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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

God Fixed My Modem

Clas Kock - 06/04/2009

Why pay $100 for a new Internet modem when God can fix the old one ... free?

We had, in our neighborhood here in Finland, lots of power shortages during the night between Wednesday and Thursday and this caused our Internet connection to break on Thursday.

Thursday, June 4th, when I was going to check my e-mails, I could not get my own Internet to work at all. I knew there had been a power shortage during the night that might have messed up all the settings, so I began to reset and install the Linksys wireless Internet modem again from the beginning.

There was one indicator light on the modem that was not lit and I could see, based on that light, that I had no Internet, but I was not sure if I lost Internet to the house or if the problem was in my own wireless Linksys Internet modem. After trying all possible ways to go through the system, I almost gave up. I had my son bring his modem from his apartment so we could verify if the house was without the Internet or if it was my modem.

When we could see that the problem was in my own modem, I began to set it up again. But I could not get into the modem with the connected LAN cable; it would not accept the IP address I had, in order to access the setting screen. I knew I had to get into the modem simply by inserting the IP address and that should gives access to the modem but now I was hindered completely. It said it was conflicting, etc. I tried resetting it, unplugged power several times, I tried everything.

I finally gave up trying. I had done these kinds of things so many times that I then realized it was broken, due to the power spikes. I thought the power surge had come through the phone cord into the modem, destroying circuits inside and so on. So I gave up trying to mess with the modem and was frustrated over the situation. (I have been working on these kinds of equipment for several years at my work and I know that I was doing it the right way.)

Next day, Friday, I had planned to drive to the city to purchase a new Internet modem. I thought these systems would not cost much anymore since prices have come down. So I called the company providing Internet and they gave me pricing from their store, but with discounts it still came up to $100.

Frustrated over the high price, I called my homeowner insurance company, trying to see what they could cover. They told me that I got a so-called insurance excess or self risk of $130, which means I had no help from my insurance at all. After I hung up the phone with my insurance company, it really triggered a huge frustration inside of me and I got angry over my situation. I was thinking that it was a waste to throw away money on both insurance premiums, as well as on new PC equipment that was just working fine yesterday. Also, my insurance is useless and I thought, why God? Why all these problems?

I said to the Lord, "What do You want of me? Why are You testing me like this again? I have no money for this and hardly any work or income these days. Why Lord? Aren't there enough trials in my life?" As I mentioned, I was on my way to buy a brand new modem this morning.

I was angry, frustrated and sad. I grabbed the Internet modem and began to pray. A huge frustration was inside me because of this problem. I told the modem to get healed in Jesus' name! I commanded it to get fixed. I looked now and then on the dark led to see if it began to glow but nothing happened.

I was continuing, almost screaming to it, "GET HEALED! ! ! " I was just so angry. After I prayed a moment, I got tired and was just sitting on my sofa with the modem in my hands, almost resting.

After a moment, a thought came into my mind to unplug the phone cord from the wall and plug in the LAN cable again from my PC and try the setup again. I had done this several times the day before, without success, so it was nothing new. But now I received faith to try this once more but I knew it is was going to work -- faith came to me this way.

At first, when I prayed, I had no faith to see any miracle in this modem. I only prayed because I knew Jesus used to perform miracles and Jesus teaches us to use prayers to see miracles. I did not have faith for it, but when praying, God began to put faith in me to do the things He advised. Something began to happen as I was praying.

I did this and for the first time I could now go into the modem, log in and see the wrong settings. I did the new setup, tested it and all worked fine. Hallelujah! Thank You, Lord.

I believe this was a healing miracle of the modem but I could not get the faith for an immediate healing at first; instead, I got faith DOING SOME WORK to get it healed.

The thing was here, I knew how to set it up, but the modem did not give me access to get in. But after the prayer I could; that was where the miracle happened. I tested the modem a few days later to see if I could access the modem when the phone cord was plugged in at the same time as the LAN cord, and I could, so it was not that which was hindering me.

But in any case, whatever happened here, I know that it was God trying and testing my faith and, at the same time, God gave me the faith I needed to get this small miracle to happen. God wanted me to learn and remember to trust Him in all things. No need to use insurances or spend money on new items when God can heal the existing equipment.

Small or big, anything that God does in my life, I count as a miracle and I am glad to be in His hands every day.

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