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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Grace in Strep Throats and Childbirth

Jenn Reams - 07/08/2008

Protected from strep throat:

This was last Fall, but my daughter, Trinity, woke up complaining of a sore throat. She also had sick breath (a distinctive odor I've noticed when she runs fever). I prayed over her that by His stripes we were healed, and commanded the sickness to leave her. Since she was in pain, I also gave her two baby aspirin, but ultimately knew God was going to heal her. Less than an hour after, my friend called and said her daughter had strep throat - they'd just returned from the doctor. Our daughters had played together two days before. It was quite possible my daughter had it too, especially given her symptoms. So, I prayed again, and stood in faith against any sickness. By the end of the day, she felt much better and has not complained of a sore throat since then... and this was probably eight months ago. Hallelujah!

Pain-free childbirth:

After hearing the testimony Wednesday - five years ago when I had my first (and only) child, my husband and I were newborns in the Kingdom. We had prayed the whole pregnancy, and also read "Supernatural Childbirth", implementing all knowledge and prayer suggestions in it. We were on Medicaid at the time, and the doctor's office required us to see all the doctors there because there was no way to predict who would be on call when the time came. We had our hopes on one, but prayed no matter who delivered, that the Holy Spirit's presence would be felt in our room and we would be a witness to the staff and doctors.

The day before delivery, I started contractions early in the morning. Just as we had prayed and believed, they were not painful. Very simply: pressure with no pain. At 3:00 that afternoon, they had intensified, but still just pressure. At 6:00 they were five minutes apart, so we went to the hospital. The whole day and through the night, peace resonated. Apparently, we were the only 'serene' labor room, in comparison to the others. It was at 2:00 AM, after being in labor for 11 hours, I opted for the epidural, but honestly it was not because of pain. It still was amazingly easy, just praying and taking deep breaths during the contractions (no Lamaze for us). Anyway, I was mainly tired and the epidural would help me sleep until morning, when it looked like our 'little one' would arrive. The next morning, shift change came and we ended up with our least favorite doctor on delivery. I trusted the Lord on that one; He knows better than I.

The maternity ward was full on that day, and the staff was incredibly busy and thin. However, they walked into our room and would comment on how quiet and peaceful it was compared to all the other rooms. Our family later reported that the doctors/nurses told them, "It is so serene in there; you just feel peace wash over you", and they looked forward to entering our room. (Wow!) When it was time to start pushing, we did the first practice push, and the nurse said, "This baby's coming. Go get the doctor..." and he walked in right at that moment. Within 3-5 minutes, beautiful baby Trinity was born. (David is right, they do often just pop out when they're ready). By the way, that doctor was absolutely perfect! I mean, God-chosen. It's a distant memory now, but there was something very comforting and endearing about the way he handled the delivery. My husband and I were both very impressed and pleased. We wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

You know, I did not scream the entire labor. People assume they're supposed to be cranky and demanding but there was no strife between me and my husband, Josh. It was truly a sweet and treasured time. We are so thankful that God showed us it didn't have to be the way the world portrays it.

God bless ya'll!

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