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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Hiding in Plain Sight from the Beast

Jeff Brown - 10/08/2007

Not long ago, a dream came to me about the wilderness and grizzly bears. I was with a guide and we were out in this large field; anyway, as we walked in the field, we came upon this cabin. We were not far but had to hurry because the grizzlies were everywhere! Inside we saw outside how the bears could see us and were running around trying to no avail to enter the cabin. We ran to get out of the sight of the bears and had to keep running so the bears would not see us. We then hid in a closet and came out when the coast was clear. The bears where still there but we walked among them in peace and there were bears still everywhere! I stood still and watched the guide walk up to the bears and put his hand in the paw of the main bear who as far as I'm concerned was a male.

At the end of the dream we walked out of the field toward the trees.

(David's note: The large field is the world as Jesus said and the cabin represents living in the wilderness to come. The guide may be the Spirit of God in the Man-child. The bears who were everywhere seeking to devour the Christians are the beasts of the nations making war on the saints. Hiding in the closet represents hiding in Christ through the prayer closet so that from then on you could hide in plain view and depart the field of the world in peace.)

Garrett Crawford

I read Jeff Brown's dream. I had almost the same exact dream a few weeks before it. I would say it was in Sept of 2007.

I was in a wilderness setting, surrounded by trees, like I was in a forest or something. I remember this being like a nightmare because I was being hunted and surrounded terrible grizzly bears that had demonic faces and features. During a large portion of the dream I was being chased by them. I remember going into a large cabin and hiding in the rafters while they laid siege to the cabin. I thought I would never escape them, until I finally ran outside and climbed a very tall chain link fence and made it to the other side.

Note from David: The chain link fence represents abiding in Christ, the secret place of the Most High in Ps.91.

Jan Albayalde - 10/09/2007

After all the bear dreams the saints are suddenly having, I just have to tell you this quick encouraging story of God's provision and protection of all that is ours. This happened just minutes ago where I live in Alaska.

I had just let the dogs out the back door and was in the middle of putting a roast in the marinater and I suddenly had the overwhelming sense that I should get the dogs back in the house and stopped right there in the middle of what I was doing. I went out back and there were no dogs. So I went and looked out the front window and there was my littlest dog, an 8-pound male sniffing down the middle of the road. I ran out and just as I grabbed him this man on a bicycle came by and said, "You better get that dog in the house because there's a bear on the road".

I went in, looked out the window immediately as I got into the house and sure enough there the bear was, walking right where Nelson had been ten seconds before. Nelson would be perfect bear bait.

If God is that mindful of us, what have we to fear?

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