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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Healed from Stroke and Atrial Fibrillation

Patton Family - 11/07/2009

We offer praise and thanksgiving to our Almighty God for a miracle in our family! My 86-year-old mother was taken by ambulance Thursday morning from her assisted living apartment to the ER. She has a history of atrial fibrillation and hypertension, among other ailments. She did not appear for breakfast, which was unusual because she is always early, as it is her favorite meal. Upon checking, the nurses found her wandering and confused in her apartment, with symptoms of stroke. When I met her in the ER she could not remember my name or other things she normally would. She was frustrated because she could not verbalize what she wanted to say and it was heartbreaking to us. A CT scan confirmed a stroke. The neurologist showed me where the clot was in her neck and said that there was quite a bit of scar tissue and damage in a particular area of the brain. He said that she needed to be on Coumadin and that if she had been on it, she would not be there. We were told that there is a delicate procedure that they could do that could retrieve/dissolve the clot. We declined, telling him that we believe in the power of God to heal. He didn't appreciate that but did say that at her age it really would not be wise to do that procedure.

Many in our family were praying. We prayed, among other things, that God would dissolve the clot and wash it away and heal her. We prayed that God would be magnified. We prayed that His glory would shine and would confound the doctors. God did "more than we could ask or think". We bound the enemy and commanded him to let go of our mom. Shortly after, my mom looked bright and said, "Is it time for chocolate?" (She loves chocolate.) Her speech seemed to be improving some. After I left on Thursday, an MRI was done.

The next morning, Friday, when I arrived, Mother was sitting in a chair, visiting with my aunt and uncle, with the biggest smile I've ever seen on her face! Her face was aglow! She called me by name! She was talking in complete sentences and it seemed her memory was better than it has been for a long time! There was no indication that she had a stroke. The change in her in 24 hours, with no medical intervention, was astounding! Her nurse came in and I asked her if she would say that the change in my mother was "remarkable". She said that from what she has heard, that it is. I told her that many people were praying for her. She said, "I would say that is your answer". Then, soon after, the neurologist came in and told us the MRI did not show a clot! They couldn't find it! Hallelujah! What an answer to prayer! Jesus took it away!

This morning, Saturday, I went up to visit Mother and was told that she is going home. The electrocardiogram was normal. The heart activity was normal! The neurologist came in to say that the atrial fibrillation is gone and that she does not need the Coumadin that he had wanted her to take, as it is a clot-busting drug. The atrial fib is gone; the clot is gone; the symptoms of stroke are gone. I asked if the scar tissue had also disappeared. He said that scars never go away; they just get worse. I'm not satisfied with that answer. I believe they are gone! "According to your faith be it unto you". We give all honor and glory and praise to our King Jesus!

P.S.: The nurse at Mother's residence told us when she was admitted at the hospital that she would be in a rehab facility for at least 30 days and under intense therapy. Instead, she went directly home in two days with no Coumadin, no therapy, no exercise restrictions and no speech problems. Praise be to God!

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