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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

God Multiplied My Gas

Aaron Lim

The Lord worked a glorious miracle in my life today and moved me to share it with everyone for His glory.

My mother complained to me this morning that I never fill the gas in our family car, although I use it. I try to be a good steward of the Lord's money and let Him guide me where He wants to use it for the needs of His children, so I often drive on an empty tank by faith because the Lord keeps the car running even without fuel. Once while driving, I commanded the gas in it to be multiplied in Jesus' name and the Lord instantly filled almost a third of the tank as I watched the fuel indicator rise miraculously.

So today I told my mother that the Lord will multiply the gas in it, and she scoffed and said "no such thing" will happen. I told her I have seen it with my own eyes and she doesn't believe in God, but later the Lord put in my heart to be weak to the weak because although He has given me grace to be able to drive without gas, the rest of my family doesn't have faith to do so. I didn't have much money and don't have any stored up, so I drove the car to the gas station and asked the Lord to multiply the gas and fill the empty tank with whatever money I have left. It usually takes 60 to 70 Malaysian ringgit to fill our SUV. I counted what I had and it was only 44.00 Malaysian ringgit. So I laid hands on the car and commanded it to be filled in Jesus' name, then I gave the money to the cashier. As I was filling the car with gas, the pump suddenly stopped and refused to fill it any more. Guess what happened? The pump hadn't even filled $44 of gas but the tank was filled to the hilt! Glory to God! The tank was so full, when I tried to squeeze a few more cents of gas into it since I had already paid for it, it overflowed and spilled down the side of the car! LOL, I even had to pray the car wouldn't explode like in the movies because of the spilled fuel. :o)

Praise be to God! Why worry about the coming tribulation when we have so great a God who makes water gush out of a rock, multiplies fishes and loaves, fills fishing nets to the point of breaking, and overflows our cars with gas while the world worries about high gas prices?

When I got home, I told my mother how God had really multiplied the fuel, and she was speechless especially since she is not yet a Christian.

Please share this with the brethren. I feel the Lord has put in my heart that this will be an encouragement to some of His children who are anxious about things to come.

God bless you. :o)

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