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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

Invasion From the South

David Eells - 12/4/10


We have been reporting from prophetic dreams, visions, and other sources that the DS Satanists are being pushed into a corner and will come out fighting. They will lead a conspiracy of leftist/communist and radical Islamists organizations to attack from within the country to bring down the elected government and what they believe to be Christianity in the US. The DS UN is waiting for the excuse to come in to help them. The Drug Cartels within the US and in Mexico are involved. The Cal-exit CA government is well connected with the Chinese who are running Mexico through the Cartels. The Cal-exit traitors have fought the wall tooth and nail because it somewhat spoils their plans for a Southern invasion. Although the wall would not stop an organized army. President Trump is at least somewhat knowledgable of this plan and is moving troops closer to the border to prepare.

We have been informed by the Lord that He will not stop some of this because there is an apostate Babylonish leadership over His people that the DS is ordained to bring down. This we have explained from History in the Bible. Babylon (DS) conquered apostate Israel by sword, famine, Pestilence and fire. God is going to drain the Church Swamp too. So Seek the Lord and bind what you can.

Dave Hodges has had excellent contacts within our government, Cal-exit, and Mexico to report on this conspiracy from the South to Invade the US. httpss://thecommonsenseshow.com/activism-agenda-21-conspiracy/major-breaking-story-un-chicom-cartel-cia-takedown-america 

The U.N.- Chicom-Cartel-CIA Takedown of America

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Sunday, December 1, 2019

The following are reference notes and short explanation designed to help the viewer better decipher the information presented in the video. This is not an article. 

There is a plan for the Chinese and the rogue elements of the CIA to bring down the United States through spin-off events coming to America as a result of several entities which will result in a Mexican Civil War spilling over the border. The CHICOMS and the rogue elements of the CIA are behind the strategy. Notes are listed below to facilitate your understanding from this video presentation. 

The Players

1. Governor Cabeza de Vaca of Tamaulipas, Mexico-AMERICAN BORN CIA CUT-OUT

2. The CIA

3. El Munchen- Rubén “Nemesio” Oseguera Cervantes

4. Mexican President AMLO 


6. President Trump

7. The United Nations and the Mexican National Guard

Business Model

1. Selling drugs in bulk to local traffickers who then sell to American street area dealers.

2. Paying semi truck drivers to haul hidden drugs in the US and return cash to Mexico

3. Using money laundering sources using Americans, such as HSBC bank

Details - CJNG cartel has engaged in child sex trafficking operation and theyrun brothels in Mexico, often using teens and women forced into CJNG’s web. And of course there the drugs and the drug labs. There is also forced labor, spies in the Mexican government with noncormists being murdered along with their families, bribery of all levels of law enforcement. There is forced labor conscription. Any resistance results in total massacre of the family. Other enforcement methods include acid baths, mass public hangings, blowing up the homes of uncooperative families

The U.S. Treasury Dept say the CJNG also operates a tequila company, gaming casinos, four shopping centers, a medical center, real estate companies with ties to Ocean resort destinations visited by Americans. Real estate purchased in Mexico is likely tied back to the CJNG.

Presence in America started 7 years ago. Will use MS-13 as they advance to bigger markets. 

Plan is to create holy hell in ‘Maerica like the Bosnian civil war. When America is weakened, it will be taken over. Tet Offensive of all the embedded terrorists and cartel members that are here is coming. 

Two Time Tables for the Take-down of America



More details on the strategy

The cartel has engaged in child sex trafficking operation and they run brothels in Mexico, often using teens and women forced into CJNG’s web. And of course there the drugs and the drug labs. There is also forced labor, spies in the Mexican government with noncormists being murdered along with their families, bribery of all levels of law enforcement. There is forced labor conscription. Any resistance results in total massacre of the family. Other enforcement methods include acid baths, mass public hangings, blowing up the homes of uncooperative families

The US Treasury Dept say the CJNG also operates a tequila company, gaming casinos, four shopping centers, a medical center, real estate companies with ties to Ocean resort destinations visited by Americans. Real estate purchased in Mexico is likely tied back to the CJNG.

Presence of CJNG in America started 7 years ago and is exploding. Major distributor of CHICOM Fentanyl. 

America’s Newest Threat - “They Are Among Us”

(Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show – Freeing America One Enslaved Mind At A Time)

Good evening. Thank you for joining us here on The Common Sense Show. My name is Dave Hodges. I’m the host of this show and we’re the show that is freeing America, one enslaved mind at a time. This particular broadcast may the most important one I’ve done in quite some time. I’ve had about an hour of sleep in about the past 30 hours because I’ve been up talking to contacts that have been brought to me by two members of the DEA. The DEA wants this out because ABC News, and soon-to-be the rest of the mainstream media, are running a misinformation campaign on what’s going on south of the border. 

It’s hard to know where to start in this story but about 10:30 or 11:00 o’clock last night, I got a phone call from my DEA guy who said, “I’ve got a number of people lined up to talk to you, and I want you to use confidential informant status on this so you don’t get the blame for the one who’s breaking these stories, because I don’t want you to have visitors in the middle of the night.” And I said, “Agreed.” So I talked to a total of five confidential informants, and they ranged from police officers in Mexico, to a judge, to a politician, and, obviously, their names are not going to be disclosed. They are confidential informants to the DEA, so they don’t dare tell the Mexican government because if they did tell what they know, they’d sign their death warrant. The reason I’ve been chosen to put this story out is that I cited and ABC News story in an article I wrote two days ago on thecommonsenseshow.com.

