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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Healed of Bleeding Bowels and Hemorrhoids

Tony Masinelli - 10/03/2008

Healed of bleeding bowels

My oldest son, Jordan (seven years old), was going to the bathroom and my wife called to me from the bathroom and said that I needed to come see.

I went into the bathroom and saw my son holding a wet wipe that had a large amount of blood on it. The amount of blood was enough to cover the length of the toddler wipes that we use, and 1/4 of the width of it.

This was a lot of blood. I looked in the toilet and saw blood there, as well.

At this time, I remember having a bit of fear welling up in me. I cast it down, as it was contrary to the Word, and asked my son what we should do about this. He said "believe". I said, "That is correct".

My son had been healed of severe eczema of the feet that would be so dry they would crack and bleed. The Lord healed him of that disease and is completely clear today, without any medicine, so he knew the power of the Lord.

My son and I placed our hands on his stomach and commanded his bowel to be healed in Jesus' Name.

The next night, when he was going to the bathroom, he called me in and showed me almost the same amount of blood that was there the previous night. I told him that the Lord has already healed him and we could believe Him.

The night or so after that, we were in a grocery store and he said he had to go to the bathroom. After he had gone, there was an amount of blood on the wipe and in the toilet. We both said nothing.

He went to the bathroom the next night and there was no blood or anything on his wipe at all! ! Now, two months later, there has not been any blood in his movements or on his wipes! Praise the Lord that He is faithful to His Word and delivers us from all diseases, as we walk in His promises!

My youngest son, Jacob (three years old), also had the same thing happen to him. We did the same and got the same results! I was able to take authority over his body and command it to be healed, and the Lord brought it to pass, as we walked in faith and cast down any doubts.

What a wonderful God we serve.

I praise the Lord that He has led me to Unleavened Bread Ministries to be a disciple of Christ and learn to be obedient to His Word! Thank you, brethren, and may the Lord bless you in all your diligence in getting the truth out to the elect of God.

Healed of hemorrhoids

I had suffered from hemorrhoids since I was about 25 years old; I am now 36.

About two to three years ago, I got a very large hemorrhoid that felt like the size of a large walnut and was very painful. I work full-time at a computer, and the medical profession tells you not to sit for prolonged periods of time.

How was I going to do that?

At that time, I did not know the benefits the Lord had died on the cross to give to them who believe.

I was an unbeliever. I ordered all the worldly remedies: Preparation H, oils, pills, etc. I ordered the oils and had to put them on daily, two times a day and watch carefully what I ate to keep my bowel movements soft. I never visited a doctor, for fear of surgery as a recommendation. I finally got something that worked, in a pill that told you to take 10 -12 at one time to maximize the effectiveness, but could take more if needed. I was in so much pain that I took 15-18 or so at once. Over the course of about a week or two, the hemorrhoid went away; although I still had others, the big one was gone. I was thankful to be mostly free from pain.

About three months ago, I received another one. This one was not quite as large as the one mentioned above, but was painful, as well. At this time, I had been walking in the promises of God for about six months. Seeing my son healed by God of eczema, I decided I was going to believe God for my healing and not take any medicine, even though I had some of the medicine that "worked" the first time, but did not totally rid me of them.

While sitting in the bathroom, I commanded the hemorrhoids to be healed in Jesus' Name, as I was not under the curse and was delivered from all disease and sickness at the cross, so they had no power over me.

It was about four to five days later, while taking a shower and washing, that I noticed that not only was the hemorrhoid gone, but my rectum was completely smooth, without any "swelling" or hemorrhoids whatsoever. It had not been like this since I was a young man, just out of high school! I was very excited and shared with the local brethren.

Even though this is a very personal matter that most people would not share, I felt the Lord wanted me to share with all of you, that it may encourage, as the Lord can heal completely, where the world cannot. I had read a lot on the subject of hemorrhoid treatment, as a result of the one I had two to three years ago, as an unbeliever, and saw the world's methods and it was not pretty -- many people mentioning that after surgery the hemorrhoids came back worse than before and that they were never rid of them. Most also saying if they had known what they know now, they would not have had surgery; they would have lived with the pain.

Praise the Lord that He is faithful to His Word and is no respecter of persons, so what He has done for me, He will do for you.

Repent and believe exactly what the Lord says in His Word and you shall be healed!

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