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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Hallelujah Car
David Mullinix - 10/19/2009

It was 1997, down in sunny Jacksonville, Florida, where I was working a group of hotels down at the beach, selling advertising to the surrounding merchants in the local area. It was on that fateful morning that my well-worn Subaru finally decided to quit on me, right in the middle of the job, for good. It had been a good car, having bought it at a buy here pay here lot back in 1992 on Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, having been my only alternative at the time, due to recently coming out of bankruptcy. The Lord was so good to me that day because one of the more "street savvy" salesmen in our company happened to be in Jacksonville that particular day and just so happened to be in need of a new car, as well. So, he took me under his wing and off we went to Duval Ford and, in a matter of hours, I drove off the lot in a 1996 white Ford Taurus with only 20,000 program miles on it.

Four years later, with 185,000 miles now on the well-travelled, faithful Taurus, I gave it to my daughter for a first car. I figured we probably would see another 20,000-30,000 tops in mileage and that would be that.

Would you believe me if I told you that the transmission froze up at 215,000 -- 30,000 miles later? Words sure are powerful! Well, the long short of it, Rachel and I were fit to be tied. That was our only form of working transportation at that time. My last vehicle, a Plymouth Silhouette van, set in the driveway, dead to the world, tagless and insuranceless. I had been off the road for about 1 1/2 years by then (this was back in 2006, I believe), tending to my granddaughter while my daughter, who works as a CNA, would go to work. We had read of creative miracles and had heard tapes of them, most particular from a house evangelism preacher who had lived in Africa for a period of time and truly had to depend on the Lord to recreate things! It's amazing how God designed this instance in our lives in order that we would step out by faith and confess His Word with the authority of the Name of Jesus! At that time we truly did not have the money to have the car repaired and we would not beg for bread! So, we were forced to rely on our heavenly Father.

Now, this may have been overdone by myself but it did work, in accordance with Romans 8.28. I began pacing back and forth for about two hours, declaring that Taurus healed in Jesus Name, then declaring every verse I could think of concerning healing and every testimony of others who had received healings, cures, restoration, etc., including the passage of Elijah calling for the fire to fall down and consume the false prophet's altar. By the end of the two hours, I was sweaty, hoarse and exhausted. Meanwhile, my daughter remained asleep through all this, having come off third shift. I was too tired to go out to the car to see if she was healed, so I figured I'd wait until Rachel woke up. When she woke up we went into prayer and agreement together and, then, almost at the same time, we both had a vision of demons working in the transmission engine of the car causing the problem. So I then cast the demons out in Jesus' Name. I went to bed and the next morning I went out to that Taurus, got inside, sat down and said, "Father, we prayed and we believed, so here we go". She started up, slipped into first, second, third, back down, in reverse - she had been delivered! Praise the Lord!

Since then, we passed the Hallelujah Taurus to my son, Jonathan and his wife Ashley, who are still driving it with, get this, 284,000 miles and still going strong! God sure is good.

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