I cited them as talking about this new, dangerous drug cartel, but in particular, they ran a fake story that said a Mexican civil war is coming, and that this one guy, his name is Governor Cabeza de Vaca of Tamaulipas, Mexico, he’s the governor of that area, but in particular he said, “I support Trump” and “Abrado,” you know, Amlo for short, “is a bad dude,” and “we’re gonna have to duke it out.” That’s effectively what came out of his mouth. This is a staged civil war that ABC News is promoting, and it’s going to spread throughout the mainstream media because they don’t want you, in America, to know what’s coming. 

Do you know why cops hate going to domestic violence calls? They hate it, and they won’t go alone, and they shouldn’t go alone for their own safety. They go in and they’re going to arrest the husband for, maybe, beating up the wife, but then the wife starts hitting the police officer with a frying pan, or stabs him with a knife. A lot of police officers have been lost in the line of duty when that violence in that family spills over to the police officers, and that’s a good analogy for what’s happening here. We have what appears to be an internal debate and disagreement in Mexico that’s going to turn into a civil war, and it’s going to spread across our border and engulf our country, but, it’s a fake. It’s designed to do what I just said, but the players are all playing a role in this particular plot against America.

I’ve identified seven major players and their roles in starting this civil war so the conflict can engulf the United States and begin to knock us down. Governor Cabeza de Vaca of Tamaulipas, Mexico, is as corrupt as the day is long. Even as he’s saying, “Oh, I support Donald Trump,” and, “We need to go after the drug cartels,” it’s de Vaca who runs this cartel. That brings up the secondary guy, El Munchen, whose real name is Rubén “Nemesio” Oseguera Cervantes, a 53-year drug dealer. He’s worked his way all the way up the ranks. He’s the man they’re saying is in charge of the CJNG, but he answers to the Governor. He hangs out in the hills of this particular state run by de Vaca and he is the “front man,” who has a ten million dollar price tag on his head, courtesy of the FBI. He’s the figurehead for the business and he’s the shield for de Vaca’s actual involvement in this.

And then you have the CIA. De Vaca was actually born in Texas, and I was able to determine that de Vaca is an American. He’s the governor of a Mexican state and he’s American. How he got there is an interesting question, but there’s a lot of missing time in his background. This is a CIA cut-out, a classic CIA “let’s put our guy in charge” operation. To obscure what he’s doing, the name that he’s using, de Vaca, is from the feminine side of the family. He’s not using the male names associated with his family. We also see this in the Maricopa County trafficking scandal. Well, the governor looks to me like he’s provided cover, so I dug into this a little bit and in The Phoenix New Times, in a very good investigative piece, they discovered de Vaca’s family is from Ohio, their real name is “Roscoe,” which was later changed to Doucey, and they’re one of the biggest crime families in the state of Ohio. Isn’t that interesting? And when he came to Arizona, he went to work for the Hensley family, known as bootleggers, organized criminals, all the way back to the Depression. Oh, by the way, that’s the family that John McCain married into, and they largely were responsible for funding his run for the Senate, after being a one-term Congressman. But the name change was very typical, it’s the same as we see here with de Vaca, and de Vaca has all the tell-tale signs of a CIA cut-out. I asked that question last night when I was on alone with the two DEA after we talked to one of the informants. I said, “Guys, this has CIA written all over it,” and they said, “You’re absolutely right. We can’t say that; you can.” 

The next player is the Mexican President Abrador, Amlo for short, and when you’re the Mexican President, you’re like a mid-level manager. You have many people that you answer to, and if you say or do the wrong thing, they’ll find a way to get you out of office. They’ll try corruption first, like what they’re doing with the Trump impeachment. If that doesn’t work, they’ll just kill you, and this is how these people do business. Amlo is caught between a rock and a hard place. He knows the Communist Chinese are huge in his country, he knows the cartels run the country on behalf of the Communist Chinese. You can even argue the Mexican government is a Chinese state puppet, and to a large extent, when we include the drug empire in its totality, it is exactly that. Amlo is not in charge.

When the murder of the nine Americans took place south of our border, Amlo was told by Trump, “We’re going to declare war on the cartels. We’re taking care of things here on our side of the border, and if you don’t take care of things on your side of the border…” Well, it was strongly intimated that there will be a regime change that’s American initiated. The Chinese didn’t want that, and when Amlo sent in his people and they captured the members of the Guerraro gang, which are a subset of the CJNG, the Guerraros who killed those nine Americans were captured. That really ticked-off the Chinese, and so they sent the Guerraros to Laredo Nuevo, which is on the other side of the El Paso-Mexican border, and they tried to assassinate the Secretary of the Mexican Navy. On thecommonsenseshow.com, I ran a video Twitter feed of the Mexican National Guard chasing the would-be assassins, who were fleeing the scene of the failed attempted assassination. Down the road, they caught up to them and killed five of them. 

