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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

I AM ... Here to Protect You

Karen Satterfield - 07/03/2005

I am writing this in concern for the lost souls in this world. Also for those who are not sure of their faith and what is to come. I have a gift from God; He comes to me in my dreams. I didn't understand them growing up. In one dream the world was going crazy, storms everywhere, not much food, people having nowhere to go for help or even a place to live (like today). I saw the storms all around us, people running and crying, "Help! Help!" As I stood at the door of our R.V., looking over the land where there were others tents, cabins and mobile homes, some people became scared as their tents blew away. They were crying saying, "What are we to do?" Then it thundered with a loud voice, "Be still my children; do not worry, for I am here to protect you in these days!" As the storms came closer, BUT NEVER TOUCHED OUR LAND, some Christians that I have known most of my life started to run away, never to be seen again. The ones who were safe, even the ones who were brought into the ministry at the end, saw and heard the mighty works of God, and their faith was even greater, just as mine has become in these last days.

Those who have ministered God's Word, the prophesies, my dreams, are all real and have become true. I have hidden them within me because of FEAR and lack of faith, and the dreams keep coming as God is showing me of my family and what is to come in these days. It's all about my faith I lost as a child, when my earthly father was killed by a drunk driver in a hit-and-run accident. God has restored what Satan tried so hard to take away from me and what my dad had taught me. For I am the first-born and also the chosen one God put into my Family. I have been delivered from so many things and I am grateful for this. God is doing surgery on me and my family. So heed the warnings of the things going on in and around you. I have fought with this since I was 13 years old but God had it all in His plan. I am not here to fight against it anymore but to share with others God's many works. I pray that this will reach those who are unsure of their Faith and to those who are unbelievers...God Is an almighty God and an AWESOME GOD!

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