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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

God's Judgment on Singapore

Anonymous - 01/08/2010

God has been showing me revelations concerning a major earthquake (above 6.0, I think; it is going to be a catastrophic number) in Singapore since 2001. Every year, I would see dreams or visions of a destructive earthquake with water hitting Singapore. This can either be an earthquake in Indonesia, which would be so catastrophic that it would affect Singapore or an actual earthquake or an undersea earthquake that could cause a tsunami. It is said that it is impossible for Singapore to experience an earthquake, due to her geographical location. But then, don't test God, Who created heaven and earth! They said the same thing about the Titanic -- that even God could not sink it and it sank!

The very first time God showed me an earthquake in Singapore was on 2001. He confirmed what He showed me with that exact revelation soon after the first. He gave the reason for the earthquake/tsunami only in these first two revelations, which He showed in 2001. Here I was given both land and aerial view of the destruction and I heard the thunderous voice of God speaking, "A proud nation not in need of God. What is your pride, Singapore? What is your pride?" There was a stink and disgust as I saw the "prosperity" of this nation. The word "pride" was highlighted to me. I saw an earthquake and buildings and infrastructure being destroyed. Some buildings were still standing; some were completely destroyed. There were varying degree of destruction throughout the land. I saw, as the water receded, many dead bodies. I saw tremendous destruction all around. I saw water covered over the land like a flood; that is why I assume that there would also be a type of tsunami. NO DATE was given to me but in most revelations God always shows judgment as imminent!

After these revelations in 2001, I was wondering whether what I saw was from God, due to the fact it is "impossible" for an earthquake to take place in Singapore. I also wondered if this revelation was literal or must it to be interpreted spiritually? A Christian friend of mine, R.Q. (not from my church), gave me a tape to listen to on the revelation of a lady called Nita Johnson, an American servant of God. My friend, R.Q., was ignorant of the revelation about the earthquake given to me at this point. I had never heard of Nita Johnson before that tape. I was floored when I listened to the tape. This lady, who many say is a prophetess, visited Singapore and shared with a Singapore church a vision that the Lord showed her about the future judgment on Singapore. She gave detailed revelations of an earthquake that would bring Singapore down. That was when I realized that God confirmed what He showed me with what He showed Nita Johnson.

The Lord has repeatedly shown me an earthquake hitting Singapore every year since 2001, which shows devastation but in different scenes. At the beginning of 2009, when the Lord asked me to wake up from my sleep to pray, I told Him I was too tired and just wanted to sleep. I then felt physical hands touch my eyes and I saw a vision of an earthquake in Singapore. It was, to say the least, frightening but I guess God wants us to always pray and faint not. Never to take our salvation lightly but to work it out with fear and trembling!

In mid 2009, we had an unusual prophecy which shocked us all. That was the first and only time I have ever heard such a prophecy in my church. I have never shared any of my revelations with the believers at my church. A sister at my church prophesied that the ground would open and there would be an earthquake in Singapore. The decision has been already made by the Lord which cannot be averted. But God will preserve His elect. We will all go through much suffering. So, once again, what God showed me is being confirmed by people ignorant of the things I was shown previously. I also forgot to mention that I remember a believer, J.J., sharing with me when I newly became a Christian in the mid '80s, an open vision God showed her while she travelled on a bus. Her eyes were open when she was seeing this vision. She saw an earthquake hit Singapore and everything was falling all around.

In another revelation, I saw the island of Singapore and then I saw three black tornados descending. Once they touched the ground, the tail of the tornado became huge boots, which started to kick in every direction as the tornado was spinning. I saw everything being destroyed in its path. I don't think Singapore will experience a literal tornado but this is to be interpreted spiritually as coming natural or other disasters on this land, which will cause a massive collapse of this nation.

On 12/31/09, God showed me detailed effects of a major earthquake to hit Singapore. God did not give me any date but in my spirit I felt it could be this year (I could be wrong). I then went to share this with my sister. I had forgotten about this dream when Brother Rob suddenly contacted me, saying, "The LORD wanted me to send you this video. I was searching on YouTube about the yen currency and Japan when it came up, which is way out of the parameters of my search". Lo and behold I saw this guy saying that a major earthquake is going to hit Singapore. I am not sure how he came about that revelation but this video made me to remember what I saw on 12/31/09.

This revelation has made me think soberly on a few things:

  1. God is longsuffering. (2 Peter 3:9)

  2. God loves His elect; therefore, He reveals His plans to them. (1 John 4:19; Matthew 24:20; Deuteronomy 29:29)

  3. God assured that His elect -- those who fear God and His Word -- will be kept in His safety. (Psalm 91)

  4. God is against the prosperity gospel. If God sees a nation's prosperity and pride as sin, can He ever tolerate the prosperity gospel that is taught in Christendom today, with all those false signs and wonders that go along with it? I see great suffering coming on the land of Singapore as never seen before. But God did not say He would keep me from suffering and hardship that would follow this calamity. Suffering, trials, tribulation and persecution is much needed for the perfection of saints. Through much tribulation we enter the kingdom of God. (Acts 14:22) Prosperity never brings about godliness. (1 Timothy 6:5-6) God is waiting for us to choose between God and mammon. (Matthew 6:24)

  5. God is against pride and Satan fell because of it! (Psalm 10:4; 138:6; Proverbs 16:5,18; 18:12; Leviticus 26:19; Ezekiel 16:49; 28:13-18; 1 John 2:16)

Note: Singapore is abbreviated as SIN; thus, it is aptly named SIN City. Singapore means "lion city" and her icon is the merlion.

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