The Chinese were sending a message, very clearly, to Amlo that, “You better knock it off, and not cooperate with Trump.” I said, “Watch out! They’re going to burn up the oil fields,” because they didn’t get their intended target. And then I walked that back and I said, “They’re gonna do something to Pemex.” I published it onthecommonsenseshow.com, and what happened two days later? All the computers, the security systems, all went down for Pemex, as I predicted. At the same time, I was also in contact with a high ranking oil official and this man, whom we call “Oscar,” has been in touch with me for three years. He hates the Chinese; he hates the U.N. Yeah, the U.N. is involved in this. He hates all these guys and he’s even thinking about leaving America. Now he has relatives in the cartels and he told me that the Chinese are basically turning Mexico into a colony. I’m giving you some background because when I get down to what the plan is for America, you need to have these facts to see how I connect point A to point B to point C. 

The Chicoms, the Communist Chinese, are involved in Mexico since 90’s, when they came in and built artificial ports on the west coast of Mexico to facilitate Chinese goods coming into the country. It was the way that China horned in on the NAFTA deal and this is why Trump revised the NAFTA deal. He cut the Chinese out. A brilliant move by Trump! A lot of people say he just destroyed the trade imbalance with China, the $800 billion a month, but no. He also cut China out of Mexico trading with NAFTA.

President Trump is The Commander in Chief. It’s his Executive Duty, his Constitutional Duty, to protect all our borders, and he knows about these paramilitary forces that are south of the border. He knows the possibility for a spillover of violence there, and he knows about the possibility of a Red Dawn invasion, so what did he do? He used the immigration crisis as an excuse to put military on the border. They’re not there to interdict refugees and people who are trying to immigrate to the United States. He is putting those soldiers there to stop an invasion. If you’ve noticed, the border wall used to be 35-foot high concrete walls. Those can be easily knocked down with military weapons, but they’re being changed fencing that’s designed to repel a light infantry attack because this CJNG gang is a paramilitary, light infantry unit made up of 5,000 soldiers. President Trump would have been within his rights to send U.S. military across the border to capture the perpetrators, and I was told that we actually did dispatch helicopters run by ARSOF [Editor’s Note: Army Special Operations Forces.] who took DEA agents with them. They were going to find these guerreros and they were going to kill them. There was no taking prisoners, no bringing them back for justice. This was an “extreme prejudice” mission and they were going to find any nearby drug houses, and they were going to blow them up. That’s why the DEA accompanied the raid. Well, Amlo headed them off and he made the arrest of the guerreros using the Mexican National Guard. Very little has been in our media about that, but it has been reported that the guerreros who murdered the nine Americans were caught. So ARSOF came away empty-handed, but I understand they did blow up two drug houses, and that mission did take place within the last week. 

President Trump would love to cross the border and create a hundred-mile buffer zone between Mexico and the United States border, and have it patrolled internationally, but he doesn’t have the justification yet. The murder of these nine Americans was an attempt to bait him into crossing the border, and a lot of Americans in past history would have done what? Americans are murdered, what do you do? You send in the Marines. You have the Army go in. We would have been completely justified under international law to do that, but Trump also knows about the Kigali Principles, where the U.N. could have said, “Uh uh! You’re engaged in an illegal invasion of a sovereign state, so we’re bringing 28 other nations into this,” and the fight would have been on. [Editor’s Note: The “Kigali Principles on the Protection of Civilians” are a non-binding set of pledges to implement certain best practices in peacekeeping. They were issued at the conclusion of the High-Level International Conference on the Protection of Civilians held in Rwanda on May 28 and 29, 2015.]

Trump did not allow himself to be baited into that trap. He withheld, and this is where he told Abrador privately, “We’re gonna take you out of office if you don’t begin to go after the cartels.” Well, now Abrador’s between a rock and a hard place. Chinese or Trump? Who does he want to answer to? And on the other side of the coin, Trump said, “We’re going to begin to interdict the cartels in this country.” Well, in just a moment, you’re going to find out just how bad this problem is. You go, “Oh Dave, I know they’re here.” You don’t know the extent that they’re here, and who they are, and what their operations are. You’re not getting this anywhere else, because this has never, ever, been in print. This is the first time. This is what the DEA agent told me.

The United Nations is involved in this as well, because anything that brings down the United States, like CalExit, is U.N.-based. You can bet they had their hands in the planning of this. I reported that in April 9th, of this year, the U.N. engaged in humanitarian training of the Mexican National Guard. Yeah, they’re preparing for war, they’re preparing for the spillover. And when this fake civil war starts, it will definitely carry over into the United States. That’s when all the embedded terrorists and cartel members that are here are going to come out of the woodwork and we’re going to have a major Tet offensive in this country. For those of you who aren’t of Vietnam age and weren’t adults when this was going on, let me explain. 

In 1968, President Johnson was bragging to the American people that, “The war is almost over. We’re winning. They’re on the run. They’ve got problems. They can’t survive.” And so forth, but then came the Tet Lunar New Year, and the Vietnamese in the north came up with an idea. “Well, you know what? Let’s have a three-day truce, and maybe we’ll even talk peace.” And America said, “Okay, that sounds like a good idea.” So while everyone let their guard down, during the Tet Lunar New Year the Vietnam and North Korea regulars attacked every capital city in south Vietnam. In fact, they even for a brief time captured the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, the nation’s capital. This stunned America; it turned popular opinion against the war. People realized that Lyndon Johnson was a liar and that we were no where near to winning this war. The Vietnamese had a lot of fight left in them. 

