mad. He was sort of happily weird. He loves me like Christ. And that's it. God is always faithful all in all. Hallelujah.

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