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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Hidden Manna: Urgent Call to the Apostate Church

Deborah Horton - 10/07/2007

(Jan Albayalde's notes in dark blue)

In the dream, the first image I remember is several people coming to greet other people. Of two ladies who were coming my way, the one whom I thought I was supposed to greet stopped in front of someone else and they hugged, so the other lady came toward me and I thought, "Were we supposed to hug?" because it didn't seem like what we were supposed to do and she wasn't the person I thought was supposed to be for me to "greet" (receive). This young woman was very elegantly and understatedly dressed. (In God's eyes there are only two women -- the True Church and the Laodicean or harlot Church of Babylon. The WEBBOT indicated in last the few weeks the Church is about to take another big hit; another high church official will be exposed and will further the world's, the beast's, actions against the Church. Big scandal went public just last night i.e., Oral Roberts' son and daughter-in-law represent a major portion of the charismatic, evangelical church and hold a lot of sway publicly. Hold on, I'm actually going somewhere with this.)

I remember being surprised by that, too. All I remember was that she had on a very expensive beigey-colored sweater with darker minkish-colored cuffs and it was stunning. But as I looked at the sweater, my eyes were drawn to a button (like a political button) that was on her left front side. It was white and in solid, thick black writing there was the number "11". As I focused in on the button, it ended. (You were impressed by her beauty and wealth. The 11 on the woman could represent the coming destruction or persecution of the rich Laodicean church. Is it coincidence your dream came and the Roberts were exposed on the same day?)

Then I found myself reading the outside of a very thick, hardbound book. Apparently I'd been reading for a while because I was coming to the end of a long, single-spaced list on the right-hand side of the cover. Each item in the list was just a short, no more than four words or so, phrase of some sort. They all must have been mundane, normal stuff, because none of them were outstanding. Then I got to the end and I was stopped cold. The last three items in the list were "survival", "hunger" and "fear". Anything I remembered up to that point from the list was knocked out of my mind by those three words. Then I woke up. I almost never ever dream anything with numbers. (I had the same thought as you -- that this is Hidden Manna that you have "been reading for a while". You have read it so many times it's become "mundane" and that is why you were brought up cold, taken by surprise, by the last three words because the Lord was impressing you that this is His survival guide to the Laodicean Church; a call to overcome because hunger and fear are truly at the door. What is Hidden Manna? A guide to survive the coming persecution of the apostate church.

If this is a dream from the Lord, maybe the Lord is saying the hour is late, persecution, the "ll" is coming to the apostate church and the Lord is encouraging the progression of the book into people's hands; hunger and fear are at the door and they certainly are.

You were to greet (receive) the wealthy, beautiful woman because she is the one who needs the survival manual -- you've been thinking Hidden Manna is for the True Church, those already right with God, hence your surprise.)

Note from David: The very thick (600 page, 1 3/8", 7"x10") hardbound book and finishing with the editing notes means Deborah had finished Hidden Manna. It is then time to impart this labor of love (hug) to the apostate church to prepare them for "survival", "hunger" and "fear". The number 11 could indeed be a political button. The apostate church has been pushing politically as never before to press retaliation for the 9/11 issue. Also, I have said that they will get the blame and persecution for the great loss of life, past and coming, in the Middle East that will result from their efforts.

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