So with that history in mind, let’s look at the Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (The Jalisco New Generation Cartel) or CJNG. We’re being told a false narrative by the mainstream media in America. “Oh, there are some cartel members here but they’re just street-level drug dealers.” That’s the same as what Johnson did with the Tet Offensive, only now the Tet Offensive is coming here, folks. The basic plan that they’re moving towards is to create a fake civil war that will result in a Tet Offensive across the United States. Who will the fake civil war be against? It will be against Governor Cabaza de Vaca, the governor of that state in northern Mexico, who says, “I support Trump, unlike our President.” He appears to be challenging Amlo, who’s caught between the Chinese and the Americans; he appears to be on the opposite side. In reality, because of the Plaza Organization drug system in Mexico, they’re all on the same side. Amlo’s just overseeing to make sure the right ministers get into place in these agencies so that the corruption can continue. De Vaca micromanages his state, just like they do at the national level. It’s the same business model. They should be on the same side. They might argue about distribution and cuts and middle man fees but, basically, they should be on the same side. However, this CIA cut-out governor is being portrayed as a revolutionary standing up to Amlo and the drug traffickers. This is B.S. This El Munchen guy that they’re putting out there as the head of CJNG is a figurehead. He’s dangerous and he is running the American operation of this gang from his hideout in the state where this governor is in charge.

This governor is the head of this cartel, which is like a special operations force. “Let’s bring the military in. Let’s choose the best of the best of the best and create the Navy Seals.” This is what they’re doing here, folks. This is what the CJNG is: It is the best of the best of the various subsets of the Sinoloas, the Zetas, and the Gulf Coast cartel. And what’s interesting is this governor, in Mexican news releases, has been attributed to being head of the Gulf Cartel, which predated the CJNG and what it morphed into. I’m convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt, this governor, this CIA cut-out, is going to create a fake civil war in Mexico, designed by China and the CIA. 

There’s a branch of the CIA that carries out legitimate spy operations on behalf of the U.S. government. They report the the President, give him intel, he acts accordingly. They do their job, they pat him on the head, they go on their way. Then there’s a branch of the CIA that does things like Air America. [Editor’s Note: Air America was an American passenger and cargo airline established in 1946 and covertly owned and operated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from 1950 to 1976. It supplied and supported covert operations in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.] When the United States Congress forbade us from being involved in the Nicaraguan conflict, and also forbade us from ever doing any business with Iran due to the Iranian hostage crisis, this is where Oliver North became famous. He was working as a Lt. Colonel for the CIA and he conducted drug trafficking operations and gun-running operations to promote the Contras against the Sandinistas. The Sandinistas were Communist-based in Nicaragua under Daniel Ortega, who, by the way, is back in charge in Nicaragua. This CIA that’s covert, corrupt, and deals in drugs is the branch of the CIA that I’m talking about. Air America pilots still won’t talk publicly because of the repercussions that could come their way through the old H.W. Bush empire and his criminal assets, and the Clinton Foundation that has kind of assumed the H.W. Bush empire, so you don’t see any exposes about Air America. 

We learned that the United Nations trained the Mexican National Guard in April 2019. Why? They did that because the Mexican National Guard is not answering to Amlo. They’re going to be opposed by the Federales. I wrote back in April and May of this year that these are the seeds for conflict between the Federales and the Mexican National Guard. They’re setting up opposing forces in Mexico to try to have a civil war. Now China loves this. The CIA cut-out, Governor de Vaca, is pretending to be Trump’s ally who is opposed by the evil Abrador. The Chinese and the CIA are on the same page. Soon there’ll be conflict, and the conflict will cross the American border just like what happened with “Pancho” Villa. Before World War I started, President Roosevelt and then later it was President Taft, and then President Wilson, dispatched John Jay Pershing two different times to try to go catch “Pancho” Villa because the border violence was spilling over and killing Americans in Arizona and California. We’re going to see this again, but on a much grander scale. This is what’s coming, and I believe that when the violence crosses our border is where the Tet Offensive comes in. This is where, on a single day, just like in Vietnam in 1968, you’re going to see all the embedded terrorists break out their weapons caches and go into action here.

You know about the MS-13 coming into the country if you’ve followed me for any length of time. MS-13 gang members have been arrested in this country. What does MS-13 do? They are assassins for the drug cartels; that’s their only job. Who are they going to be assassinating? Independent media people, uncooperative politicians, and law enforcement, that’s who, and as the CJNG expands its empire, which they’re doing in America now, you’re going to have the MS-13 eliminating uncooperative journalists, as well as judges and city council members. How high up will it go? Will it be senators and congressmen? Eventually. We are going to be turned into 1993 civil war Bosnia. I saw this coming last spring. I interviewed someone from that conflict on thecommonsenseshow.com and he said back then, “I see warning signs here in America.” He said, “Let me tell you how bad it was to live through civil war. It’s not safe to go out on the street. If you have to scavenge food, you better go out at 3:00 a.m. and you better stay low and stay off the main streets.” Those were scary, scary times for the poor people in Bosnia and it’s coming here, folks. 

