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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

God Fixes Things and Children

Scott and Rachel Touzet - 10/28/2009

We prayed in agreement for our needs on the UBBS. Holden was having very bad stomach pains, Irielle had cut her finger an hour earlier and Rachel had lost some money we needed. God's response to our needs was EXCEEDINGLY FAST and abundantly overflowing - exactly as His Word says.

Holden stopped hurting and fell asleep -- which he was not able to do!

Irie said her finger stopped hurting --and that was from her crying from it burning and stinging to nothing; she said, "I can't even feel it."

Rachel found the $50 on the way to work about 6:30 pm the night of the Bible study. So, she found it before we prayed but I was not told until around dinner time the next evening, when I asked her about it and told her about praying with UBM for it. (Note from David: He answers before we call.) In addition, I shared this with her:

On the day following our prayer, I found (exactly) $50 in between some loose CDs in my car's console that neither Rachel or I even knew we were missing! It had to have been there for a long time because I had not pulled those CDs out in a long time. Praise God! Wow.

Miracles should be the 'new normal' for Christians. We should get out of the mindset of them being rare and saying "UNbelievable!" They should be seen as NORMAL and are God's natural (and easy!) response to His faithful believers!

These are only the latest two "$50 dollar finds" from prayer. The first one happened many months ago. Rachel lost $50 one day and we both looked everywhere, inside and outside the house, cars, walkway, etc. We prayed together and that night there was a really big storm -- lots of heavy wind and rain. In the morning we awoke to find a wet $50 bill STUCK to the cement walkway RIGHT outside our front door. No way we would have missed that the previous day. God even delivered it right to our door!

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