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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Hernia Healed

Doris Hamilton - 10/12/2009

I have a wonderful testimony to share! My nephew, Don, is 33 and currently resides in a maximum security prison in Texas. Kaile and I have been blessed to be able to visit him for the last five months and to rekindle a relationship with him after being away from him for years. While writing to him and visiting Don, we both shared our trials and tribulations the last years and the wonderful testimony of our Lord Jesus. Since Don has been in our family and seen the way we both used to be and how we are now, well, we are different and now just - peculiar. Don is different, too.

Don was up for parole three years ago and was denied. That really was a shock and quite a hard lesson for him. He really felt that he had been there long enough (seven years) but the Lord had a better plan. During the last three years, Don became more focused in his Bible study, his relationship with the Lord and in his work within the prison system. He was appointed an aide to the computer teacher and learned that he has been given a true gift from the Lord in HTML authoring and graphic design. The teacher is a computer professor at a local college and he has been amazed at the things that Don has been able to do with His Father's help! Had Don not stayed a bit longer, perhaps he might never have known of this gift. We are not sure but the extra time also allowed our Father to draw Don closer. He felt very isolated and alone in prison and his mother and son finally did not visit any longer. It was after a year that Don had not gotten any visits from anyone but my dad, that Kristen, Kaile and I were added to Don's visitor list. What a blessing for all of us!

As we started visiting and writing more and more letters, Kaile, Kristen and I did indeed share just how wonderful the Lord has been to us. We have been able to share the many stories of the miracles in our lives and in the life of my own dad, as he has seen how the Lord has taken great care of Kaile and me these last 3 1/2 years. In our whole household, faith has been increasing by leaps and bounds. I praise the Lord for all the healing, provision and protection miracles we have been able to share with Don. And also the testimonies from our UBM family!

One Sunday, we were visiting Don and he mentioned that he had not been able to work out like he wanted anymore because he had a terrible hernia. Kaile and I asked him if he wanted to ask the Lord to heal him. He explained that he had an agreement with God, for Him just to take care of his family and watch over him. We explained to him that as a follower of Christ and a new creation in the Lord, all of those promises in the Word were for him, too. Well, bless God, Kaile and I both asked again if Don wanted the Lord to heal him. He smiled and said, "That would be great!" So, we prayed with Don and also told him that we would send a prayer request to the brethren that night at the Bible study.

As we listened to the Bible study that Sunday, Kaile sent in the prayer request to Bill and shortly Dave read the prayer request to all our beloved UBM brethren. As Dave prayed and the brethren agreed, the Lord put it on my heart to write a quick note to Don. I sat down to just write, "We all prayed and agreed for your hernia to be healed tonight. In fact, Don, as you sit and read this in your bunk tonight, I know that you will reach down and feel your healing!" Well, the next weekend we found out that Don did indeed reach down that night as he read the letter and GLORY to GOD, he felt that he was healed completely! Praise the Lord! As he shared the news with us on the next visit, he looked so happy, humbled and a little surprised. The Lord showed Don that He truly is faithful Who has promised ({Heb.10:23} let us hold fast the confession of our hope that it waver not; for he is faithful that promised) and that, despite the mistakes, that Don had done in the past all were behind God's back ({Isa.38:17} Behold, it was for my peace that I had great bitterness: But thou hast in love to my soul delivered it from the pit of corruption; For thou hast cast all my sins behind thy back) and he is blessed and highly favored. Praise the Lord! It is so awesome when our faith meets the Lord and miracles happen!

Thank you so much, Dave, B

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