Let me talk about the CJNG and their penetration into the United States that’s totally being underplayed by the mainstream media. The cartel engages in child sex trafficking operations. They run brothels. They often use teens and women that are forced into their operations. They’re not given a choice. They’ll go into homes and, “You boys, you’re going to the cartel. You girls, you’re going to be turned into prostitutes.” There’s the drug trafficking, and as I said, there’s forced labor in the drug labs. Non compliant people are murdered, along with their entire family. That’s coming here to America. I don’t think we’re very far away from seeing that.

I was told by one of the informants, who is a policeman in the state that de Vaca is the governor of, “First of all, I report to the DEA, and all of us do, who are on the right side.” Telling the wrong Mexican official means you’ve signed a death warrant for yourself and your family. Now, in America, he said that the CJNG have direct orders not to have that kind of violence they have in Mexico. They’re not going to do the acid baths. They’re not going to cut the hearts out. They’re not going to do the mass public hangings in the small towns they’re infiltrating. Not yet, because America could rise up. Their penetration hasn’t gone far enough and they haven’t had enough time to get their ducks in a row. So they’re inching in, but any resistance results in the massacre of the entire family. Another enforcement method is blowing up the homes of uncooperative politicians; they love that one. They don’t just shoot ‘em, they like to blow up the home with the whole family in it.

When I did research on this, I found a U.S. Treasury Department report that says the CJNG also operates a tequila company, many gaming casinos and shopping centers, medical centers, and even real estate companies. If you’re buying real estate these days on the west coast of Mexico near one of the resort towns, you’re dealing with this cartel. I’m not kidding, folks, you’re dealing with a cartel. Their presence in America started seven years ago.

I want to talk about the two time tables at work here, because when you understand that, then what they’re doing in this country will make a lot more sense. There are two motivating forces here in America today. Number one is the Chicoms. They are behind the cartels. You’ve heard me say this now for many, many, many months, years actually. Number two is the Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party is being managed by the Deep State. Now if we take the macro view, we can see that the world is moving toward globalism. Economic systems, political systems, trade agreements, the European Union, the attempt to get us in the TPP, these are all moving towards regionalization and eventually, globalization. That’s the goal but it’s certainly not in God’s plan; that’s why He stopped the Tower of Babel from being completed. 

Now the Democratic Party is in a rush to get this done. Their goal is to get Trump, the Populist president, out. Then they can get their own dictator, preferably someone like Hillary Clinton, in. So by 2021, they can begin to dismantle the Constitution, which has to go. If you want a New World Order, you cannot have a country that has civil liberties, and the wealth, and the gun power that we have. That’s an obstacle to the New World Order. In fact, if you’ve ever wondered why the Chinese make gun control comments to America, it’s because they know they’ve got to come here and fight us. They’ll be the occupation force, along with these cartels.

The Democratic Party has a very short time frame goal. They want all this done before 2021. If they don’t get it done by the election, that’s okay, they’ll just do an old-fashioned coup. This is why they’re trying to get Trump out any way that they can. The Democratic Party time line is 2021 for the fall of America. Democrats are desperate because Trump knows what they’re up to. He knows who the dirty Democrats are, like Pelosi, and Feinstein, and Schiff. They’re all involved in this, every one of them. Trump is undercutting their support structure. Eventually they’ll be vulnerable for prosecution but it may not even be on his watch. It may have to be on his successor’s watch because this is a slow process. The reason that Nancy Pelosi does not get arrested for meeting with Chapo Guzman’s wife in Italy about six weeks ago, and for all the things that she’s involved in, is that her arrest could cause a civil war resulting in the death of 35 million Americans. Trump has been advised to move with caution in this area. So he’s going after the cartels at the base level, but he’s not taking down the kingpins. If you’re wondering why there haven’t been the indictments everybody wants to see, that’s why. He’s trying to avoid a bloody civil war. I don’t know if he’s going to be able to avoid it all together, though. 

The Democrats are worried because as their empires are eroded, some of their first lieutenants may be subject to prosecution and this will further erode them. They need to have this done by 2021. They can’t take four more years of Trump and they can’t take the two Supreme Court appointments that he’ll be making. They will lose the Supreme Court forever, and since their goal is to dismantle the Constitution and turn us into the next Communist state, it’ll be harder to do without control of the Supreme Court. 

Now in considering the Chicoms, think about the way that most Asian nations plan. The Vietnamese were never going to be defeated by conventional occupational means. They were at war from 1942 to 1975, first with the Japanese, then the French, and then America. They used to have a saying: “Born in the North to die in the South.” They fought for almost two generations. That’s the Asian mentality. If it had not been for nuclear weapons, Japan would still be fighting today in Japan to resist American occupation at the end of World War II. This is their thinking, and the Chinese also have that mindset. I call this the “Asian Generational Theory.” The Chinese thinking is that the Democrats are just “whistling Dixie” because they’re not going to be able to bring down America fully by 2021. We’re too big, we’re too complex, we have a submarine force that’s extremely independent, independent of the Navy that’s being insubordinate to Trump, but, they’re loyal to the country and this is something that neither the Chinese nor the Russians have the ability to combat at this present time. The Chinese are also worried they may not be able to gain control over all the nuclear silos before they could be launched and do terrific damage to their country so they’ve decided, “We need a longer approach. We have to infiltrate these positions of power.”

