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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Inflation and the War on the Saints

Jerod Thomas - 10/22/2010
(David's notes in red)

There was this dollar bill that was about the size of a small computer monitor, like a 17-inch screen. And, interestingly enough, it had what looked like a screen because I could see images forming out of it. Words were forming out of it. I saw "punishment" was one of the words. I also saw this country (the U.S.) and a face of Benjamin Franklin. (Benjamin's face is on the $100 bill. Will the punishment of the U.S. be that what a dollar would buy would soon cost $100, as the value drops and they print more and more? See What Is Inflation below.)

Then I saw Cain, Abel's brother. Cain's eyes were bloodshot and he looked like a character from a western movie. He had shot his gun. (Cain, who "was of the evil one" [1 John 3:12], slew the chosen seed, as it will be in these days.) He had a very strong spirit on his face. It was the spirit of murder and then his eyeballs disappeared and I was able to see inside of his eye sockets; it was as if I was staring into the very depths of his soul. It was pure darkness, literally. It was pitch black. And then I saw an image of Satan as that darkness. He was in an elevator, as in that "Devil" movie that just came out in theaters. (The seven-headed, ten-horned body of the dragon in Revelation 12 represents a corporate Cain, the body of all lost mankind inhabited by Satan. These will attempt to devour the woman Church.)

It was the most awful, defiling presence I had ever felt from demons. Satan was trying to scare and consume me with that spirit of murder and through my fear I would have given in, but I didn't want to wake up out of my sleep and run because I felt the LORD was with me and I wanted to fight that devil. (Through murder, Satan will attempt to intimidate the saints into obedience to him, which is the spiritual mark of the beast.)

My voice was different because I was in the middle of a war and that war was resisting the devil, and I spoke with a very aggressive and raspy voice, and I said to that devil, "God is greater!" Then that devil left. (Jas.4:7) ... Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. (Luk.10:19) Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Praise God Almighty that I was able to experience this and triumph through Him. To him be the glory and honor, dominion and power now and forevermore, in Jesus' name, amen.

What Is Inflation?

A simple commonly used definition of the word inflation is simply "an increase in the price you pay for goods".

In other words, a decline in the purchasing power of your money".

But there is more to inflation than that. There is "Price Inflation" and "Monetary Inflation".

Technically, Price Inflation is when prices get higher or it takes more money to buy the same item.

Monetary Inflation is an increase in the money supply which generally results in price inflation. This acts as a "hidden tax" on the consumers in that country.

Monetary inflation is commonly referred to as the government "printing money" although the actual process is a bit more complex than just cranking up the printing presses the effects are essentially the same.

As the money supply increases, the currency loses its purchasing power and the price of goods and services increases. This process usually takes 18 months to two years, so the government is able to spend the newly minted dollars at the old value before consumers realize that they have been cheated into accepting something that will purchase less than they originally thought it would.

Summary: When inflation skyrockets and poverty is everywhere, men become desperate and crimes against humanity become rampant. Governments who are looking for scapegoats and want to cut someone out of their meager benefits will find that the god of this world, who has taken them over, will anoint them with reasons to blame and persecute the Christians. The dragon/beast is coming to make war on the saints. Make sure you have your armor on.

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