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Unleavened Bread Ministries with David Eells

iPhone Restored

Lisa Dyal - 01/27/2011

Last Wednesday night, while unloading the washing machine, I discovered that my daughter's iPhone was still in her sweat-top pocket. It had gone through a full wash cycle and was completely dead. After fully realizing what I had done and totally distraught by it, especially by how upset my daughter was, I went back into my bedroom and Matthew 18:19 popped into my head. I grabbed my Bible and the phone and went and sat down at the kitchen table with Kendall and asked her if she believed that God could heal her phone. Through the tears, she replied, "Yes", and we laid hands on the phone and I read Matthew 18:19.

Next I read Mark 11:24 and explained to her that it was done. He may do it overnight, the next day or even in a week, but it was done and we thanked Him for it.

That night I woke up suddenly and looked at the clock and it read 3:16 and I immediately quoted John 3:16. I know this was the Lord speaking to me. Later, just before my alarm went off, I had a dream that I was telling a friend everything that had happened and that it was going to be a testimony not only for my faith but for Kendall's.

Thursday morning, when I got up, I plugged the phone in and the Apple icon flashed on and then the phone went blank again. I believe this was the Lord being gracious enough for a sign. Later that morning, while I was having my hair cut, I was explaining to my Christian friend what had happened and how God was going to use this as a testimony when the girl (who is an unbeliever) who was cutting someone's hair in the next chair, overheard us and replied that it was highly unlikely. I know this was a test to create doubt, as God had prepared me by my dream.

Friday morning, when I got up, I tried the phone and when nothing happened, I remembered David Eells saying it is important that we hold fast to our confession, so I spoke over it and went about my day.

Well, that afternoon, when I got home at 3:00, I picked the phone up, held it close and told it, "You will work in the name of Jesus", and pushed the button and kept holding it down when suddenly it popped on! It appeared that everything that was on it was still there! I sent a text message to my husband from the phone which he excitedly responded to! I then called him from it but he couldn't hear me talk, although I could hear him. Later that day, when my husband picked up Kendall, I called them on the phone so she could see that it was restored and we could hear each other fine! PTL!

This was an awesome learning experience for our whole family in that we could show the kids that our joy and identity can't come from created things but only from The Creator and that all things are possible to those who believe! It was awesome to watch how Kendall handled the whole trial.

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