Now I’m going to refer you to a TV show to help you understand this long-range mindset. There is a strategy that was revealed by Soviet defectors in the 1960s and 70s, and they often referred to this as the “Scissors Strategy.” They would send Soviet spies here, pretending to be family and sometimes they sent them with the kids, but a lot of times they had the kids be born here as the union between a male and a female spy, and that kid’s an American citizen. So the spies carry out their activities, but if they’re not caught, eventually these kids are adult American citizens that can penetrate the FBI, and so forth, and by the way, Vindeman is one of these guys. This guy, who gave testimony against Trump, was born in Ukraine. He’s totally corrupt, a traitor brought here to disrupt America. He should be treated as being guilty of treason. But the Russians had this generational plan to unseat Americans in key positions. I’m not sure how effective it’s been but I would say, based on the State Department, it been pretty successful. If you look at what Joseph McCarthy said in the fifties, you see the State Department is run by the Communists. So the Chinese have their “death by a thousand cuts” strategy, basically the Russian “Scissors Strategy,” as seen on the TV show called “The Americans.” If you watch the final season, it’s where they’re getting their kids ready to work in American intelligence agencies. The Chinese are thinking that they can unseat from the inside and they are willing to wait generations. But the Democrats are on a different time table and they need this to happen instantly because some of them are becoming trapped, like Pelosi. Hillary Clinton can isolate herself, I don’t think Pelosi can. Diane Feinstein can’t isolate herself, either. She’s heavily tied-in to the Communist Chinese. Remember the Communist Chinese driver that was a twenty-year spy and how she was not investigated is beyond me. How can someone drive for you for twenty years and you don’t know what they’re about? That’s amazing.

Anyway, let’s go back here to the two time tables. When we have the spill-over of the Mexican conflict, and I don’t know if this is going to be an all-engulfing civil war, or just going to be in the northern part of Mexico that crosses over on some pretense, but when it crosses over, then the cartels that are already here join in. I’ll get to what the CJNG is doing here in America so you can see how complete their plan is. In looking at this to say which time table is going to be adhered to, I’m going to say domestically, in our political system, it will be both. This puts President Trump at great political risk because if he cannot be impeached, I think they’re going to play the next card, the JFK card, although I believe that the people that coordinate the Democrats with the Chicoms, are telling the Democrats, “We don’t really want you to do that.” That’s because an assassination would wake up America, wouldn’t it. That’s not what they want. They want ABC News to continue to release information about these gangs that they control, so you’re not aware of the total threat.

Now let’s talk about how they do business. You’re not going to see the public hangings, the acid baths, that type of thing we’ve already looked at. What you’re seeing happen right now in small towns like Paducah, Kentucky, is a good example. They went into this town and they set up real Americans as front people to run their drug operations. These real Americans are the ones that get busted, not them. They stay in the shadows and they’ll recruit local gang members to become their look out, their street couriers, and so forth. Their job is to bring in the drugs and distribute them to the street level dealers. And then their job is to launder the money. Now the U.S. Treasury has come out and they’ve said it’s illegal to conduct business as a bank with any business affiliated with CJNG. Well, that’s sounds very nice, but the fact is that you don’t know who you’re dealing with. 

The CJNG is laundering money, and if you look at HSBC in America, their presence is growing exponentially because they’re guilty of money laundering connected to child trafficking and drugs and so forth. Even though Mr. Garcia, a Senior VP at HSBC, went rogue and talked to the Feds, Loretta Lynch killed the case. They didn’t prosecute HSBC on the major dealings; they got them on minor points. So the CJNG drug operation is now about money laundering and they get Americans to front the money laundering. They hire Americans, and they give them this mass sum of money, and they tell them, “Oh, you keep 1% but you gotta find a way to get this into banks.” They’ll set up small businesses, like fake tire stores or restaurants, to launder the money. It’s a very sophisticated operation and it’s one that they’ve done on the other side of the border for years. Money laundering is really, really key.

The third objective they have, according to the DEA agents informants that I talked to, is they have to get people in this country “on the take.” They have to get law enforcement to look the other way, which is why they started in small communities. If you go into a town that has 40 policemen, they don’t have a DEA office, they don’t have local FBI, they don’t have the modern crime fighting capacity they need and the equipment that they need. Going into small communities is a really effective model. You start small and then you expand your operation. For the last seven years, they’ve been moving into bigger markets, not the biggest, the big markets. They have choked-off and taken over a lot of the other drug trafficking routes. So now the question is, “What’s their relationship with the Sinoloas?” The answer is that they’re just two sides of the same coin. The Guerreros and a segment of the Sinoloas have had numerous turf war shootouts south of the border, but effectively, they’re working towards the same goal. They want a presence in every American community and they’re slowly taking over towns and cities, and the major urban centers will be next. Soon this country won’t be any different from Mexico. This is the total debasement of America and they really don’t have to invade it, but they will. When America is totally weak, that’s when the invasion happens. 

