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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Healing By Proxy

Cornelius Bosch - 03/14/2010

Firstly, my mother asked me to write to you to tell you that her colon has been healed, since you prayed and anointed Sister Mary by proxy for her healing. My mother is 83 and has grown up in the old ways in the church, but she is a woman of faith and she has been trying to understand the finished works of the cross.

You also prayed for the glaucoma. This, as you know, is something that she did not experience as healed. She continued the medication and I left her alone, just praying that the Lord would reveal His ways to her. Yesterday, she came to visit me for the weekend and she told me her colon is healed. Then she said, "I was thinking, if I am healed of the glaucoma, too, then why am I still taking the medicine?" She placed it back into the cupboard and will take it back to the pharmacy this week. She is going to tell them that she is healed.

She has cancelled her appointment with the eye specialist, as well. So even though she has not experienced the healing of the glaucoma, she is convinced that the Lord has healed her of that, too. She asked, "Why would He only heal the colon when we have prayed for both?"

She has asked me three times now, "Have you written to David to thank him for the prayer yet?" We give praise and thanks to the Lord and we want to testify in public that He is our healer. He saved us from the curse.

There is such a need in many of the older generation to understand all of this. She is trying and I feel we must agree in prayer that the Lord will grant them understanding. I told her it has nothing to do with "being clever"; it has to do with asking the Lord to reveal His wisdom to us. Pray Psalm 119 back to the Lord with your heart and He will answer.

"Teach me Thy ways, O Lord" is one of the most powerful and needed prayers. I really pray this for all of His elect.

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