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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Growth, Jobs and Salmonella

Lesley Helfrich - 01/20/2008

In late 2002, I noticed while showering, a small, funny growth in my groin area. I didn't pay much attention then and just went on. A few times, I would notice this growth and finally looked at it closely one day. I kept watch on it, but still just went on about daily business. I joined UBM in October of 2003, after crying out to Him that I would not be deceived in these end times, and He supernaturally led me to David's website.

I heard a testimony from a brother at UBM about a mole on his face -- that he prayed about, declared God's promise of healing, and after washing his face it fell off in his washcloth! I noticed the growth had gotten just a little bigger and the color was unusual, sometime between 2006 and 2007. I thought of the brother, and instead of ignoring this any longer, commanded this growth to dry up in the name of Jesus Christ and that I was healed in Jesus' name!

Several months went by, and on occasion while showering I would notice it was still there. The enemy would come in and I would say, "No, I commanded this growth to dry up in Jesus' name, and I am healed!"

Two days ago, 1/16/2008, I was taking a shower and noticed the growth was completely gone! I checked and jumped out of the shower, and rechecked, and Praise God! It is completely gone! Nothing but smooth skin!! Oh, how awesome our God is! Thank you, Lord, for we have been healed in Jesus!

Many had been praying for my husband Scott to get a job here in Ohio, in IT. Well, 2 1/2 years had gone by, and we had been through a tremendous trial, especially me, having to go and find work outside the home. In May 2007 he got a call about a job in IT. Praise God! On June 4, 2007 he started his new job and we have been so very thankful! I was able to quit my job, June 20, 2007 to stay at home with our daughter faith, be the keeper of the home, and homeschool her! Thank you, Lord! God's timing is always perfect, whether we understand it or not!

And finally, we really like peanut butter in my house. I had bought a 6 lb. jar of Peter Pan peanut butter from Sam's Club. When I first opened it and made a sandwich, I thought, hmm, this tastes a little funny, and thought, well, maybe it's because it's such a big jar. I always pray over my food and the food I prepare for my family. I just asked the Lord to bless it and sanctify it and thanked Him it was done in Jesus' name, and always thank Him for His awesome provision for us! Well, many sandwiches since then, they had the recall for Peter Pan peanut butter. I looked up the recall number they posted online in various articles, and then went to check our Peter Pan peanut butter lot number. It was one of those that had been recalled! Well, I just praised God and thanked the Lord so much! By now, we were at the bottom of the 6 lb. can! God is so faithful! He protected my entire family from food poisoning or from any salmonella sickness! Thank you Lord! To God be the glory forever!

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