These paramilitary forces that we know as the “Red Dawn” and the Russians and the U.N. troops will attack a weakened America, and what do you think they’re going to do to the people that are here in this country with their own drug empires set up? They’re going to take them over. That means that every one of these gangsters is going to have a bullseye on their back, and this is why I say you need to read a history book. And you say, “Well Dave, why do I need a history book?” Because a history book will tell you that any initial revolutionary force gets wiped out. It’s called the “brown shirt factor.” And that’s what’s happening here. You’re going to see these people cross our border, we’re gonna be engaged in fights and, eventually, if we’re subjugated, you’re going to see the brown shirts killed like everybody else. Now, what kind of future will this hold for America? I think this conflict and I think the Asian philosophy is the correct one. I don’t see America going down; I see a Viet Cong resistance effort forming in this country. Do I have your attention yet? This comes from the DEA, folks, and people that they brought to me so I could counter the B.S. that’s being put out by ABC. 

Okay, so what’s the long-range Chinese goal? John Moore, ex-Green Beret, a combat veteran, decorated combat veteran and now a talk show host, through his source brought this document to Paul Martin and me, and it was decided that I should be the one to write about it. This document is a transcript of a speech made by Wei Fenghe, the Defense Minister of Communist China to the Central Planning Committee of Communist China in Beijing. And I’ll cut right to the chase, their goal for America is not occupation. That’s a short term goal. Their goal for America is complete and absolute genocide. The only survivors, according to what Wei Fenghe said, would be the 14 million Chinese who are already here. Everybody else has to die. They’re not interested in co-occupation, because China is in a resource vise. He said here in his speech, “We can invade our neighbors and not get the resources we need.” He said, “Unlike the Germans that had too many enemies in WWII, unlike the Japanese who had too many enemies, we have one enemy. It’s the United States and our number one goal is total occupation of the United States and we will commit genocide.”

How will the Chinese do it? Well, there are a number of options they have available, but what Wei Fenghe talked about was” race-specific bio-weapons.” They’ve existed for 20 years. They have been developed in large part through efforts by the Israeli government and U.S. government, particularly at Fort Detrick, but also the Chinese claimed in Wei Fenghe’s document that they did the work with the Israelis as well. I guess to the highest bidder the spoils go.

But they want to eliminate everybody inside this country according to this document. That’s their long range goal, but they want all our resources intact. This is why I don’t think we’re going to suffer a severe nuclear attack, not that D.C. won’t be taken-out some day, not that Los Angeles won’t be, or Chicago, but in terms of hitting us with 150 20-megaton nuclear missiles, I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think any nuclear attack is going to be measured and sporadic. That’s the end goal for what’s going on in Mexico, which is just a tool to get to their desired end.

My main sources for this report are two DEA agents. One’s a colleague I’ve had great conversations with, but the main DEA guy, I’ve met in person. We’ve spent time together and in almost six years, he’s never been wrong. Everything he has ever told me has come true or I’ve been able to verify. His heart’s in the right place, and most of his agency’s in the right place, too, but the DEA is being relegated to a secondary status by the CIA. It’s CIA rogue elements who are heavily involved in this, heavily involved, and this is how you get the New World Order. China, as we know, has been tabbed as the world policeman. The U.N., by the year 2030, will be the ruling authority of the planet. Can it happen that fast? I don’t know; they have a little over a decade to do it, but the Chinese are planning for a generational war. I don’t know the answer to that question. 

What I do know is that the first thing we need to do is stop impeachment. The second thing we need to do is pray a veil of protection over President Trump. The third thing we need to do is to ask for Divine intervention from God. The only way that’s going to happen here in America, folks, is for everyone to get on bended knee, and repent, and ask for guidance. I don’t know that that’ll ever happen, and unless that happens, we’re gonna go down the tubes of history as the Great Babylon. That’s my personal opinion. People say, “How long do we have?” I don’t know. Whose time table is going to win out, the Democrats, or the Chinese? I suspect the time table will be on the Chinese; they don’t care what happens to the Democrats.

Mexican Oil Official Says UN-Mexican Cartels and Chinese Are Provoking a Border War


Submitted by Dave Hodges on Saturday, November 9, 2019 - 14:49.

Since the Central America illegal alien invasion of 5 summers ago, I began getting emails from Mexican citizens and others throughout Central America. Specifically, I often hear from an oil and gas official who words for PEMEX. One of the constant themes that ties together all three is their distress of having to live in a totally compromised society, similar to the one that Obama was trying to construct in the United States as the Deep State continues his work.

In America, we can choose to not see the blatant criminality of organized crime (e.g. HSBC bank) and corrupt public officials. However, in Mexico, the rampant criminality is in your face criminality in Mexcio is what people face on a daily basis and many live in fear. Knowing how to deal with these variables is a necessary part of daily survival. I hear from the Mexican oil and gas official on a weekly basis as he provides very lucid commentary related to many of my stories.

On January 10, 2017, "Oscar" wrote to me with the following information which is now highly relevant based upon what I am learning. I originally published the following communiation on January 13, 2017 on the CSS.

Dear Mr. Hodges,

.... like many Mexican families, I have relatives in the drug cartels. Many of the people in the cartels have nothing to do with the drugs. Some are used for violence against uncooperative officials. Some are used to become police officers and join the military and they are paid for information. 

I have learned from two of my relatives that several of the cartel members are headed north to the American border for "revenge" and the streets will be bloody. I have heard this talk before and it is just silly bragging. I think this is different this time. 

