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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Healing From Severe Hemorrhaging After Childbirth

Debbie and Denny Fenske - 1984

I had two home births prior to this third home birth in 1984. Our beautiful Victori Praise was born. I also want to add to this testimony that after Victori was birthed, she wasn’t breathing. Even after Denny slapped her bottom several times she wouldn’t breathe, and she was turning blue. We were calling on the Lord, but we were really getting scared. Seeing her turning so blue I finally said loudly to Denny,  “Denny,  command her to breathe in the name of Jesus.! “ He slapped her bottom again and yelled, “Breathe, In the name of Jesus! “And she let out a beautiful wail of a cry!
During the birth, I felt the pain of a tear happen.  I told my mid-wife friend, Marge, and we prayed together about that. After Victori’s birth my husband took our other children out somewhere. Me and my mid-wife friend were alone. After a bit, I realized I was bleeding an awful lot. Marge helped me to the bathroom and took care of me, getting me and my bed cleaned up and changed. Not long after I was back in bed I knew I was bleeding a whole lot more. Even with Marge’s help I thought I would not make it to the bathroom again before passing out. I was seeing spots and I was tremendously weak and very sick feeling. I said, “Oh, Marge, I think I am bleeding to death!” She said, ”No, in the name of Jesus you are not!” She kept encouraging me as we cried out to Jesus for help and for his touch on me. It turned out that we realized I was out of protective pads for my bed, and also for myself. The store was not far away. Marge took care of me and help me back to bed again as we prayed all the way. She left the house, leaving me there alone. But we prayed before she left. We both knew that I was not alone. Jesus was with me. We had no cell phones then, so I could not call my husband. She left, and as I lay there I was feeling like I was going into a tunnel. Things were getting dark and I was almost too weak to even turn my head.  I thought of Hezekiah, how he turned his head to the wall and prayed to God to spare his life. So I did that. I still remember my prayer as I very weakly turned my head to the wall and cry out, “Lord Jesus, all I have is you. It’s you and me. I need you! You did not give me this baby to let me die. I know you want me to live. “I cried out to Jesus to save me. “Jesus, you are all I want to rely on. Please save me now and touch me and stop this bleeding!” Immediately, I had such a warmth come over me and then settle over my abdomen. It was a pulsating warmth. I Had never experienced this before, but I had heard testimonies from others, and I knew Jesus touched me! I cried and cried as I kept saying, with my hands lifted, “Thank you Jesus! Praise you Jesus! Oh thank you Jesus!” I even felt better!

Marge came back from the store. I told her what had happened and we rejoiced together. She help me up out of bed and to the bathroom. I couldn’t believe the tremendous amount of blood that I saw on my bed. She cleaned up me and the bed, and got me back into bed. I felt much stronger. And I was able to walk fine. One hour later she checked me, and there was very minimal amount of bleeding.  It was a healthy normal flow. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus! He did save me as He miraculously healed me!

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