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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Here I Am, Lord; Use Me

Anonymous - 12/30/2007

The night before last, the Lord gave me an opportunity to glorify Him by helping someone in need. Earlier that same evening, I was enjoying great fellowship with other believers. One brother in the Lord was sharing with me how he never traveled around without extra food or money in his vehicle as he never knew when the Lord would bring him someone in need. I pondered this as I left for home with my wife and kids later that evening. As it was a long trip, I was blessed by having another brother traveling along the same interstate route. We rode following each other; and since we both had cell phones, we spent time in fellowship on the phones while driving.

A few hours into our travel, we stopped off at a convenience store to fill up our cars and get some drinks. I was at the coffee machine busy making myself a cup when I felt an odd thought bubble up inside my head. I prayed to the Lord at that moment "Is there something you want me to do here?" I turned around and looked but all I saw was the 2 clerks up at the register- nothing out of the ordinary. Finishing my purchase, I walked out to my car and stood at the open front door of my vehicle while i was trying to clean up some loose papers from the floorboard. I was busy cleaning up when I heard a voice coming from behind me saying "mister?". At the moment, I thought it was someone talking to a station attendant so I never turned around. The same voice said "mister?" a couple more times before I finished what I was doing and turned around. At the next pump, there was a car sitting there with 4 women sitting in it - a mother and her 3 daughters and they were all staring at me. It dawned on me that it was the mother who was trying to get my attention. I started walking over to her car and she asked through the open window if I could spare a couple of dollars for her to get gas- she told me she was trying to get to the same state I was driving to (which was still a long drive ahead). Asking the woman to hold on a minute, I walked back to my vehicle and stood there praying, asking the Lord to let me know what to do. I pulled some money from my wallet- the Lord put a number in my head and walked back to the woman's car. Handing her the money I asked her if that would be enough for gas to get her to her destination. She looked at what I had handed her and she just broke down in tears. She said she was going to run in and fill the tank of her car but I stopped her and asked if I could pray with her for a moment. She told me I could so I went on and asked her if there was anything in particular I could pray for and she mentioned protection for her 3 daughters in her car. Standing together with her at her car, we prayed- I prayed the words the Lord gave me for her and I knew the Lord was ministering to her already as she was looking like a great burden was lifted from her. I left her shortly afterwards and was back on the road. I had not spent more than a few moments with the woman at the car so I was thinking that nobody else saw what I had done- my friend had been a few gas pumps down on the other side of my car so I didn't think he was aware of what I had done.

Back on the road, I continued praying for the woman as the Lord led me and I was thanking the Lord that He used me for His glory. I really didn't want to say anything because I know the Lord doesn't want us bragging about giving. Not much later, my brother in the Lord called again and at first, I didn't mention what happened, but he had seen me praying for the woman so I ended up sharing the story with him and we both glorified the Lord. He mentioned to me that it would make a good testimony and I agreed. I gave some thought to what had happened later and realized that the Lord uses us for His work when we are willing to be used. When I was praying at the coffee machine that night, I was telling the Lord that I was willing to be used by Him at that time and He quickly put me in a place where I could bring Him glory. Praise the Lord!

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