One of my cartel relatives told my uncle that "We are going to do what you cannot do" when referencing "going north". The same relative told me that the failure of my company to keep the gas flowing is going to get a lot of people killed. 

America is going to get blamed from my people for the problems here and the desire to kill as many Americans as possible is being openly discussed. I hear people say that your people cannot drive their cars if they are dead. I have never seen so much hate your country. 

I read your articles on most days and I think that violence at the border could be used to affect your inauguration. I know you worry about that.

Some of the cartel members also live a double life in the Mexican military and in police departments. If these people go north there could be big trouble 

My country needs a good America for Mexico to survive. Our economy is totally dependent on your economy. What I fear is going to happen is very bad for both countries. If violence happens gas will stop flowing and I will lose my job. Many more people will join the cartels. There will be great violence. 

What you have said about my country pivoting towards China in this energy crisis is true. I did not think that was true but I am seeing it happen now. We are seeing more Chinese visiting our field and plant operations. 

Our government  leaders seem to be very quiet during this time and I am not the only one to notice this. It makes me wonder what they know. I already know too much please keep my name and where I live secret. 

I have come to believe that this is a parallel operation to the Russian delusion and the now the Ukrainian mythical crime committed by President Trump and these actions are being coordinated by the samem people with the same agenda. On one hand we are witnessing the takedown of the government inside the United State and Oscar's company is assisting Mexico/China in preparing to attack the United States. 

Last night, I heard from "Oscar". He initiated a Skype contact after sending me the following email dated November 9, 2019 at 1:14AM.

Dear Mr. Hodges,

I sent you a Skype contact. I hope you will accept. There is so much going on that I want to share with you, I feel that Skype may be safer to communicate rather than email. 

The Chinese are dictating policy to our oil company. We have Chinese managers that we must now report to and get approval for various line decisions. I feel we have crossed over into becoming one of the BRICS that you have written about so many times. We are permitted to interact with the States but much of our oil is being sent to China. They are paying in gold, or gold based currency. I hear that bitcoin is coming.

As I have told you in the past, my family has members who are in the cartels but you could say that all of us are in the cartels. Some of the cartel members tell me how the Chinese are controlling their operations much they are in my company. I feel like we are becoming the puppet state of China. 

Here is the main reason that I am writing to you this time. Since I last wrote to you in May, we have shifted the nature of our production. We are in what is a war model of operations. 

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has promised to boost Pemex’s budget and raise output and we have done that. Some senior offiicials have been a paid a big bonus for accomplishing this. But following refinement, the handling of the oil is very strange. Much of it is being set aside and the distribution of the oil is much different than it has been before. Some of our accountants will privately state that the oil is being sent to the Chinese domestic operations within Mexico. I am not  wribg because I am not wrong. I am saying that China has military in this country. This is where my family cartel members have information. We are also sending oil for new vehicles in use by the cartels. I have learned from my cousins that some of the cartels are stealing vehicles from Mexican people and then coverting these vehicles into military vehicles. The most common conversion consists of turning pickup trucks into troop personnel carriers armed with 50 caliber machine guns. of my cousins jokes that he has increased his killing potential. 

This is what I think you will be interested in. I have learned that Pemex has built local oil storage facilities in several northern areas  and they are keeping it secret. I have learned that the national Gaurd is involved in this. I can only think of one reason. A mobile army is being built in the northern part of Mexico and they are planning to attack the United States. I have enough evidence to state that the Chinese are behind this. I know that you will understand what I am saying because you have said that the Chinese control cartel drug businesses. This is partially true. The government still controls much of the illegal part of the business. What I wonder about now is how much of our government is controlled by the Chinese. 

In another area, some fellow workers tell me that we are openly talking about freeing California from the imperiallistic control of  President Trump. As I said we are increasing oil production and it feels like we are going to war and the cartels wil be on the front lines. I believe this is true because about 3 weeks ago, we had a visit for a demonstration of production from the Chinese but also from people who were identified as United Nations. As you know I read everything you write and you had said about 6 months ago that United Nations was training our new National Guard. I think where this is leading is that Mexico is a puppet state of the Chinese who are associated with the United Nations. I think this will finally result in border confrontation leading to what you have said many times about a Red Dawn invasion. I keep meaning to ask you about the term why it is used to describe an invasion of the United States. 

I apologize for the long email. But I think all of this is related to the killinf of those Americans. I think the cartels are acting as agents of the Chinese and trying to provoke a war at the border. My wife and me are thinking about leaving Mexico. If we do this to your country, your military will destroy my country and we have no defense. Our military is trained to protect the drug industry but it is not capable of standing up to your military. 

If I could arrange a translator with a former employee would you like to interview them? They know about the oil distribution to northern Mexico that I mentioned earlier.  Please let me know and please accept my Skype request for contact.  


This is such a complicated issue. Aside from Oscar's report, Marilyn Rupar and myself reported late last night that Mexican police departments in places like Juarez stood down and went into hiding on 11/7 because they feared a war breaking out at the border. That report will be published on the afternoon of 11/9.

I am preparing a second report that incorporates information that will demonstrate how close we are to war. At the heart of this entire plot are the people from the Calexit movement as they represent a revolutionary interest these matters. Stay tuned, there is much more to come.

(Pray down as much as you can for the sake of the Mexican and American victims.)

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