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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

God Is My Healer

Diana McIlroy - 09/27/2007

Last November, we had watched Wilderness Living Now. It was a great revelation to both Keith and me. We had only really started seeking the Lord the April before that. When we watched the video we both said that we needed to start stepping out in faith more.

We have a 500-acre ranch in Northern BC with a small number of beef cattle (30ish) and 5 horses. I say "we have", however we did renounce ownership to God of all that we are and all that we have. (God already knew that it was His -but it was our acknowledgement that we knew it too.) I prayed over our cows as we had decided that it was wrong for us to use any of man's chemical means of deworming, etc. on God's cows. I had a steer that had an infected ear that was pretty much healed the next day. Thank you, God.

Keith's best horse had an osteoarthritic knee that I had been treating with glucosamine, without much evident change. I prayed over her and the next day the swelling was gone and she was walking without pain. Thank you, God.

That evening while going to water the stock, I slipped on some ice and broke my leg. Two years before I had broken my upper arm and dislocated my shoulder. Numerous x-rays, splints, physiotherapy, etc... it took six months to heal to a point that I could use it normally, though still the occasional twinge. God helped me to get Keith's attention. I was laying on the ground outside, down the hill, and Keith was inside. When he came I asked him to take me to the house. We phoned a friend and had them pray with us. Then I sat in the recliner and watched your video again. The long and the short of it is that despite being told that I was wrong by my father, the elders of our church and a few other parishioners, I was completely healed to the point of running up the stairs with no problems in less than six weeks.

I had been wearing molded plaster insoles in my shoes that according to the podiatrist, I would have to wear for the rest of my life because of my foot condition - totally healed. Thank you, God.

I had been taking glucosamine for over ten years for my own knees. If I forgot for a few days my knees would ache so much that I would limp up stairs. I stopped taking it when I stood on God's promises for the healing of my leg. My knees are totally healed. Thank you, God.

I had been visiting a chiropractor regularly every three weeks and sometimes more frequently depending on what was going on. My neck had been sprained in the past and couldn't stay pain-free for longer than that without an adjustment. (Particularly doing the ranch work that I do.) I stopped going and have been totally healed. Thank you, God.

Six years ago a homeopath told me that eye color should, in a totally healthy individual, be either blue or brown, the colors that healthy babies are born with. She said that my green eyes were the sign of kidneys not functioning to their ideal state. This rang true with my husband as his mother died of kidney failure and he spoke of how much greener her eyes got as she got sicker. Just recently my eyes have turned blue. Thank you, God. (Should be interesting next time my driver's license is up for renewal.)

After the birth of my son (my second c-section) I had the doctor do a tubal ligation to prevent any more pregnancies. This was prior to being saved. I later repented of this as this was by man's strength and not God's. Given that I am now pregnant, I guess that was healed too. Thank you, God.

We have been watching "Power of the Tongue" with our kids Sunday mornings for home 'church'. My daughter said that when she watches David speaking she often sees a vision of a ray of light shining down on him, and then it vanishes when she blinks.

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