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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Great West Coast Tsunami

Chad Rial - 05/03/2011

Idaho Tsunami: April 2011

In this dream, I just had a knowing that I was in the state of Idaho. I then looked toward the west and began to watch a massive wave approaching. This wave was so high that very little of the actual sky was visible above the wave. It overtook what appeared to be a smaller wave in front of it. I was not afraid in this dream but realized that I must seek high ground. I started working my way up a neighborhood street that went uphill. I knew that I must get to over 1000 feet high on this hill.

Pacific Northwest: 2008

In this dream, I was high above the United States. There were earthquakes all over the west coast in magnitude ranging from 3 to 6. My focus was especially on Nevada that had a magnitude 6+ earthquake. Then I saw the entire Pacific northwest covered in water. The water covered Idaho all the way to Montana's west coast. All of the high areas in these three states appeared like hundreds of small islands.

April 1, 2011

I was in the ocean in a small boat. I felt in this dream that I was a scientist studying tsunami waves. I must have known they were coming to be way out there. The first wave in the ocean picked me high up. I thought, "Wow, when this reaches land it will be massive!" Then three move waves came, the last wave being the smallest. Then a rescue helicopter came to get me. I did not want to get into the plane but the pilot/rescue person insisted. We then flew to what I thought to be the nearest island. It was the island of Samoa. The island was completely destroyed. There were a few survivors. I marveled that the wave must have been high to destroy the airport control towers. The waves swept the entire island. I then was in a room with the helicopter pilot. He was very distraught because his wife and baby were on the west coast. I asked, "Why don't you warn them?" He responded, "Where would they go? Where could they hide?" So, it seemed it was better they didn't know what was coming. Then we watched a news show on TV. The show was using a graphic to describe the height of these waves. It used the Eiffel tower as a demo, showing the waves going over the Eiffel tower.

I woke up and was immediately thinking of the scripture about a woman in travail, in labor. I asked, "God, why did you use this as an analogy?" I felt like He asked back, "What happens before a woman gives birth?" I knew that her water breaks. (Note from David: If this is the water breaking, it could happen before the man-child is born.)

I later went over to the computer and Googled the height of the Eiffel tower. It is 1063 feet high! Which is the second time I have had a tsunami dream giving a height of over 1000 feet.

I asked the Lord if I should share this with the body or the elders. I opened my Bible and put my finger down on the word "house". :)

Note: Look what made the news the very next day after I shared this on the broadcast! May be God confirming.

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