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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Hard Drive Resurrected

Lori Tucker - 01/25/2011
(David's notes in red)

Yesterday morning, while using Skype, my laptop suddenly went haywire. First the microphone wouldn't work, then the speakers started screeching. I tried restarting the computer, only to have it go into an awful screeching. (This is the hard drive discs rubbing together because the bearings went bad. This overloads the motor, which quickly burns up.) I tried to restart again several times and it would turn on but not open up into Windows. I prayed and tried everything I knew to do. At one point it even started smelling like something was burning. I waited awhile and still nothing. (When you smell the burned wiring in the motor of the hard drive, there is nothing that can be done in the way of adjustments or software. I worked in Exxon Refinery's electric motor shop for years and every time burnt wiring could be smelled they were zero to ground, meaning a short in the wiring.)

I felt I was to run it in for a diagnostic. I took it in and the two technicians tried several things to get it started and working to no avail. They then ran a test and said it was not detecting a hard drive. They tried another test to be sure because they said sometimes the first test may not be accurate on some computers and that this one would be the most accurate. It came back with the same result and they told me basically my hard drive "was toast" and I would need a new one. I commented that the laptop was only four months old and they told me it should still be covered by the manufacturer's warranty and to contact them directly.

I prayed on the way home, feeling impressed this was all happening for a reason. After calling and getting a technician on the phone, I explained what happened. He had me try a few things but it wasn't working either. I really felt the impression that I was to pray for this man while he was directing me through different processes, so I just muted the phone and prayed for him as the Lord led and prayed in the Spirit. (Praying in the Spirit is the key here. He can fix anything.) After several minutes, he said, "Ok, let's try something else. Restart your computer again". (Restarting the computer after this was already done so many times and the hard drive was proven bad would not help.) When I did, the welcome screen actually came up and then displayed Windows! All my files and everything was actually still there and everything was operating! I thanked the man and blessed him to which he was very thankful!

If the only reason that happened was to pray for and bless that man in India, praise God!!! And thank you, Lord, for bringing my hard drive back to life! AMEN!

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